Night Raptors Report #5


Night Raptors Report #5


Welcome to the 5th installment of the Night Raptors report, and the 1st as Battleteam Sergeant. Due to RL complications, I have switched positions with Tasha’Vel. She will be taking over as Battleteam Leader of the Night Raptors, and I will continue to support her in her new endeavor.


Batteteam Leader’s Corner

Just wanted to say, It has been good getting to know Armad and working with him as his Battleteam Sergeant. I have learned so much because of this opportunity and wanted to personally thank Armad for his service. It's been a crazy ride and thanks for all the fun, man. As Battleteam Leader, I hope that together we can all be a strong and more active team. I know in the past activity has been rough, but I know that we can pull through. Currently, Armad and I will be putting our heads together to work on some possible competitions for the team. As always my door is open to anyone that needs help or has questions relating to DJB or Battleteams. Just shoot me an email or give me a holler on telegram.

Always your servant, Knight Tasha'Vel Versea



Xia Long

*1 Sapphire Crescent

*3 Clusters of Ice awarded

*1 Seal of Loyalty Awarded


*2 Crescents with Amethyst Star awarded

*40 Clusters of Fire awarded

*5 Cluster of Ice awarded

*1 Crescent with Diamond Star awarded

Kano Tor Tydex


Tasha’Vel Versea

*2 Crescents with Sapphire Star awarded

*5 Cluster of Ice awared

*1 Crescent with Emerald Star awarded

*1 Pendant of Blood

*2 Clusters of Earth awarded

*119 Clusters of Fire awarded

Tormax Teraah



Current DJB News

Read the full reports here:

Grand Master Deputy Grand Master MAA Seneschal Headmaster Herald Voice Fist


Upcoming Plans

Star War: The Force Awakens is getting closer and closer. But in the mean time, here is a House competition that is running for the next couple of weeks.

Competition: A Violent Uprising: House Marka Ragnos, We May Have A Small Problem


I hope that your RL complications get sorted out soon. Best of luck to you Armad,and thank you for your service as BTL.

Thank you Armad! Keep up the good work the both of you. I expect to see you guys tearing things up.

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