House Karness Muur Quaestor Report #2: Wake Me Up When September Ends


House Karness Muur Quaestor Report #2: Wake Me Up When September Ends


Hello there Muurmen and Muurwomen, welcome to my second Quaestor report!


A lot has happened since my last report but I promise I will try to keep this one short. First of all I want to thank and congratulate everyone on their hard work in the 3rd Pro Bowl! It’s thanks to you putting in the time and submitting as well as your friendly competitiveness that the Pro Bowl has become the beast that it is today. It was always put a smile on my face to see you all encouraging your fellow Plagueians to participate more and from time to time giving your opponents a gentle ribbing.

I can’t wait to do it all again!


There Is No I In Team!

With the Pro Bowl over our focus as a clan has shifted back to the Song Of Discord run-on. Everyone took a break to gather their thoughts but it looks like the drought is over as we have seen a flurry of posts over the last few days. Remember, this is designed to give you an opportunity to have a hand in shaping the future of our clan and guiding the current events.

But don’t be intimidated.

If you are worried about your place in the grand scheme of things or lacking ideas, there are a multitude of people willing to help, whether it’s needing to bounce a quick idea off of someone, looking for a writing partner or looking for a proofer DO NOT hesitate to ask. There is almost always someone in the Plagueis Telegram channel who wants to help out.

In fact, that’s kind of the point of a run-on.

It isn’t about any one person but everyone, you are telling your side of a story, but in the end it is meant to be collaborative writing. Aside from that, there is one thing that’s even more important for you to keep in mind.

Have. Fun.

In everything you do within the club you should never forget this golden rule. You should always be having fun with what you do because in the end, that’s the whole point of this club. Well…..that and Star Wars. ;)

Now go my friends. Go forward and write!!



Competitions to Check Out

As usual we have some awesome competitions going on right now!

  • Chronicles of Plagueis - The Song of Discord - Month 3 - Ends 10/13/18 - The official clan run-on is still going strong! Make sure to go on and help guide the future of the clan!

  • Bageled! - Ends 9/29/18 - Inspired by a conversation in the Plagueis telegram chat (don’t ask) write a story about getting attached by a gang of bagel throwing hoodlums!

  • [ACC] Operation: Tempered Iron - Ends 9/30/18 - Test your skills and fight for glory in this ACC tournament.

  • [INQ] Counterpoints : Multi-Objective Fiction - Ends 10/1/18 - How would you react to witnessing the destruction of an Inq listener ship and the hands of a Collective bomber? Choose one or all of the prompts and tell the story of what you would do.

  • [INQ] Counterpoints: Standard Fiction - Ends 10/1/18 - As the Voice of the Brotherhood, Wally has declared his intentions. Write a fiction showing your character’s reaction to this bold move.


News in the Brotherhood

A lot has happened recently in the Brotherhood! If you haven't already please check at least a few of these out.



That’s it, that’s all folks! I told you I would keep this one shorter, now I have to get back to adulting. :(


As always, if anyone would like to reach out to me for any reason, I can be found on [Telegram - Log in to view join link] (if your not on Telegram yet, I’d highly recommend it. It’s free and our primary form of communication.) and by e-mail with very little delay.

Until next time Muurians,

  • TuQ

In response to the RO tips: I'm your Wrath, and I approve this message.

Otherwise, that merman gif is either A. the best gift to humanity ever, B. going to haunt my nightmares tonight, or C. Both A & B.

3/5, not enough seals :)

But yeah, all true about the RO.

Awesome report TuQ!! :) <3

Great report, TuQ!

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