House Satele Shan Report 7 March/April 2018


House Satele Shan Report 7 March/April 2018


House Satele Shan Mid-Event Combined Report 6: March/April 2018!

Maximus Alvinius Steps Down As Quaestor


This reports music comes from ''Semisonic'' with a song called ‘'Closing Time'' found HERE. This is a great song for the wrap up of our time together. This isn’t a goodbye, but hello to a new start

Another Rises

Well folks as the title suggests I have decided to step down as Quaestor of House Satele Shan. I have spoke with both Arch, Blade, and Mauro in regards to this decision and it has been agreed pending final approval that Mauro will replace me as Quaestor of Satele Shan. Effectively immediately we will be accepting application DJB Wide for Aedile of House Satele Shan. Details can be found HERE.

Mauro has done an excellent job as both BTL and Aedile since arriving into leadership in Satele Shan. I have had the opportunity getting to know him personally while working both with and under his leadership leading all the way back to our time in CSP which has only further strengthened my faith in his abilities. He is a leader who has a clear vision, dedication to positive change, and a deep passion for the club while helping to continue to build the House into something special. In many ways you will find my departure hardly noticed as we share many of the same beliefs and goals for our House. I know for a fact his door is as open as mine in regards to any ideas, or questions you may have at anytime.

I will still be around the area trying to take on the “Youngman Cane” throughout the House since Daniel Stevens reserved copyrights to the “Oldman Cane”. You will also see me still actively engaged in creating robes, weapons, and selector items for our club as well which should be released soon. I hope you all enjoy them.

Lastly I recently was selected to be the club’s first “Social Media Tribune”. I won’t go into many details here as I will have a club wide report released soon explaining my goals, projects, and future expectations of myself to help get our club’s name out there. I am very excited about this role and currently I'm in the phase of helping get our platforms created before opening up anymore information. I have always enjoyed helping do more to help our club and I am ready for the opportunity to go above and beyond in this role for the our club’s past, present, and future members. Hold on tight because things will be great for you the members.



You get an award, you get an award, and you get an award!

It has been a good month for awards. We still have a few of you on the edge of a merit, or promotion. Do not think we have forgotten you as this is something we track monthly and always aim to get you the best for your activity. If you ever have a question on what you need to get that next award/promo never hesitate to ask.

Congrats to everyone below who was awarded!

Jafits Skrumm:

Anteian Cross


Anteian Cross

Arron Saylos:

Dark Cross

Sia Thiano:

Dark Cross

Akaarn Tayl'cor:

Dark Cross

Zeline Nemesis:

Dark Cross

Ethan Martes:

Dark Cross


Current Events

  • There is still plenty for you guys to participate in. As a celebration of our three-year ARCOU alliance, there is a co-op event occuring now called The Consul Bride, which has twelve sub-competitions running. A cooperative fiction, several graphics, puzzles, trivia, gaming... There’s something for everyone to do!

Congrats to our own Moro who was recently appointed to graphics slave… Ehrrr I mean Magistrate to the Herald lol. Read the news posting HERE .



Well folks that about wraps it up for my last report. Short, sweet, and surprise surprise no gifs. Your welcome fellow lurkers!

I want to end this off by saying a big thank you to Turel and Arch for taking a chance on me last summer. As a member back then with a recent period of letting his own RL struggles come out into a club he enjoyed, but was begging to show it was a period of horrible judgement and I had learned from my ignorant ways at the time. I put out a application to be Aedile of Satele Shan July 2017 and was fortunate enough to be selected. I will be forever grateful to your “trust fall” leap of faith in accepting me with my wild ideas and huge goals. Heres to many rainbow lightsabers I will create (If Slags agrees 8-P) and big bird robes in the future for my fellow Sista and brotha! I have learned a ton from you both and want to thank you for everything.

To Edgar my online brother from another mother. We have laughed, argued, and even seen eye to eye defending each other at different times. I respect you more than you know Mr. New York. I can’t wait untill you finally do what all New Yorkers do and give in to move to you know the NYC retirement home where the weather is nice and the beer is cold down in sunny Florida my old stomping grounds haha. Thanks for it all Egg. You truly took a chance on me as well and in the end embraced me on the summit.

Blade you truly are a blessing. The calm after the storm and the voice of reason. Someone to vent to about RL, Star Wars nerdness, and just general DJB stuff. While we have known each other for a bit since CSP I do feel our last year together in COU helped us actually develop a deeper sense of respect for each other and friendship that I know last with me for a lifetime.

Len thank you for your help, your patience, guidance at the right time, and stepping up when times got tough for us both. The end result of what we helped each other do helped continue to grow the House into an amazing place in the end because of our shared teamwork. Thank you.

Mauro my man. If anybody is ready to make our House into something even better than what we believe we have, than that is you brother. You have already done so much and I know your desires to do more run deep. I’m excited for where you will grow as a member and continue to help take Shan into the next chapter. I will make sure to hang your biker suit up in the QUA office with “In the Navy” playing on repeat. Keep flying high friend!

To the rest of my summit members. You all have been amazing. Seraphol and his 3 digit old man ways might just make Headmaster one day with the great efforts he has come and the many nights we have all chatted about the days of the "land before time". Moro and his perfectly timed guidance in TG and information that always seems perfectly timed to hit the chat and my mind at the right time of day. Celevon and that wicked sense of humor has always been a fun relief away from RL that I have enjoyed being apart of.

Lastly to the all my Satele Shan members. You are more than I could have ever expected in my run as your Quaestor. I truly hope you have enjoyed the run as much as I have. We have come a long way from the House with talks of helping COU place in the Great Jedi War to the House who helped the Clan win it’s first war ever. Whatever expectations I had hoped of you all, well each of you completely blew the lid off of it. I want to thank all of you for the joy you have helped bring me and I hope you all were able to enjoy the time I served as your peer guiding us through our new shared history as well.

In the infamous words of a famous man some of you might know…



I never had the opportunity to work with you, but damn this report was classy. Good luck on the new job!

Well said..Great work!!!

Thank you Max and Good luck in your new role as Tribune!

Good luck Mauro in your new role as Quaestor!


Maximus, I just want to say it has been a pleasure to work with you. You state lots of farewells but you forget that we dog-piled you on the way to the door so you couldn't leave. Anyways, I look forward to working with you in the future in your new role and any others that come along. As a bit of parting advice for now, cherish your time as a regular member. Things become so much clearer.

Mauro, a big congratz to your promotion to QUA! You've done a great job so far. I look forward to working with you further. Let's do some awesome things together. :)

breaks out the sushi platters for a celebration party

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