[HQD Summit Report]: Palekdins sighted


[HQD Summit Report]: Palekdins sighted

Title: Palekdins sighted



A Message from the Quaestor

Hallo, my lektastic Qel-Dromans!

These dark times really fly by! Last few weeks at work have been one dive in on Monday and breaking water on Friday. Hope you’re all staying safe and sane as we angle towards end-of-year holidays and whatnot!

Ol’Val has luckily been pacified from outside threats, but this leaves us with a conundrum. In the past, there existed a certain ‘balance of terror’ between the various cartels and Qel-Droma’s interests. However, in the wake of the Dawn Conclave’s failed coup, the Blind Man (Qel-Droma’s front) finds itself in control of a majority of the station.

Although this seems to be excellent news, there come certain downsides too. When you are the ruling party, you are expected to rule. How will Qel-Droma pivot itself from a mere player among Ol’Val’s cartels into the ruler and operator of the Shadowport, and what changes will that entail to the lives of all those who call it home? Join us, and help write the next chapter of our journey...

Signed, Your Lekhead

A Message from the Aedile

Hello fellow Qel-Dromans!

How are you all across the globe? I hope you had a fun Halloween night in case you celebrate it. If you don’t, I hope you had a good night anyways.

I wish in advance a happy thanksgiving to the Americans as well.

Have you seen the Christmas lights already? Cause I have… What shall we do for Ol’Val’s Sithmas Day this year?

Now that we’ve settled a bit better in our new Social Home (Discord) and the dust is settling, I hope to spend another great month among you all.

As always, stay safe and awesome!

Signed, The Local Gambler

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. House Fiction Update
  3. News
  4. Awards, Promotions and Transfers
  5. Crescent Leaderboard
  6. Competitions
  7. In Closing...


House Fiction Update

The Pride of Corellia
Port Ol’val
39 ABY

“Get back here! Hey!” Duletto Catanis shouted, the Lasat angrily waving his fist out of his V-35 Courier at the fleeing would-be customer.

“Thanks for the ride, sleemo!” the scarpering Human spat over his shoulder, leaping over a shuffling GNK-droid and disappearing down an alley far too narrow for the speeder to follow.

The veteran driver of Hot n’Ready Rides spat out a string of curses before leaning back against the worn headrest and sighing. Things like this were far too common, and normally he might have been able to survive a few dodgy ‘customers’ like this, but with the credits going into the stabilizer repair and the port engine already acting up, it wasn’t looking good.

Of course he’d known Ol’val was a place of dodgy business dealings, but it seemed to have become even worse of late. Sure, there wasn’t open war in the streets and most of the fires had gone out, but it was becoming intolerable to live within the asteroid station. Something would have to change, or he’d not be the only one to leave for good.

In the streets outside his cockpit, a traveler dressed in a long brown trench coat raised a finger to her ear, eyes trailing after the fleeing crook. Dull grey plastoid armor flashed under her coat as the sleeve pulled back from the motion.

“He’s coming down the alley. Human, male, mid-twenties, black hair, one-seventy-ish tall. Can’t miss ‘im with that garish jumpsuit.”

There was a buzz of acknowledgement from the other end of the comms and the traveler’s thin lips spread into a wry smile.

Read the rest of the fiction here!



Arcona News

Awards, Promotions, Consul Report

  • Zuza got her hands on Zig’s blog and helped her on the Voidbreaker’s latest report
  • You’re probably aware but Atty has been running a fun and chill RP where everyone can find something to do!
  • We have new arrivals on Ol’val! Their Wiki is still a bit short, but check it out to get a basic idea of whom we’ll be dealing with next.
DB Wide Updates
  • Another Species has been added to your choice pool when creating a new character!

  • The FIST goes on a business trip and updates on the Gaming leaderboards.

  • The Regent has new staff members

  • The DGM updates us on some Discord policies


Awards, Promotions and Transfers

And now, for the Crescent list!

Tali Sroka
- 1 Crescent with Ruby Star
- 5 Clusters of Ice

Edema Ruh-Kalinor
- 10 Clusters of Earth

Avery Watson
- 1 Crescent with Ruby Star
- 5 Clusters of Ice

Zuza Lottson
- 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star

- 2 Crescents with Amethyst Star
- 3 Crescents with Emerald Star
- 1 Cluster of Ice

Canderous Tervho
- 1 Crescent with Emerald Star


Crescent Leaderboard

Below you will find the numbers used to determine the scoring and the leaderboard itself.
If you don’t want to be featured in the Crescent Leaderboard, let your House leadership know.

  • Diamond: 7
  • Ruby: 6
  • Amethyst: 5
  • Sapphire: 4
  • Emerald: 3
  • Topaz: 2
  • Quartz: 1
Member   Points
Archian 19
Tali Sroka 6
Avery Watson 6
Zuza Lottson 5
Canderous Tervho 3

What a month for Crescents!

Archian has taken an undisputed lead with 19 points while Tali and Avery get tied for 2nd place and Zuza takes 3rd. Canderous also makes the table this month with their Emerald Crescent.

Great job everyone and keep it up next month!

Blind Key

Archian takes the Blind Key this month! Surely he’s already plotting some hairy situations to get himself into with his new valuable asset.

Make good use of it Archian!



  • Time to teach the young’uns! This Voice competition is asking you to write how your character would teach a student.
  • Roll a Perception check and go find the differences in 2 images!
  • Complete this 80 piece puzzle and celebrate Thran!
  • Back to the Classics with this Space Invaders competition!
  • People are going missing in Eldar! It’s up to you to find out where they are
  • Aru’s Big Load of puzzles is still running strong! Try one of his puzzles!



  • Archian asks:
    • Should we prepare for a wedding between Strong and our lovely Lek?
      • Tali: “V-vedding? V-ve only just startedt dating…” lekblush
      • Aru: “Believe it or not. I’m a certified reverend.”
    • If we need to prepare for it - what gifts the happy couple wish to get?
      • Tali: “Erm… uh… Standt mixer?”
      • Aru: “I know what I would give. Some extra lek for them to play with.”
    • What are the major plans for the rest of November, and does it include any large undercover missions?
      • Tali: “Schedules permitting, there might be! Until then, keep an eye out for these newcomers. They may say they’re bringing order, but you never know...”
      • Aru: “Undercover missions not really, unless you have some special missions for under the covers, if you know what I mean. But, a new problem is starting to emerge in our lovely port. Stay away from the Paladins if you can.”
    • What's the best soup for Autumn in space?
      • Tali: “Spacey pumpkin soup, of course!”
      • Aru: “I like my soup like I like my enemies. As far away as possible.”

In Closing…

This will be the first steps of the next chapter of our story! Expect more chances to get into the nitty gritty of Ol’val’s streets and pick sides between the status quo of the cartels and the uppity Paladins who seek to bring the New Republic’s justice even to the darkest corners of the Outer Rim.

Of course, that does kind of put them on a collission course with anyone who thinks Shadow Ports should remain beyond the reach of law...

As always, if you have concerns, ideas, feedback, recommendations or a general need to chat, we are always here for you. Whether on TG/Discord (@tali_sroka/KuyAurelian#4515, @AruLaw/Aru Law#0173) and or email.


The Lekhead & The Gambler


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