[Imperium] Dek's Second First Aedile Report


[Imperium] Dek's Second First Aedile Report

Aedile of Imperium

Greetings Imperials! It’s that time of the month again where I go back to the Markdown course of the Shadow Academy to figure out what I’ve done wrong again.

Firstly, yes, I don’t have gfx yet. HOWEVER, I simply wanted to wait until the Herald’s office was done with the GJW before I asked for them.

I guess I have some explaining to do...considering some of the Clan changing events in the past month (me leaving Aedile, then coming back to Aedile, Raiju taking over Quaestor, two new Battleteams, and new Consul, Proconsul, Excidium Quaestor, Aedile, and Battleteam).

In the same vein and Raiju and Calindra, I think I should start with some personal info about myself. Born in Canada, grew up in South Africa, and finished college in southern Ohio (in the USA). When I rejoined the DJB back in 2015 I had just started a 2 year contract as a TEFL teacher in a small village in Albania. I had hoped to do a third year and extend my contract (because I love Albania, Eastern Europe, and the relaxing community I taught in). However, the decision from the higher-ups had to be unanimous and one person voted “no”.

So I came back to southern Ohio in search of a job. I’m still going through that search. However, end of July, beginning of August was a not-so-good time for me. I was going through some mediocre culture shock, and was just about to go on a family vacation to Tennessee. In the process, I let my thoughts and emotions get the better of me. I needed a small break to really integrate back into American culture. I needed time to reflect on myself, and even this club. In doing so I was able to heal some parts of myself and get over some of the easier aspects of culture shock.

But I’m back and prepared to continue the legacy of Imperium. With that in mind, this is my second official report as Aedile, but my first one since coming back to the position (hence the title).

As Aedile, one of my duties is to give you the opportunity to be active and to make sure all of you are rewarded properly and are given credit where credit is due. Because of that I’ve decided to restructure my report a bit. You can easily get major news from the Consul and Quaestors, as well as others. So for me, I want to highlight what you’ve all done and what you can do.


Obviously, your level of activity is up to you. We do have a GJW coming up on October 13th. Until then, we have some excellent comps for you to participate in:

Clan Level:

Member Hunts 2017 – The last two member search/hunt competitions where you must find out which member the revealed information is talking about in the fastest time (ends on September 23rd)

The Emperor Wants You! - A recruitment based competition, where the more people you recruit and the more they get promoted, the more points you get towards winning (ends on of September 24th)

Give Up! – Flash game competition based upon getting to the highest level (ends on September 30th)

Imperial Heritage – Fiction competition on what it means to be a member of our Clan (Scholae Palatinae) (ends on October 2nd)

Stronghold Siege! – A cluster of competitions based around fighting off a group of Meraxis Loyalists on Seraph (ends on October 12th)

Character Development Workshop: Autumn/Winter 2017 Series – A cluster of 17 competitions based upon improving your character and increasing your understanding and contribution you have to your character. There are many competitions in which to participate, however, the entire thing ends on January 31st, 2018.

House/BT Level:

Know Thy Enemy – Trivia competition based around the Dark Council, Consuls, and the Iron Throne (ends on October 1st)

Down the Rabbit Hole Part 1 – Another cluster of competitions based around our two newest Battleteams (Krennic and Pellaeon) and their fight for legitimacy (ends on October 8th)

The Great Heirloom Dagger of My Ancestors – A Run-On competition based upon Calindra’s family’s ancient dagger. It’s not a traditional Run-On and it will be taking a break for the GJW (ends on November 22nd)

Upcoming Competitions:

Let’s Porg This Together! – Clan level flash gaming puzzle based around the newest shown creature in previews for The Last Jedi (starts on September 21st and ends on September 30th)

Brother From Another Mother – House level fiction competition based upon writing from another characters perspective talking to your usual character (starts on September 24th and ends on October 8th)

From Behind the Tides of War – House level ‘other’ competition where you will be directed to a YouTube link and you must transcribe whatever the link says in the fastest time possible (starts on October 1st and ends on October 12th)

Obviously, there also also plenty of DJB level competitions.


I’ll eventually continue Lex’s log of activity and participation, especially when we get closer to the end of the year. However, as for now I want to still recognize members within the report itself. If I miss something, let me know so I can slap myself over the head. Also, some information may have been repeated from previous reports. I’m content with congratulating people more than once for things they do.

Francesco Cenicola
* New member! Welcome to House Imperium!

* New member! Welcome to House Imperium!

Novosi Shim
* New member! Welcome to House Imperium!
* Promoted to Novice!
* Earned 2 Clusters of Fire!

* Promoted to Recruit!
* Created a CS!

Ord Canfre
* Newest member! Welcome to House Imperium!
* Promoted to Novice!
* Passed DB Essentials 101 – 106, DB Basics, and gained the Dark Pundit: Essentials (all in one day!)
* While I wrote this report, obtained the Dark Pundit: Vendetta!

Arron Saylos
* This past summer Arron celebrated 4 years in Dark Path and 2 years as a Dark Jedi!
* In July celebrated his 4th pinday, and 4th year in CSP (congrats!)

James Malum
* 69 Clusters of Fire!
* 1 Cluster of Ice (every single one counts!)
* Ruby Crescent
* Promoted to Knight! (one more step to EQ1)
* Became ACC qualified!
* 24 Shadow Academy course passed!
* Earned Dark Mavens in Lore, Flight, Combat, and Galactic History!
* Currently running the “Stronghold Siege!” competition

Elad Cirith
* Spend 2 years as a Sith!

* Emerald Crescent
* 14 Clusters of Fire!
* Became Battleteam Leader of Krennic!
* Spend two years in the Gray Path!

Kyo Akumu
* Dark Cross awarded!
* Celebrated his 2nd pinday and 2 years in the Dark Path/Sith!

Calindra Hejaran
* Ruby Crescent
* 8 Clusters of Fire!
* 4 Clusters of Ice!
* Became Battleteam Leader of Pellaeon!
* Spend 2 years as a Sith!
* Recruited a member (Novosi)!

Dek Ironius II
* Emerald x6, Sapphire x4, Amethyst x3 Crescents!
* 4 Clusters of Graphite!
* Celebrated 12th pinday, 2 years in the Clan, and 1 year as a Loyalist!
* Earned Dark Mavens in Philosophy and Writing!
* Earned Dark Savant in Writing and Philosophy!

* 1 Anteian Cross!
* Emerald x3, Amethyst x2. Sapphire x2 Crescents!
* 1 Legion of Scholar!
* 6 Clusters of Graphite!
* Spend 2 years as Dark Jedi in the Gray Path!

Reiden Karr
* Sapphire Crescent!
* 8 Clusters of Graphite!
* Spend 2 years as a Sith!
*Co-Orginazed the Abstract Art series of competitions!

Rayne * 1 Dark Cross!
* Ruby Crescent!
* Spend 2 years as a Sith!

Lexiconus Qor
* 1 Grand Cross!
* Sapphire, Amethyst, and Sapphire Crescents!
* 7 Clusters of Ice!
* 14 Clusters of Graphite!
* Ended termed service as Appeals Panelist!
* Ended 17-month service as Quaestor of House Imperium!

Raiju Kang
* 1 Steel Cross!
* Amethyst x2, Emerald x3, Ruby x2 Crescents!
* 4 Clusters of Ice!
* 2 Clusters of Graphite!
* Celebrated 10th pinday!
* Became Quaestor of House Imperium!

Kell Dante Palpatine
* 1 Dark Cross!
* Emerald, Amethyst, Sapphire Crescents!
* 3 Scrolls of Foundation!
* 13 Clusters of Ice!
* 13 Clusters of Fire!
* Spend 2 years as Gray Jedi in Gray Path!
* Celebrated 15th pinday...you’ve been here 15 years…
* Reached at least rank 12 in all societies (Shadow Academy, Inquisitorious, GMRG)!

I recorded all the things generally from early to mid-June. So there is a bit more of a hunk here than might usually appear. Basically, we still kicked ass and we’ll kick ass in the Great Jedi War as well.

Also, happy to report that I had to update this for many members while I was writing this report :)

Also, I wanted to call special attention to Lex’s Grand Cross for all he did as our wonderful Quaestor!


Ok. Now that we got that chunk of stuff out of the way, let’s discuss House fiction.

I did allow for one more day in the House survey. Raiju and myself are pretty content with the results. However, I will still keep it open just in case some things change around a bit. The final results are as such:

1 vote – A city state like the Vatican, allowing House Imperium to rule without foreign oppressors

3 votes – Space station

3 votes – Colonial base

7 votes – Small fleet

8 votes – Co-exist with a nation on Seraph

So we’re sitting on co-existence and a fleet of sorts. Raiju and myself are going to attempt to form something from this that still allows the members of the House to have choice and agency within the story and history.

Also, Great Jedi War is on the way soon. October 13th is the day that it starts. I will have one more report out before then, however I did want to say that this event is no ordinary event.

For those who don’t know, the Great Jedi War is a 5 week long mass competition where the Clans face off against each other. This means our entire Clan becomes united in a single cause; to have fun (while fictionally stepping happily on the faces of other Clans in order to get to first...emphasis on fictionally). However, if you need a break beforehand, please don’t be afraid to take one. Because if we win a GJW, we get prizes for the Clan in the form of credits (to buy stuff), rewards, prizes, and you may have your name placed into official DJB history. Members can do great things during the GJW whether you’re an Apprentice or a Prophet, Dark Jedi or Light Mercenary, new member or old member.

In a GJW you will compete against the best. This doesn’t mean don’t participate. In fact, this means participate in all you can. Give your all, and you will potentially be given all in return.

Glory to the Empire!

Dek Ironius II

whoa look at all the votes and achievements! Congratulations and a huge welcome to all the newbies! Fantastic report, Dek :D

Even without graphics this still looks good. Keep up the great work Imperium! Great report Dek.

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