House Qel-Droma Quaester Introduction


House Qel-Droma Quaester Introduction


Estle City Selen 36 ABY

Kordath slumped in his chair, his eyes grim and downcast. Seeing Zuji had been difficult, more difficult than he had anticipated. They were communicating now, at least, which automatically made things better than they had been. But he still felt chilled by her cool demeanor, and her standoffish behavior left him feeling low.

His datapad chimed on his desk, indicating that he had a message. He ignored it, just as he ignored the dark-haired woman sitting across from him. Satsi Tameike lounged in the chair on the opposite side of his desk, her boots propped up on the surface and a bored expression on her face. “Frak, least you got to see her,” she said at last, breaking the silence. “She’s still givin’ ya the chill, huh?”

Kordath nodded slowly, but did not bother to speak. He simply felt too depressed to manage any words.

On the desk, the datapad chimed again.

“I don’t like seein’ you like this, Kordy. You look like you got kicked in the choobs. Whad’ya say we go get a drink? Get ya out of here,” Satsi said as she studied her friend with concern. When the datapad chimed a third time, she glanced down at it in irritation. “You gonna get that?”

“It’s just tha’ damned woman again,” the Ryn said with a groan. “Soon as Zuj told me she was quittin’, Lucine started blowin’ up me datapad wi’ all these plan she got fer when she’s made Quaestor.”

Satsi narrowed her eyes at the datapad, glaring at it venomously. She snatched up the device and began flipping through the messages. “Look at all this! Financial projections, schematics, she’s even got a ten year plan here! Wonder how long she’s been waitin’ to unload all this sithspit on ya.” She paused, reading one report in particular, her eyes widening with surprise. “Kark, she’s even got recommendations for the next Aedile. Only one, though. Karking Rhylance, of all people.”

Full Fiction Here

Consul Introduction Report

Hello Qel-Droma, my name is Rhylance. As you may have read in our Consul’s latest report, or on Telegram, I have been granted the position of Quaestor for this House. I haven’t been in Arcona for long, but I have greatly enjoyed my time as a member of this Clan. I have found all of our fellow members very welcoming, and a pleasure to be around. Because of this, as well as all of the support I have received from many Arconan’s in my nearly three years in the DJB, I am greatly honored to have the chance to give back to you all.

The first thing I want to do is thank Zujenia for her service to this House during her tenure as both Battleteam Leader, Aedile, and Quaestor! Zuji is an amazing individual who always seems to have time for anyone, and is one of the most welcoming and caring individuals I know in this club. Her work with the current and past Summits has been a driving force for this House and I hope to do both her and this position proud.

About Me

Ok so a little bit about me, for those who don’t know who I am. I’m a regular guy from what Lucine Vasano likes to refer to as the barbaric north of Michigan. I joined the DJB after looking for Star Wars fanfiction groups and stumbling onto the site. It’s been almost three years since then and I have grown to really care for this club and the amazing friends I’ve come to know and rely upon. I work on the Mackinac Bridge and have an amazing wife (Who I'm trying to convince to return to the fold) and a newborn son.

I have three characters that I intend to develop. Rhylance may be my best known character. As my main, I have had a lot more time to develop my Chiss Medical Science Officer. He has become quite well known as a dastardly mad scientist. Aiden was my original character, but he took the back burner while I transferred my time into Rhylance. He is designed as a Force User Hunter/Duelist. Eevie is my newest creation, a Sephi pilot with a penchant for gambling and a lover of the taste of alcohol.

I have been a Consul, a Quaestor, an Aedile, and a Magistrate for this club. I intend to use all of my experience to work with Lucine and Leeadra and make Qel-Droma the most successful House that I can.

Plans for Qel-Droma

An event that is currently running called A Shadow Port In Shambles was designed by Zujenia and Lucine to drive the storyline of Qel-Droma forward after the near destruction of Ol’val’s by the Hutts. This event will be run to it’s completion before any events or storylines I have in mind begin.

What I can say is that both Lucine and myself want to really engage with the idea that Qel-Droma is a criminal organization. I think that this should be explored and any storylines we move forward with should really convey this, either with missions within our criminal empire, or dealing with the ramifications of breaking the law.

Developing Qel-Droma’s fictional identity with all of its members is one of my top priorities. My next priority is dealing with our wiki, which is horribly out of date. I’m working on my own wiki skills at the moment, and if anyone else wishes to join me on this, I’d love to put together a team to handle the wiki., but more info on that will be given later.

Lastly I wanted to ask you all to keep an eye on your emails. I will be sending out a short survey that I’m hoping you will all complete. I may be Quaestor but this isn’t my House, it is all of our House as members of Qel-Droma. Because of that, I welcome and want your opinions on how things are run. I want to run competitions you all enjoy, and create storylines with you that we can all be engaged and feel a sense of ownership over.

Competitions to watch out for

Here is a list of competitions that are running, and will be running that you should all look into:


Hobby time!

[ACE] Jervada Asteroid Belt

Breaking the Wall, Again

You have not yet completed you training

Make A Wish!

Set Right What Once Went Wrong

From a Certain Point of View…

Treason? Treason! 2!

Story of the Revolution

Poetic Revolt

Revolutionary Point of View

[Cleaning Up 'Round Ol'val

Meet the Doctor

[NEMESIS] Garrison Defense

Planet Reborn

Death Before It's Time

The Tide Turned


GRPHX: Porg of the Best Kind!

GRPHX: Scandals in the DB

Recruitment Art: Join Us

Draw a Revolutionary

Revolutionary Recruitment

Droid Builder

Revolution in Action

Pitching in to the Cleanup

[HRLD] Big Mood/Star Wars Themed Calendar

Featured Artist Of The Week Via Telegram (Instagram) - Week 4


[FIST] 2018 Monthly Gaming Challenge - May


[FIST] Diablo III Season 13


Let Me Just Pull Up Your Med File

Revolutionary planning

A Mysterious Message

Summer Puzzle Series Week 2

Star Wars Related Trivia (Twitter) - Week 4


[FIST] 2018 Monthly Gaming Challenge - June

One Epic Year Of Trivia

Dark Council Memes

Summer Puzzle Series Week 3


Juliana asks:

Do you plan on making "medical checkups" with the good doctor mandatory for all members of the house?

“Of course! And it would seem you are late for your own.”

Also, how do you feel about forcibly converting some of our troops into murderous cyborgs to infiltrate and destroy the Collective?

“That sounds like it would be quite the undertaking… but, discovery requires experimentation.”

Do you have any reliable treatments for space herpes? Asking for a friend.

“There are several treatments available, each with their own risks. I can only give out that information to the patient themself.” Slides information packets over the Ms. Kelrune.

What are your ideas for the future of the house?

“I would love to cultivate this House into a well-rounded group of members who are heavy hitting weapons for Arcona in any vendetta or war event.”

Any thoughts on what fictional direction we're gonna take?

“Two words, Criminal Organization”

Lucine asks:

What are your plans for Ol'val and the Voidbreaker?

“Ol’val, to start with, running Ol’val development comps. As for the Voidbreaker, Leeadra and you seem to have that sorted out fairly well as is.”

What are your thoughts regarding the current less than ideal condition of Ol'val and the current plans to improve it?

“We’re gonna need more than cookies to fix this place…”

How will you deal with a redhead who is karked off that she was prevented from accruing more power?

“Oh, I have a feeling she’ll get over it and direct her frustrations where they truly should be.”

Are you planning on putting in hours at the Ol'val clinic? They are currently looking for a good physician.

“It sounds like a good chance to earn favor with my new subjects.”

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

“On a bun, so not a sandwich.”

Now that the high-classed doctor is the Quaestor, does he have a plan to clean up Ol'val?

“It involves a lot of manual labor, I’ll see if Strong is available. He should have some usefulness to him.”

Perhaps inject a little culture in the place?

“I fully intend for this to be a thing. Small coliseum anyone?”

Techsketch asks:

Does HQD standard medical insurance cover exotic creature and/or hybrid biologies?

“If it didn’t before it most certainly does now.”

Jazzy asks:

Are you as tired as I am?

“Brah, I gotta kid. I’m always tired.”

Kelviin asks:

Could you please write a short parody of the chorus to Wannabe by the Spice Girls?

“If you wanna cut me open.

Anesthetics work best.

Make me go to sleep fast,

Scalpels do the reeeest.”

Tali asks:



Also, do we cover lekinsurance, treatment and rehabilitation in case of injury? (Self-inflicted or otherwise)

“If we didn’t before, we do now.”

What is your plan for pre-emptive care in order to minimize danger of injured lekku in the often hazardous HQD work environment?

“Specially designed lekku helmets seem the safest way to go, and trust me, nothing bad could possibly happen by putting them on.”

Is it true that you leveraged your close and detailed knowledge of a certain Aedile to leapfrog her, I mean, them in the final run-up to becoming Quaestor, thus cleverly using her, I mean their trust in you for your own gain?

“Actually no, it seems she recommended me for the Aedile job, I was merely was the better pick.”

If No: Are you continuing to deny these claims in order to keep milking this relationship for further political gain?

“I deny un-truths.”

*Rinzler asks: *

Can we get some more appropriate ships?

“According to my sources, not at this time.”

Are you good with cybernetics?

“Why don’t we find out together?”

Zuji asks:

Can we paint them pink?


How about just join the rainbow brigade color scheme with the rest of Arcona?

“As we are criminals, and not princesses, no.”

Now that the high classed doctor is in charge of a criminal band of mavericks, how deep in the crime world will he go?

“I look forward to exploring this!”

Does he have use for a cybernetic medic/repo man?

“Of course. Those who don’t make their payments lose their cybers.”

Kordath asks:

Thoughts on Chiss supremacy?

“For some Chiss, most definitely. For others, (Strong) Heck no.”

Take in any good shows on Ol'val?

“Not yet, but I’m working on it.”

Lucifer asks:

Why does oxygen kill us?

“Cause we don’t say thank you for letting us breathe it in and surviving.”

Leeadra asks:

Where do you hide all the bodies?

“What bodies, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


This is the end of my introduction report. In the next one, Lucine and I will begin writing clan fiction, showcasing member fiction and art, and answering questions as #TheDeadlyDuo.

I look forward to working with all of you! Keep up the great work everyone!

Thank you for everything, Zuji! And welcome to HQD, Rhylance! I am looking forward to working with you!

Proud of you, Zuji, and proud of our new team as well. You'll all dominate, I'm sure. Go HQD! /me waves from sister House

Yeeessss! Welcome to the port, doctor!!! Adventures await all of us!

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