House Shar Dakhan Aedile Report - January 9th, 2014


House Shar Dakhan Aedile Report - January 9th, 2014

Heavy Cruiser Retribution
Rendezvous Point
Before Korriban

Locke felt a rising energy about him as he stood on the bridge of the Retribution. The Clan's fervor had expanded and consumed the Warhost, bringing them a sense of urgency and energy that the Krath could not remember seeing before. It was an awesome sight, like an already efficient starfighter on its first run after monthly maintenance. Most of the Warhost did not know what they would soon face, but they knew it was important, and they were eager to get to the work at hand.

After careful consideration with his Quaestor and advisors, including the captain of the Retribution, Locke had determined that he would give a short speech for the occasion. He was usually not one for such acts. However, this was a time for words. It was the end of the Calm. The largest battle of the Crusade would commence soon, a terrible three way civil war among the Dark Brotherhood's members.

"Open a channel to our forces," Locke said, breathing deeply, " and broadcast the holo for any who wish to see it." He felt the weight of destiny, pressing on the Clan, driving them toward their destination and into a finely honed weapon.

Captain Donovan Chanden gave the order, and then nodded.

"Brothers, sisters, disciples and warriors, a momentous time is among us. We have fought for our Grandmaster for years, on world after world, as we drove the One Sith into the darkness of space. We have crushed their insignificant and futile defenses, and obliterated a great threat to our Brotherhood. Yet, there are those who do not see it so.

"Rebellious elements of our Brotherhood threaten to shatter it. Clan Taldryan is at their head, led by an aging Grandmaster who seeks to steal our work and claim it for his followers. They claim Lord Ashen will destroy the Brotherhood, while they attack it themselves. Their actions have weakened us, when we should be at our finest hour!"

"They are not the only threat, however. The One Sith, seeing blood and death in the currents of the Force, seek to capitalize on this conflict. Even now, they are mobilizing, attacking our forces. While their armies move against us, their leaders whisper secret lies in the ears of our brethren. Already, the weak will of Clan Plagueis has caused them to fall, and others will undoubtedly follow."

Locke raised a fist as he continued. "These fools must know the wrath of those truly loyal to the Brotherhood, and pay the price of treason. Taldryan has abandoned their allies, as they abandoned us during the assault of Plagueis and Scholae years ago, when we were forced to drive them away from our worlds on our own. The latter have been easily lured away by promises of power."

"The weak-willed traitors of our Brotherhood must be destroyed! Korriban is ours, and the Brotherhood's by the right of our victories throughout the Crusade. It's secrets must not be allowed to fall into the hands of these cowards. Soon we strike. Do not hesitate. Show no mercy. The enemies of Sadow will know our fury this day! Conquest is our destiny! We - and those who have remained strong in these trying times - will not fail!"

He finished with a slow nod, and Captain Donovan gestured when the holo recording was cut. Breathing deeply, Locke departed to prepare for his own role in the coming conflagration.


This time, I offered a much longer fiction than usual, but I felt that the current time called for it. We are at war! The 11th Great Jedi War (GJW) has begun, and the Brotherhood is in a state of civil war as three factions maneuver against each other, all converging on the same point: The Valley of the Sith Lords on Korriban.

As I am sure that you are all gearing up for the war, or already in action, this will be a very brief report.

I strongly urge anyone who sees this to read the multitude of news items posted on the main Dark Brotherhood webpage, including fictional updates and notes on various parts of the GJW. Some of these are simply addendums to rules, while others are fantastic pieces of literature pertaining to the GJW, but all are important.

Great Jedi War Eleven

Fictionally, Naga Sadow has sided with Muz, as he is our true Grandmaster and a Son of Sadow. The Dark Council has stated that, while the Clan officially has sided with the loyalists following Muz, you are not required to hold true to this in your own fiction entries or Runon posts. Personally, I only suggest that you include your reasoning for what allegiance you decide to take.

As has been stated before, the Great Jedi War is in three parts: There is a set of competitions running for two weeks that starts today, and then there will be a brief rest period followed by another set after that. The third group is the competitions that run for the entirety of the conflict. I will link to the first and third group below, as they are what is currently active.

Be sure to read each event carefully, both before and after subscribing. It is important to make sure you follow the rules to qualify for entering and obtain the best possible placing!

Round 1 Competitions(January 10th - January 23rd)




Puzzle (Note: Don't subscribe until absolutely ready, as it begins a timer!)

The Big Three - Event Long Competitions(January 10th - February 9th)

Note that each of the below is a team event, although one person entries are allowed for the multimedia competition! If you are not on a team, reply to the emails on our Clan mailing list, or contact myself or another Summit member





That's all I have for you this time. The War is the most important thing right now. All other activities are effectively on hold as we engage our enemies around Korriban. Strike with audacity, my friends! Conquer our enemies, for Sadow!

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