Master at Arms Report 11


Master at Arms Report 11


Successful Magistrate Applicant - Qyreia Arronen

Qyreia Arronen was the successful applicant for the Magistrate position that was posted in my last report. Please offer congratulations when you get a chance!

I’d also like to thank all the other applicants for their time and effort!

Please remember to add Qyreia to your email requests when you need something (there’s still learning to do, but it can’t hurt to start)!

Master at Arms Competitions

Master at Arms Office Service - Dossier Fixes

One of the things I like to remind people of? The MAA staff has the ability with manual tools to fix dossiers - specifically borked position resignation dates/styles. None of us really have the time to go through everyone’s dossier, but if you ever notice anything that looks weird (or if we do?) - please let us know, and we can work at making your dossier all super pretty!

As part of Qyreia’s onboarding (yes, that’s a term), it was decided that the best way to learn about all the Master at Arms things was to troll the Wiki looking for pages that are out of date, contradictory, or just plain make no sense.

This has been since completed, and all three of us will be going through the Wiki over the coming days and weeks to fix things! Because damn, there are many things to fix!

Reminder - Early Competition Closure

This is another reminder, when you run into an error with a competition, critical or otherwise, do not close it early. Email us, we’ll figure out a solution - we can fix just about everything. If you close it and then we have to reopen it? That’s more work for us. More work for you. More work with the Regent Staff.

Just send us an email and we can fix it!

Evaluating Older Members

Every once in a while, we see a member up for a medal or promotion that has not been recognized (according to the Promotion Assessment Tool) since before the launch of the new database in July 2013. The Tool tends to be buggy with these members, and the numbers are generally inaccurate (and much higher than reality).

There are few members left that could possibly fit this bill, but when evaluating these members, it is imperative that leaders in the Brotherhood examine the whole dossier history, and not just rely strictly on the Assessment Tool.

Random tidbits

In this section, I’m going to start mentioning little things that we in the Master at Arms Office notice - but don’t need a full section.

  • When adding recommendations to promotions or medals, make sure you hit the append button - and not the comment button. Second, make sure you append the recommendation on behalf of yourself (or another person) - and don’t put the name of the awardee in there, that will spoil the surprise!

  • As the site has grown over the past few years, especially since the addition of credits, the site has become more complex. Some of you may have noticed that the site gets upset when trying to close competitions with 40 plus participants. If you run into this, please send James and the MAA staff an email and he should be able to close it using the database’s backend tools.

Promotions of Note

Medals of Note

Congrats, Red Qek, sure you'll do a brilliant job!

That's a good Panda. Very good.

Fantastic report!

The MAA staff has the ability with manual tools to fix dossiers - specifically borked position resignation dates/styles. None of us really have the time to go through everyone’s dossier,

Hehe, reminds me of my Eclectic Pedagog position that I had apparently held since like eternity according to the site... :P Thanks for fixing that ;P

Also... totally guilty of the closing a comp early to try and fix a thing... Can happen to anyone so yay advice to take home! :)

Congrats and awesome report.

Mune: Our note to write that section was "fix Mune's dossier."

Thought I got a chance to say this earlier, but I guess I did not. Congratulations, Qyreia on the Magistrate position!

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