October 2020 Arcona Clan Report: Vacation's over!


October 2020 Arcona Clan Report: Vacation's over!



A Message from the Consul

Hello, darlings! Welcome to another report! Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to participate in the recent Clan event! I am thrilled with the overall turnout and participation. We will have the results out for you in the next few weeks. In the mean time, Atty and Sera have already started the second part of the RP, so be sure to get involved if you are interested!

What’s next? We are aware of the level of competition and event fatigue that many of ya’ll were experiencing prior to the war. We are hoping that, with time, we’ll be able to find that happy medium. If you have any feedback, feel free to reach out to Aiden or myself, or to your House Summits.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for the results and the final fiction update for the event, as well as the the next part of the story!

A Message from the Proconsul

Hello everyone,

I wanted to say a big thanks to all of the members of Arcona who participated in this event. Your dedication to the clan is what keeps Arcona at the top of this club and without all of you we would be a shadow of what we are now.

Expect new competitions to drop that shall help build upon the new storyline that our dear Consul has created for us. There are many interesting things coming our way, and we hope you all enjoy them!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. News
  3. Awards, Promotions and Transfers
  4. Activity and the Discretionary Funds
  5. Competitions
  6. Ask Red and Gray
  7. In Closing...



Arcona News

  • “A Normal, Completely Uneventful Vacation” Has finished and we are in the process of grading it. Great work to all who participated in this event, and we thank you all for doing so. A news post will be posted soon announcing the winners and containing the closing fiction for this event.
  • HQD Staff have delivered their monthly report. If you wish to view it, click here! *GAL Staff report is out! Check out what Junazee and Skar have to say here!

DB Wide Updates

  • Our Regent has posted the newest Pulse Feed Update! If you are interested in learning more about the storylines of the other clans click this link and give it a read.
  • The Fist released a report detailing the official launch of the new game “Stars Wars: Squadrons”. The game is already fully supported for clusters and has been having a lot of great traction. Go get it and play with us!.
  • Want to be a member of FIST staff? Applications are now open! Check out the FIST Supplemental for more information here


Activity and the Discretionary Funds

Here is the updated House Discretionary funds.


Don’t spend it all in one place!



  • It’s October, and that means spooky things are happening! Click this Link to complete some scary puzzle comps!
  • Our very own MAA has a crossword comp in progress. Find it here
  • October’s GMRG competitions are running. Find them here.
  • “Star Wars: Squadrons” has been released. In honor of this event the FIST staff is running a launch party! Click this link to take part in these special comps!
  • Our very Edema is running their second Armory Expo Comp series. Find it here.
  • Edema is also running an alternate universe fiction competition here -Edema is also running a series of puzzles in conjunction with the Armory Expo. Find them here.


Ask Red and Gray

  • Aru and Sage have a few questions:

    • Sage: Such vivid Red, such a Fiery look. Never have i been knocked down but you my Lady, might be the first. Care to join me for an exquisite dinner?
      • Lucine: "How about Club Vertica, darling? I have knocked over one or two gentlemen there in the past."
    • Can we not go hunt for relics in the beach next time? My capabilities have been severely affected by female circumstances.
      • Lucine: “That sounds like quite the problem. That reminds me, have you reported to Rhylance for your annual physical? You might want to mention that to him when you go.”
      • Aiden: "To be fair, we weren’t hunting for relics at a beach. The beach just happened to be in proximity to a hidden temple in the jungle."
    • Any particular use for what relics we find?
      • Lucine: “Oh, yes. I have so many delightful plans!”
      • Aiden: "Depends on the relics really. Some may have weaponry components, others might be quite useless aside form intellectual value."
    • Any professional advice to a newly appointed Master?
      • Lucine: Find shared interests, be patient and thorough when answering questions, and most of all, have fun!
      • Aiden: "Be patient, be kind, and try to be helpful without being too pushy. At the end of the day though, just have fun with it."
    • How are you?
      • Lucine: Rested and relaxed after my vacation, thanks! How are you?
      • Aiden: "Much better now that my availability has been increased."
  • Alaisy also has a few questions!

    • Feeling more relaxed after that wonderful vacation?
      • Lucine: "I do not know about relaxed, but I will say that it was most illuminating."
      • Aiden: "I didn't have much of a vacation. But I do feel oddly relaxed."
    • What is next on Arcona's horizon?
      • Lucine: Hopefully continuing with the storyline that we are setting forward!
      • Aiden: "Excitement, tragedy, epic saga of space wizardry and science fiction themes."
    • Do we have any more resorts with unopened ancient tombs nearby?
      • Lucine: “Selen is full of such lovely surprises. If we find anything like that, I will be certain to let you know!”
      • Aiden: “There are always places to explore. The past can’t stay hidden forever."


In Closing…

That’s it for this month! As always, if you have concerns, ideas, recommendations or a general need to chat, we are always here for you. Whether on TG (@Lucinevasano and @AidenLD) or email, feel free to reach out. We generally only bite if asked.


Ooo! Looking forward to the Clan story beats! ^^ Within reasonable comp loading, of course. :)

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