[Imperium] Dek's Third Aedile Report


[Imperium] Dek's Third Aedile Report


Sol System


North American Continent

Dek and Raiju’s respective homes

Raiju’s hands typed directly in response to Dek’s draft, “I like it, but we may need Summit permission in order to legitimize such an enemy. They are fairly different than what I was thinking of, but they also allow us to be challenged as a House, and will allow our members something both foreign and familiar.”

Dek sighed, “Summit permission...we need to give the members agency! Otherwise they’ll simply fall off the map and not want to participate.”

Raiju chuckled softly, “We’re also a Summit. You know personally how it feels to have to approve or disapprove of something.”

To be continued...

Before I say anything, I’d like to apologize for not having a report out sooner. It’s been since before the GJW when I had the last one out. With the relaxed December we had, as a Summit we set out to try and tackle a few things this January. More on that later though.

Firstly, new members! We always love it when we have new members to mold and work with, and we also enjoy it when our members have fun (the most important aspect of this club). So welcome to these members:

  • Johaan’atan
  • Janedo Korath
  • Lucan
  • pidnimayet temyava

We also obviously enjoy it when other members join us from other Clans. Sometimes I wish it were under better circumstances (such as Clan Tarentum closing), but we hope members choosing CSP don’t regret their decisions in the long run. So welcome to:

  • Jason Hunter joined us from Clan Tarentum. Like I mentioned, I wish it were under better circumstances, but we’re still happy a 16 year DJB veteran join our ranks. He’s been a valued member of both Clans Odan-Urr and Tarentum, and we’re happy to have his years of knowledge and expertise here.

  • Vestril joined us from Clan Odan-Urr. He was one of the heavy hitters of the Clan during the GJW, and we’re glad to have him here (he also designed my warbanner awhile ago, which he did from scratch). You may also know him as Mako.

  • Darth Aeternus joined us from Clan Tarentum. Like I mentioned, I wish it were under better circumstances, but we’re happy to have our first Sith Lord ever join CSP (and Imperium no less). Not only has he been in this club for a long time (14 years at least), but he’s also a member of the Star Chamber (the chief, real life organization that leads this club).

Welcome to all of you! We hope to not let you down!


This is what happens when you wait 2 months for another report:

Aaron Saylos:

  • Clusters of Ice – 11

  • Amethyst Crescents – 1


  • Clusters of Fire – 4

  • Clusters of Graphite – 4

  • Cluster of Ice – 1

  • Seals of Wrath – 7

  • Steel Cross – 1


  • Clusters of Ice – 10

  • Clusters of Graphite – 2

  • Emerald Crescent – 1

  • Amethyst Crescent – 1

  • Seals of Wrath – 5

  • Steel Cross – 1

Dek Ironius II:

  • Clusters of Graphite – 8

  • Clusters of Ice – 16

  • Seals of Wrath – 11

  • Anteian Cross – 1


  • Clusters of Fire – 20

  • Clusters of Graphite – 14

  • Emerald Crescent – 2

  • Ruby Crescent – 1

  • Diamond Crescent – 1

  • Amethyst Crescent – 2

  • Seals of Wrath – 8

  • Grand Cross – 1

Reiden Palpatine Karr:

  • Clusters of Fire – 19

  • Clusters of Graphite – 8

  • Clusters of Ice – 18

  • Clusters of Earth – 19

  • Sapphire Crescent – 1

  • Seals of Wrath – 14

  • Gold Novae – 2

  • Grand Cross – 1

Lexiconus Qor:

  • Clusters of Ice – 3

  • Clusters of Graphite – 2

  • Emerald Crescent – 2

  • Amethyst Crescent – 3

  • Ruby Crescent – 2

  • Sapphire Crescent – 2

  • Seal of Wrath – 1

  • Dark Cross – 1

Raiju Kang:

  • Clusters of Graphite – 2

  • Sapphire Crescent – 3

  • Amethyst Crescent – 5

  • Emerald Crescent – 3

  • Seals of Wrath – 8

Vestril (included from time in COU):

  • Clusters of Graphite – 8

  • Clusters of Ice – 4

  • Clusters of Fire – 251 (holy crap...)

  • Amethyst Crescent – 1

  • Emerald Crescent – 2

  • Sapphire Crescent – 1

  • Legion of Scholar – 2

  • Seals of Wrath – 13

  • Silver Novae – 1

  • Anteian Cross – 1

Kell Palpatine Dante:

  • Clusters of Graphite – 16

  • Clusters of Ice – 2

  • Seals of Wrath – 17 (wow…)

  • Anteian Cross – 1

Darth Aeternus:

  • Clusters of Ice – 3

  • Sapphire Crescent – 2

Notable (non-GJW) Achievements:

  • Aaron Saylos won his first ACC Battle!
  • James Malum coorganized 4 competitions!
  • Elad Cirith has been in the club for 11 years since last November!
  • Ulfsark has won a total of 256 PvP matches!
  • Rayne has been in the club for 11 years since this January!
  • Reiden Karr was awarded the Palpatine title!
  • Darth Aeternus has been a member of the club for 14 years since last December!

GJW Achievements:

Reiden was one of our hardest hitters, if not our hardest hitter, in House Imperium this past GJW. We owe a lot to his work in the GJW and getting us a ton of points.

I’d also like to congratulate Vestril, who in COU was one of the harder hitters as well, gaining a Silver Novae and participating in 13 events.

Of course, every member helped contribute to a 3rd place Scholae. Every point counted. Considering we only beat CNS by a couple dozen points, one member choosing to participate over not participating in a few comps made it for us.


With the GJW being over, we can focus on our Clan and House fictional development a bit more. Currently, we have a few competitions that deal with that. Currently, after how grand show of force against the Collective, we fear that they may try to influence our individual political atmospheres. House Imperium, and to a larger degree Battleteams Pellaeon and Krennic, both are attempting to help root out potential Collective influencers and spies. Pellaeon, the intelligence operatives, are working behind the scenes, while Krennic, the military assault/support, are working with the Elayan military to bring the fight to Meraxis:

Imperium Defende – January

Furthermore, the Clan Summit has tasked the Houses to hold history, motto, logo designs, etc. in order to have your input into the evolution of the Battleteams. If you’ve ever felt that you’ve been left out of your BTs creation, then this is your chance to participate. Of course, at any point in time your words will be heard by your BTLs and House Summit, but this time you can get rewards for your words and designs.

Battleteam Pellaeon:




Brief Team Description


Battleteam Krennic:

Brief Description





House Imperium is also needing some new propaganda ideological rejuvenation purity tests member-driven lore in order to help legitimize one of the missions of our house (give members more agency in our fictions and storylines). You may have already seen this in the Imperial meme competitions, the trivia competitions, etc. that Raiju has held. With every new report, Raiju intends to release more competitions to his container:

An Imperial Culture

There are also two Clan level competitions. Mune is holding his Character Development Workshop (the last competition is due in 3 days):


Braecen and Vestril are both going to start helping our Clan with our gaming scene. Admittedly, we can hit pretty hard fictionally when we want to. We have decent ACCers, and our flash/misc comp dealers are pretty hardcore. Our Gaming leaves a lot to be desired. This competition is based around your opinion of Imperial gaming as well as Imperial gaming nights that would occur. Make your voice heard:

Imperial Gaming


So the beginning fiction wasn’t an actual conversation, although similar long conversations have occurred on lore and fiction. Ultimately, when we polled the members back in September/October, we decided that from the members’ voice we are going to do a cluster of ships, “Battlestar Galactica” (re-imagined, for our own sanity) type thing for awhile. We will eventually move onto something else the members wanted, with more permanence (such as a space on a planet).

However, we still have a big chunk of lore to worry about. Currently, the space between Lex leaving and Raiju taking over, as well as until the GJW, is almost completely open. Raiju and myself have been working on a storyline with an interesting, and challenging, enemy that may provide the members with something that will allow our fleet of ships storyline something to compete with.

With that, we’re going to be writing up a few longer chapters of information. The members will be involved within the story. Events and fictional developments from both fictions, and from Lexiconus, will be used. Filling in this chunk was a challenge. However, Raiju sat down with all the QUA Imperium reports, Xantros’ storyline summaries that he did for us (thanks to him for sifting through that cluster), member input, and my input, and pumped out an outline.

Raiju and myself are currently working on that outline. There is no ETA date, but we hope to have the first chapter out within the incoming week. Obviously, we need some support from the Clan Summit, and in the future we’d hope to have storylines that intertwine with Excidium, but for now we want something the members can chew on and enjoy at the same time.

Raiju will have more information in his House Address (which will be incoming soon).

Glory to the Empire!

Dek Ironius II

Aedile of Imperium

Your report formats make my OCD so happy <3 Great stuff, Dek! And welcome to all the new members out there!

Great report! Huh only 251 cf, you caught me slacking.

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