House Galeres - Quaestor Report


House Galeres - Quaestor Report



Welcome to my one and only report as Quaestor of House Galeres.

The War is over, my friends! We came out the other side in 2nd place, losing only to to our dear friends in Clan Odan-Urr, who put on an amazing performance to come out on top. That being said, we had a few members who went far above and beyond with their efforts and I am extremely proud of them. We will discuss that in more detail below.

First though, I wanted to announce my impending resignation from the position of Quaestor. When I signed on to become QUA of House Galeres, I made it known to Atyiru and Kordath both that I would be doing so on a limited 3-6 month term to work on training a replacement and getting us through the Great Jedi War. I would hesitate to say I completed the latter very well; as Quaestor there is a need to be deeply involved, to be able to take the time to talk and be with your members to encourage them, and after nearly three years of continuous leadership in various roles… that’s just not me any longer.

And that is not to say that I am not immensely grateful to the members of House Galeres and Clan Arcona. I am extremely proud that Arcona can boast the most members to hit 100% participation within the Great Jedi War, but I also know that my time in leadership should have ended months ago. The torch needs to be passed on to younger, more energetic and approachable leaders. With that exact thought in mind, I can’t speak highly enough of the efforts our Aedile has made, and of whom I have had the honor of awarding the Sapphire Blade.

Qyreia Arronen came to Arcona just under ten months ago and in that time he has continually contributed in activity, served in multiple positions as a leader, mentored members within Arcona, and most recently not only participated in every bin of the GJW, but earned himself a Gold Nova and a Bronze Nova for his work. Beyond his impressive showing in the War, he has participated in 82 competitions, (co)organized 2 competitions, completed 17 fiction activities for 43445 words submitted, and 5 run-on posts for 9642 words. Across these achievements he has earned (2 CR-D, 6 CR-R, 4 CR-A, 7 CR-S, 5CR-E, 2 PoB, 149 CF’s, 104 CI’s, 93 CE’s, 17 CG’s) as well as 3 Scrolls of Foundation. All this while also serving for a combined seven months as Aedile of Galeres and three months as Quaestor.

This level of activity, leadership and hard work is nothing short of exemplary. Qyreia has been more than my right hand during these last few months that I have served as Quaestor and I cannot thank him enough for what he has done. He and I have butted heads, argued, and disagreed at times about how to handle things. I can honestly say that, despite that, I believe Qyreia is the future of this House, and he has my blessings in all of his future endeavors.

Rulvak is a staple member of Galeres and of Arcona. Leading constantly from that front with his activity and engagement among the Clan and the Gaming community. Since his last recognition, he has participated in 55 competitions (claiming 1 GN, 3 SN,1 BN, 5 CR-D, 7 CR-R, 1 CR-A), 5 Pendants of Blood, 1266 Clusters of Fire, 2071 Clusters of Earth, 8 Clusters of Ice and 16 Clusters of Graphite during the course of completing 39 PvP Activities and 212 PvE Activities with 4 fictions and 2251 words of Fiction alongside 4 RO Posts with 1687 words submitted.

Rulvak was one of only six members of his Clan to claim 100% participation during the Great Jedi War and tied his Consul for the most number of Novae earned within Arcona.

Another member of House Galeres who went on to earn 100% participation is our former Battleteam Leader and Gaming Guru - Rulvak Qurroc. Going so far as to post three back-to-back posts for his run-on on the final day of the event to ensure he gained 100% participation. Along with an immense amount of activity and work within the Brotherhood’s gaming community it was the Clan’s pleasure to award Rulvak with his second Sapphire Blade.



  • Grand Master's Address - The GM’s address on the closure of Tarentum and the reasons behind that decision. It’s a turning point in Club history and we should all take a moment to thank Tarentum for the tremendous involvement they have had in the Club over the years.

  • Last call for Tarentum Beef has been a close friend of Arcona’s for many, many years and this post goes to show how much he cares not only for Tarentum but for the Club.

  • Aiden’s Farewell - Where our friend Aiden discussed post-war Taldrya and his choice to resign from the position of Consul. He’s done a hell of a job and deserves the thanks of the Club as a whole. (Also: if interested in leading a Clan, the job posting can be found here (

  • An old friend’s new name - A former Arconan gains a Clan title for his tremendous efforts in Clan Naga Sadow. Congratulations Sang!

  • On the Homefront: Voidbreaker News! - Go show some love for our fellows over in HQD/Voidbreaker. Lucine continues to do an amazing job (#Ya’llCanThankMeLaterForRecruitingHer) with her Battleteam and gives some insight into the activity of our sister house.

  • Selen Development Project Continues! - Go show our Rollmas…. Quaest…. I mean Proconsul some love and help Kordath in developing our homeworld while earning some participation and fun!




Note, huge thanks to Grot for grabbing these competitions and doing the markdown for me!


  • The Selen Development Project - The Selen development project continues! Led by our Consul and Proconsul, join them in creating an enduring piece of the clans lore by adding some much needed fluff to our capital.

  • Arcona Winter Puzzle Series - Another entry by our Proconsul, join him for some nice, casual puzzling fun. This series of comps will be running weekly puzzles for the holiday season, so get in now and earn some easy participation.

DB Wide

  • Holiday Gaming Spectacular - Winter is here and with it, winter gaming! Join the Fist and the GMRG and get in the winter spirit, by pwning some noobs in this series of gaming comps! (Includes a double cluster comp!)

  • DJB Speed Dating - Love is in the air for this saucy competition. Grab a partner and gather round for some furious speed dating in the cooperative fiction competition. Just try to keep it consensual.

  • The Armory Expo - A series of graphics comps, led by our very own Rins’zler! Put on your hard hats and gather your guns for this series of military focused competitions, were you’ll be designing your very own weapons.

  • Deck the Halls - Feel the holiday spirit with the graphics comp, created by House Galeres Aedile Qyreia. Decorate to your heart's delight and show off to the entire Brotherhood how you get your Sithmas going this year.

  • Carol of the Force - Another competition by Qyreia for all you wordsmiths out there. On every planet in the galaxy, it has started to snow! Will you be feeling the chill? Or cozying up by the fire? Show the entire Brotherhood in this cool comp.

  • And what would YOU like for Sithmas this year? - Last, but not least, a fiction competition by Leadra Halcyon! The holidays are about the spirit of giving, and the Brotherhood has decided to organize a secret santa event. What would your character give? How would they react upon seeing their gift? You can give a gift to everyone by participating in this lovely competition.



Rayze Erinos Arconae

  • Cluster of Ice: 2

  • Seal of Wrath: 2

Ood Bnar

  • Seal of Wrath: 1

Wuntila Zratis Entar Arconae

  • Seal of Wrath: 1

Uji Tameike

  • Silver Nova: 1

  • Crescent with Ruby Star: 1

  • Crescent with Amethyst Star: 1

  • Cluster of Fire: 14

  • Cluster of Ice: 6

  • Cluster of Earth: 270

  • Cluster of Graphite: 8

  • Seal of Wrath: 16

Rulvak Qurroc

  • Sapphire Blade: 1

  • Gold Nova: 1

  • Silver Nova: 3

  • Bronze Nova: 1

  • Crescent with Diamond Star: 1

  • Crescent with Ruby Star: 1

  • Cluster of Fire: 807

  • Cluster of Ice: 8

  • Cluster of Earth: 1151

  • Cluster of Graphite: 16

  • Seal of Wrath: 25


  • Anteian Cross: 1

  • Crescent with Sapphire Star: 1

  • Cluster of Fire: 15

  • Cluster of Ice: 4

  • Seal of Wrath: 9

Xenna Azara

  • Seal of Wrath 1

Edema R’uh-Kalinor

  • Anteian Cross: 1

  • Crescent with Ruby Star: 2

  • Crescent with Amethyst Star: 4

  • Crescent with Emerald Star: 2

  • Crescent with Topaz Star: 2

  • Cluster of Fire: 6

  • Cluster of Ice: 2

  • Cluster of Graphite: 47

  • Seal of Wrath: 6

Qyreia Arronen

  • Sapphire Blade: 1

  • Gold Nova: 1

  • Bronze Nova: 2

  • Pendant of Blood: 2

  • Cluster of Fire: 5

  • Cluster of Ice: 39

  • Cluster of Earth: 16

  • Cluster of Graphite: 8

  • Seal of Wrath: 18

Kharoc Garrlan

  • Cluster of Ice: 2
  • Seal of Wrath: 1

Zul Zorrander

  • Cluster of Fire: 4
  • Cluster of Ice: 3
  • Seal of Wrath: 6



  • Major Changes in the DJB
  • Farewell to Turel Sorren and Rhylance - May Retirement treat you both with dignity and the respect you deserve for your efforts!
  • Welcome to our friends from Tarentum who are joining us!
  • Congratulations to Qyreia and Rulvak on their Sapphire Blades!
  • Stay amazing Galeres - I love this House and each of you more than I could possibly express.



  • Atty/Sati asks: #AskDonny what's next for all your characters? Uji? Grandpa? The New N/PC?

I haven’t really thought on it much to be honest, outside of the war I have not had much interest in writing in the last few months. It’s part of the reason I intend to retire Uji as I think as a character he’s run his full arc. Quite literally moving from the grimdark edgelord I wrote him as when I was an EQ1 way back when (I just laughed saying that to myself), to becoming a character that has been used and enjoyed by so many within the Club.

He’s at a point where he (much like myself) is ready to retire and live a somewhat comfortable life moving forward. He has a family to look after, friends he would’ve never expected to have, he’s lost loved ones and enemies alike to the ravages of time and the constant conflict of the Brotherhood and he hasn’t found much use for himself.

There are more intelligent, more active, more prepared heroes within Arcona and the Lotus to take his place and he’s come to terms with that.

  • Turel asks: #AskDonny What are your immediate retirement plans? Also, what would Uji want to do for a hypothetical bro-date? :P

Well, while I’ll be stepping down from my position within Clan leadership, I’ve spoken with Drac and I will continue on as a Magistrate to the Fist. I can honestly say that my contributions to the gaming community bring me no end of enjoyment; I love running competitions, I enjoy participating in creating content for members of the entire Club to partake in. Drac, Edgar, Juna and Alaris are amazing members who I will continue to work with up until Drac or Edgar give me the boot.

I’d imagine with Satsi stuck on the throne now, Uji would have a lot more free time to explore other worlds and opportunities. I hear the gardens of Kiast are extremely beautiful throughout parts of the year and I’m sure the Consul could spare him to visit.

  • Ernordeth asks: #askdonny is TLJ your new favorite over ESB? Cause it's mine :p

I haven’t seen it yet, for I am a scrublord.

Closing Words

I wish everyone the best of luck moving forward and am eternally grateful for the opportunities I have had to serve the Clan, from BTS of Soulfire (that’s Sergeant for when it existed) through Proconsul. It has been a pleasure and something I will never forget.

Thank you, Galeres.

Thank you, Arcona.

Augur Uji Tameike / The Log

(Gray Jedi) / M:FIST-QUA / House Galeres of Clan Arcona [GMRG: XII] [SA: V] [INQ: XI] [ACC: Q] GCx2 / SCx3 / ACx3 / DC / GNx4 / SNx4 / Cr:3D-7R-13A-21S-13E-2T-1Q / PoBx18 / CFx3001 / CIx67 / CEx3717 / CGx14 / DSS / SI / SoFx2 / SotM / LSx2 / SoLx2 / S:3Rn-17Cr-11Rv-16Wr {SA: MVC - MVLD - DPE - DPV}

Signing off


He's.../me puts on sunglasses...log gone.

Thank you for everything, brother.

It was good working with you, Uji. I'm glad I got the opportunity to learn under the boughs of your guidance. I hope to prove that you leaf the House in good hands.

I hope you're oak-kay! You've certainly done a pine job, and this is all fir the best. I'll cedar you around!

Thanks for being someone I could learn from!

Farewell log!

(And when I say farewell, I expect to see you everywhere except in that leadership position still <3)

Farewell, Mr. Log. May lay your endeavors in retirement be... fruitful? That felt a little wooden. I’ll just seed myself out.

*all even. Wow.

Take a bough. Though it is time for you to leaf leadership, be sequoia in the knowledge that Galeres shall continue to grow thanks to your firmly rooted wisdom. You handled the stresses of leadership with minimal beech-ing, while planting the seeds for the next generation of leaders. Indeed, you did a pine job. Enjoy your retirement, Log!

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