Night Hawks Report: The First Embers


Night Hawks Report: The First Embers


Baleen-class freighter Behemoth
Deep Space

The aging freighter's command cabin was cramped and quiet, except for the quiet beeping of a console and the wave-like sound of the holo-projection in the center of the cabin. Locke Sonjie bowed to Muz's surreal blue visage before making his report.

"The Journeymen you have placed in the 'Hawks service have performed well. Already, the Verpine's - Hilgrif, was it? - mechanical skills have kept our transports flying when we thought we didn't have the parts to keep them space-worthy. And the other, well, I walked into a cantina the other day and overheard a story of how Dakor saved a family from slavers and was rewarded by the regional government. Apparently, he's quite the hero around this region of space."

"It is not the preferred path," Muz said, "but it gets the job done."

"Indeed," Locke agreed. "We will need allies and resources for the days ahead. I've let the Night Hawks serve in their own ways for now as you've instructed."

Muz did not mince words. "We will need to focus the team as a sharpened blade in the future, but for now, keep it up."

Locke nodded and the holo-projection winked out, leaving the cabin dark. The Augur looked out at the stars, imagining that he could pick out Orian. They would return and take back what was their's, sooner or later.


Hi everyone,

For this report, I wanted to have a little bit of fiction and I wanted to highlight two of our newer members who have been kicking a lot of ass lately, especially in gaming. They are Hilgrif and Dakor. Hilgrif has completed a whopping 41 competitions already, and Dakor currently has over 600 Clusters of Fire. That's a lot. I have 800. He's going to catch me, in like, a week.

You guys are great. I'm excited to see your activity. I tried to capture the essence of your characters from looking at your character sheets, and I'm happy to have such unique characters to work with. I hope to include you in storylines more in the future. This one was just sort of a teaser, but moving forward, every report will begin with fiction, some longer than others. We'll really ramp up the story as we rebuild CNS' power.

In a way, your efforts are the first embers of what will become a blazing inferno of retribution when we seek our revenge against the Collective!

Now I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

House News

We have a new Aedile. Xolarin joins us from Clan Odan-Urr. From our few conversations, he seems pretty solid, and I'm glad to be working under him. I expect that he will bring some new ideas to the table and a fresh perspective on our Clan and what kind of fun content we can produce.

I also want to remind everyone of something Muz mentioned in his last report. We are enacting a new policy for the Night Hawks of requiring some kind of dossier-reportable activity at least once per month. That's anything that shows up on your dossier, including competitions, clusters, ACC duels, and the like. The reason we're doing this is to differentiate between the team and the House somewhat. There are a limited number of spots in Battleteams, and Ragnos has been growing recently.

Additionally, the Hawks were once the elite team of Marka Ragnos. If we ever have competition, I want us to be prepared to defend that honor.


Koji's event is ongoing and ends on the 7th in about three days. This is only open to HMR, so we have a great opportunity to place in some competitions here. There's also quite a few other competitions running right now. If you don't see them, check the Long-Running tab. It's a common trend for many (sometimes dozens) mini competitions to be nested under one primary competition and they usually show up here.


I really want to keep this brief. You can find much more detail in Muz's Quaestor Report and Bentre's recent Consul Report.

Until next time,

Augur Locke Sonjie
Battleteam Leader of the Night Hawks

Short and sweet and what we needed. Love it!

Nice report, Locke. I enjoyed the fiction.

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