Naga Sadow Rollmaster Report #4: Never Gonna Lekku Go


Naga Sadow Rollmaster Report #4: Never Gonna Lekku Go



Hello to all of my wonderful Sadowan members. I have had a blast getting to know a lot of you and I am excited to see a lot of new members popping up. I do want to take a bit here just to congratulate Calenhad on a job well done for becoming one of our newer members to reach the rank of Knighthood. That is quite a feat and well deserving. So congrats!

Also, Kyr has been moving up and is now a neophyte. Awesome Job. I love to see all of the activity our member participate and work on.

Jinius Griffin is also another member who joined up again and has been working a lot in the Shadow Academy. He has currently passed 43 courses and has gained 9 degrees and is also now an Acolyte. Awesome work Jinius! What can I say, I am very proud of all our members. Keep up the good work!

As with summer, things have been simmering down a bit and it has been a little quieter here in Naga Sadow, but if you are looking for activities, we still have plenty that you can participate and do!

I know we have some things coming up in the future from our Consul Bentre Stahoes, so I will let him give you all the details later. As of right now, there are competitions running which are listed a little bit farther down my report. If you want to write some fiction, do an ACC match, game, etc. Send me a message, I would love to assist and work on some fiction with you all. After all, Tasha does enjoy meeting and getting to know other members.


Currently, I have been working on keeping up communication with all members and Summit. If any of you have any ideas, comments, suggestions my door is always open.

Ashia has been hosting hangouts during the weekends and has been doing a wonderful job. I hope to see more of you all in the hangouts.

If you have not had a chance to get on telegram, please come join us on telegram in Naga Sadow we would love to have you!


Here are a few competitions for you all to check out.

  • A special House Shar Dahkan Event held by Erik Cato and Xuner HSD Discovery Ends on the 11th, please go participate!

  • Kojiro has a competition for Naga Sadow

  • Another naming game by Consul Bentre Stahoes A Rose By Any Other Name

  • House Marka Ragnos has the second phase in their house competition. Done by Kojiro and Armad A New Dawn: Sanctuary It ends on Sunday, please go participate!


Sang asks: “Where's my student?”

“I think they are somewhere.” Checks closet

Again, if you want to try something, work on something, have an idea or just want to talk, I am here for you all. Email me @[Log in to view e-mail addresses] or @TashaVel on telegram. Now I may be at work so sometimes I may not answer right away, but I will at least try to answer within 24hours. Anyhow, you all are awesome, love the activity I have been seeing, keep it up and stay strong. Always a pleasure to help serve,



  • Our Members have been moving up the ranks Congrats!

  • If you got an idea for me or need anything let me know!

  • Competitions galore!

  • If you have seen Sang's student, please return him

  • Contact me if you have anything else you might have a question on

  • You all are amazing!

I am Tali Sroka and I approve of this lek-pun

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