Nighthawk Report #5


Nighthawk Report #5


Welcome to the fifth installment of the Nighthawk Report, where crew activity is proven by too many awards, so many courses and updates on even more to do!


I am proud to see a high level of activity from our usual members, but I would also like to start seeing more from the members that like to hide in the maintenance shafts of the ship. Listed below are some top picks of mine for things to accomplish throughout the DJB and Clan Arcona.

I haven’t heard back from anyone interested in any of the mini-projects I have shared, so if you feel you would like to give more to the crew and the Battleteam itself, please check the shared google drive folder and let me know what interests you. We need to give the wiki page(s) an overhaul, so that is on top of my priorities currently.


So all of the Fading Light ACC matches for this round have been completed and only a few are awaiting final judgement. Sight had a cooperative match with our very own Aedile Atyiru which looks to be a good read. You can view it here. Best of luck to both of them, but let’s see if Sight had what it takes to best one of our power writers! It’s a win-win either way, and I salute Sight for his efforts to make it this far into the ladder.


Antei Contract Bureau!

This is still one of my favorite ‘programs’ to participate in. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do so! Just fill out the form, grab a contract, wait for the prompt and get to it! An update to the timing out situation has been released since my last report: If you time out, you are allowed to request one extension with no extra demerits. After the second two week period, however, if you time out, you permanently receive your -2 points.

I have seen a lot of great writing from members that don’t usually do a lot of writing, so keep up the great work if you’ve been participating!


So many awards to list this time around! Some Seals of the Crusader have been released for prior submission and participating in the Dark Crusades, so congratulations to all who received those!

Awards since previous report (07/13/2014) -

Arcia Cortel:

  • 81 Clusters of Fire
  • 2 Seals of the Crusader

Teroch Erinos Arconae:

  • 13 Seals of the Crusader


  • 6 Seals of the Crusader

Celahir Erinos:

  • 8 Seals of the Crusader

Sight Nortorshin:

  • 592 Clusters of Fire (Trying to prove something?)
  • 2 Clusters of Ice
  • 1 Pendent of Blood
  • 8 Seals of the Crusader

Maaks Erinos:

  • 9 Seals of the Crusader

Nath Voth:

  • 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 16 Seals of the Crusader

Rrogon Skar:

  • 11 Clusters of Fire
  • 3 Seals of the Crusader


Celahir Erinos:

  • Comms I: Discourse Forum

Sight Nortorshin:

  • Comms I: Discourse Forum

Antar Locke:

  • Debate I: Argumentation
  • Galactic Languages
  • Alchemy Studies
  • Planets and Stars
  • Old Republic History
  • Pre-Republic History
  • Gaming 201: Pazaak
  • Gaming 101: Setting up and Finding Matches
  • Gaming 103: Submitting Gaming Activity


  • General Gaming
  • TOR Basics


No new transfers.


The following is a list of competitions available for the crew:


I extended Hawk Tales #3 due to lack of submissions and this competition being a lead in to Hawk Tales #4. Let’s see some additional submissions to this competition!

I would like to put emphasis on volunteering for Nighthawk ‘projects.’ I would love to see more members getting involved in the backstory and creation of Nighthawk fiction. Please shoot me an email or PM me on IRC if you are interested.

I always have an open door, so if you have any questions/comments/concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know. Have an idea for more activity? Competitions? Hate that guy next to you? Let’s hear it!

Important Links:

Keep up the great work everyone! See you next time!

Signing off,

Arcia Cortel

Great report boss

Good report, I wanna mention my Competition is called Heavy Boots to Fasten and ends 5th August -

Oh shame...there is a second page to the competitions. Whoops. :P

Yeah Sight! Grab all the CFs!

Yesh all the cfs are belonging to me ahahaha most of those were from gorefest tbh

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