Merry Sithmas from the Proconsul


Merry Sithmas from the Proconsul


Happy Christmas Eve Sadowans! I hope that your week has gone by with ease and everyone is ready for that Jolly Ol’ Sithmas Elf to come to your dwellings and leave you a shiny new toy! Make sure that you leave that chunky-butt Sithmas Elf a couple of tasty treats and a shiny Kyber crystal, or that crusty Ol’ dude may decide to get saber happy on you while you slumber!

Well this report will be pretty light in the area of a report fiction and activity. The Boss is working on an end of year project for us, so all that good data will more than likely be showing up in that report. So this one will just be my thanks to all of you!

I wanted to say the last eight months, this AMAZING Clan has bestowed the honor to me to serve as your PCon. I have enjoyed every minute in the seat! Following in the footsteps of Lady Ashia Keibatsu, our Overlord Bentre Sadow, my Master Sanguinius Entar, just to name a few off the top of my head. Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu, Augur Locke, Malisane Sadow, Macron Sadow and our own tree of wisdom, Malik Sadow, all have led this Clan at some point in their careers and have paved a standard of excellence for us. So a huge thank you to all for your mentorship!

I cannot thank you all enough for the honor to help create a universe in which we all love. I hope that I get to be as adept at our lore and history as some of you display on a daily basis. The work that you all do truly make this Clan stand out within the Club.

So I want to take this moment to express my gratitude to you all and wish each and everyone of my Clanmates a very merry Christmas. I know the constraints in which we are living in will not last forever, and our sense of normalcy will return with great joy and cheers. Embrace tomorrow, enjoy family and friends on that blessed day. Most of all enjoy the art of giving, watching your loved ones as the are surprised at their gifts from the Sithmas Elf!

I wish you all joy and happiness on your excellent Sithmas day! I am looking forward to seeing all the pics of the cool toys everyone received!

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Here is the latest news from across the Club.

CNS Overlord:

Shadow Academy Headmistress:

FIST Report:

Regent Report & Supplemental (s):


We have two Clanmate's with active comps. After you wind down from the day tomorrow jump over to the comps page and get after it Sadowans. Couple of fun filled mini-events going on for the Nighthawks and House Shar Dakhan.

From PCon weekly newsletter

If you have not read the three fictions that kicked off for HSD mini-event, let me tell you you are missing out! So get over there and start subscribing. We have a couple of co-op events that I would be greatly honored to team up with anyone who is interested in doing the fiction and of course, some multiplayer gaming, LET’S DO THIS! The Overlord, Kristiva and I will be taking on the co-op fiction, so if anyone wants to do some gaming lets pick a platform and get some Clusters!

Go here for the EXCITEMENT: Competition: The Inos Incursion - Dark Jedi Brotherhood

HSD Quaestor mini-event Report:

Battleteam Leader Corvo has a mini event active for the Nighthawks. The first is a great little fiction, kicking off with this prompt:

Battleteam Leader Corvo has received intel on the location of an Ancient Relic. The Artifact is of unknown origin but can be found on Tarthos. A former Dlarit Corporation employee named Gorran Halkin will be your first point of contact on the planet. He can be found in Markosian City. The type of artifact and details of the mission are entirely up to you. Successfully retrieve this item and be handsomely rewarded, with a Crescent.

The old Dlarit Corporation, still has its remnants within the Clan. Who knows what this relic is, or what powers it possesses. What will your character find as it explores the terrain of Tarthos. Go here and subscribe:


The second comp of his series coincides with your fiction: This graphics competition will allow you to create an image (using any artistic method you wish) for the artifact you were tasked with retrieving. The design and purpose is entirely up to you.

What does your imagination conjure up and what will be the significance of the relic your character finds. GO here to discover your treasure:


A corrupt corporation, hidden treasure, what can possibly go wrong? Unleash your character(s)and present your discoveries to your Summit! YOU ARE NIGHTHAWKS !!!!!

Final Thoughts

Well fellow Sadowans, another year is almost over and we can finally mark this crazy year off the books. There is a lot of GREAT things getting planned out for the first quarter of the year, so be ready Sadowans! The Boss has been hard it getting things lined up and we will be sitting down soon to start implementing for all of us to enjoy!

I want to thank all of the folks that are not only (CO)Org comps but are participating! YOU are what make this Clan. We would like to see our folks get squared away and partaking at ever corner of the Club. If anyone needs assistance with getting themselves set up please reach out to one of us! I am VERY proud of what we have accomplished thus far.

That is all for now Clanmates, if I missed anything or please let me know so I can make the corrections. Until next time Sadowans!

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