House Galeres Report: Rite to Be Restin'


House Galeres Report: Rite to Be Restin'


Hello Galeresfolk and other friends! Been a couple months since our last report, and a lot has happened. I mean a lot a lot. People moved across oceans and countries in real life, and in our little bubble of fiction, Arcona proved to be the dominant support to the factions, and to the Rites as a whole. Much Clan pride to be had! And if you’re new to the scene, now is a good time to start getting acquainted while the fires are low. All that said, on with the report!

Table of Contents
  1. Admin Notes
  2. Event Calendar
  3. News
  4. Activity in the Last Two Months
  5. Qek and Kicks Q&A
  6. Final Notes

Admin Notes

Real Life Woes

As was hinted at in the intro, we are very occupied with stuff here in the House Summit right now. Ori/Sera is off doing school things that actively prohibit phone usage, and will likely be in that position for a few more weeks at least. I am in a similar boat being across the Atlantic in Europe. While I can appreciate being in a similar time zone to folks like Aru, Xenna, and Alaisy, it does make it harder to participate in my usual, normal capacity; to say nothing for how phone access is even more restricted than usual during the workday.

We both appreciate your patience with these frustrations. It sucks for us too; possibly more since we can’t do for you what we normally would with as much frequency or regularity. We’re still here though. Until Ori is properly back, feel free to unleash your angst in my direction and I’ll respond as time allows.

Roleplay Sessions

House RPs are back in nominally full swing. There has been some laxity in the running in terms of days where it’s going versus normal-business days, so I hope you guys have been enjoying that. Some admin reminders though:

  • Walls of text are discouraged at best, and no-go at worst. Remember that these RPs are meant to be inclusive for folks that maybe aren’t the most verbose writers, and it’s very easy to overshadow such activity with what could be a small ACC post.
  • RP rules are included as part of chat rules. If you’re told “no” or to “stop”, then you stop doing the offending thing. Cheeky commentary or sarcasm in response will have consequences.

Event Calendar

We’re keeping this bullet point calendar here for you guys to keep up that expectation management as the months and events go by. Keep some tabs on this, as things are about to kick back into gear. We’re also almost done with 2021. Where did all the time go?

  • August: Clan event; another step on the train of monster creatures and Selenian “deities”.
  • September: House event that will be half plot, half development for Eldar.
  • October: House mini-event with spoopy themes because October. Less plot, more antics.
  • November: Break time.
  • December: Hey look, Sithmas and Life Day are back. No House/Clan events planned.

Periodic Things & Mini-Event

One of the pieces of feedback we had on the last survey (yes, we haven’t forgotten about the feedback) was that there was a lot of gap between events that left a lot to the imagination. Something we’re planning on is doing some smaller competitions geared toward continuing the action on Eldar, and giving us more fictional meat to partake in. This will inevitably include more of both Eldar-themed RPs and House fiction updates. Stay tuned.



Going to hit on just a few of the big news releases that came out recently since the close of the RoS.

  • First and foremost, we have the Rites of Escalation closeout report wherein the powers on high lay down all the juicy details of the event results. Special applause to Atty, Tali, and Wally for taking the Top 3 spots, respectively.
  • What’s an event closing without a little fiction to go with it? There’s even a makeout scene between Antisocial Avitus and the Saucy Seeress.
  • Lucine is stepping down as Consul, and so applications are now open for the job; open through August 5th. To Lucine: thank you for all the work that you did and do, and for putting up with all the drama that the position entails. You rock.


Activity in the Last Two Months

A quick snapshot of the Rites before we do the overview. Galeres did some solid work out there, earning a respectable 11 Gold Novae, 8 Silver Novae, and 6 Bronze Novae, for a total of 25 Novae! And the Clusters. Oh the CLUSTERS. Suffice to say, the bonus clusters were a very nice thing for those that participated in the competitions. Because we missed last month’s report, here’s your stats for the last two months of activity. Note: the below stats only reflects Crescents, Clusters, and other Awards, and does not directly reflect participation.


  • 3x Gold Novae
  • 2x Silver Novae
  • 4x Bronze Novae
  • 17x Seals of Enmity
  • 1x Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 4x Clusters of Fire
  • 66x Clusters of Ice
  • 19x Clusters of Graphite

Ood Bnar

  • 1x Gold Nova
  • 1x Silver Nova
  • 1x Bronze Novae
  • 17x Seals of Enmity
  • 1x Clusters of Fire
  • 16x Clusters of Ice
  • 12x Clusters of Graphite


  • 10x Seals of Enmity
  • 32x Clusters of Fire
  • 10x Clusters of Earth


  • 3x Gold Novae
  • 22x Seals of Enmity
  • 1x Crescent with Diamond Star
  • 1x Crescent with Ruby Star
  • 2x Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 12x Clusters of Fire
  • 66x Clusters of Ice
  • 14x Clusters of Graphite


  • 1x Gold Nova
  • 1x Silver Nova
  • 13x Seals of Enmity
  • 14x Clusters of Fire
  • 5x Clusters of Ice
  • 4x Clusters of Graphite

Rrogon Skar

  • 3x Seals of Enmity
  • 5x Clusters of Ice

Nero Inferni

  • 8x Seals of Enmity
  • 4x Clusters of Graphite

Xenna Azara

  • 1x Seal of Enmity


  • 3x Seals of Enmity
  • 2x Clusters of Ice


  • 2x Gold Novae
  • 4x Silver Novae
  • 16x Seals of Enmity
  • 1x Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 1x Cluster of Fire
  • 45x Clusters of Ice
  • 7x Clusters of Graphite

Kharoc Garlan

  • 5x Seals of Enmity
  • 3x Clusters of Ice

Tyga Orn

  • 1x Seal of Enmity
  • 2x Clusters of Ice


  • 1x Bronze Nova
  • 5x Seals of Enmity
  • 6x Clusters of Ice
  • 4x Clusters of Graphite

Vahrosa De

  • 5x Seals of Enmity
  • 1x Cluster of Ice
  • 4x Clusters of Graphite


Final Notes

Great job out there, guys. We’ve got some fun stuff coming up in the short and long terms, so enjoy our little break and gird thy loins for the shenanigans to come! As always, I can be reached by e-mail at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or on Telegram with @QyreiaArronen (PM or through our group chats). You can find Sera at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or @OrionR on Telegram. And if you’re bored, feel free to follow my meant-for-recruiting-but-still-fun in-character Twitter feed @TheRedQek!


alt text

I bleef in you and this House.

Nice work everyone!

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