P:FIST Report # 6


P:FIST Report # 6


It’s that time again! Hello everyone, your P:Fist here for another report. I hope everyone had a great holiday and new year. The holidays was pretty good for myself. No further adieu I’ll get down to the good stuff you want to hear about gaming news!

At the beginning of the month Drac put out his first report out for the new year. Reminding everyone that we have two positions opening up for magistrate. Explained the reason on deciding not to run the WoW test. Then the BGL winners were announced. Congratulations to all of you! Thanks to everyone for participating! Also, the new GMRG quarter has started and with new competitions. Drac included some questions that were asked about the new GMRG and has shared them within his report with answers. If you haven’t read Drac’s 26th Report, you should.

Recently Drac also released a short Supplemental Report. Make sure you check it out as well. Mainly it was introducing the pinned messages from the bot. Any member that ques for a certain platform for PvP will now show up within this pinned message. Important announcements will also be there for you to read.

REMEMBER this does not mean you can just queue and not setup within the DBGAMING channel. The ROC must be followed at ALL times. Matches should not be setup in PM, clan chat or any other channel! Any questions or concerns please let myself or Drac know.

New Magistrates Chosen!

First and foremost I would like to thank Justinois and Alaris for their time and commitment as magistrates. Again congratulations on your awards! It has been a pleasure to work with you both, and wish you luck in the future!


Ladies and gentlemen, the time we all have been waiting for! Announcement of who has been chosen to be Magistrates to the Fist!

From Clan Taldryan we have chosen Aldaric and from Clan Arcona we have chosen Rhylance! Look forward to working with you both during your tenure. Thank you to those that applied, keep your eyes out for the next position posting!

Being a magistrate to the Fist is a great opportunity to help out fellow gamers and get to see how things work on a DC level. I know that I have really enjoyed working with everyone. Don’t miss out! Hope to see lots of applications again next round.


Gaming News and Updates:

For the month of December Destiny 2 climbed to the top for activity! The new hybrid 4v4 mode named Gambit seems to be a hit. It combines PvE and PvP into one where you fight, collect, bank and invade. Can you defeat the other fireteam? Last week there was an news of Bungie splits with Activision, and Bungie will have full control.

Ringing up second in activity was Warframe! In mid December Fortuna: The Profit - Taker became live on PC where Tenno’s are to take down their first Orb Mother, new creatures, archweapons and more. At the end of January the Prime Vault will be closing. If you want Nova or Mag Prime better act quick! For farther news make sure you check out their website.

Coming up third in activity was Star Wars: The Old Republic! In December Jedi Under Siege Trailer was released. Announcing a brand new Republic vs Imperial storyline on the Jedi planet Ossus. At the end of the month the Return of Darth Malgrus was also announced. Check out the SWTOR website for more information.

Heroes of the Storm at the beginning of December announced the Toy Event. For this event you are able to collect toy themed skins, mounts, sprays and portraits! This event is to end February 3rd, so make sure you check it out! Back in November they released a plan for the 2019 Gameplay Updates. Make sure you give it a read over. Including how you earn experience, armor revamps and improvement to matchmaking. For the latest news and updates check out the HoTS News Page.


FIST Gaming Competitions:

  • FIST Quarterly Gaming Challenge - Q1 - Every three weeks there will be new competitions! Remember GMRG rank X and up placement counts towards the leaderboard!

  • FIST Last Wish Club First - Form a fire team of six DB Members and take on the the newest and largest raid in Destiny to date! Check out the competition for more information on how to obtain this Pendant of Blood.

Member Created Competitions

Would you like to see a certain type of gaming competition? Feel free to create one, any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact a member of the FIST staff.


Grand Master’s Royal Guard:

Gamers join the ranks of the GMRG! How do you join you ask? Read over the GMRG-History course and pass the exam within the Shadow Academy.

Why should I join? You may ask. Get an opportunity to gain exclusive items, compete on the leaderboard to choose a Dark Council member to protect! (Get their accessory!)

Congratulations to the following for elevating their GMRG rank in the month of December!

Elevated to II: Hilgrif, Alsorna, Dakor Terro’k, Kadrol

Elevated to III: Aldaric, Hilgrif, Alsorna, Dakor Terro’k,

Elevated to IV: Hilgrif, Kul’tak Drol , Aldaric, Alsorna

Elevated to V: Hilgrif

Elevated to VI:

Elevated to VII: Calenhad,

Elevated to VIII:

Elevated to IX:

Elevated to X:

Elevated to XI: Ra’gnar

Elevated to XII:


Weekly and Saturday Pendant of Blood Awardees:

Congratulations to the following:

Weekly PoB’s

  • 9 - 21 December 18: Aurora

  • 23 - 28 December 18: Matches forwarded to following week. Not enough participation.

  • 23 Dec 18 - 4 Jan 19: Aurora

  • 6 - 11 January: Matches forwarded to following week. Not enough participation.

Saturday PoB’s

  • 15 December 18: Aurora

  • 22 December 18: Tasha'Vel

  • 29 December 18: Hilgrif

  • 5 January: No Matches Played.

  • 12 January 19: No Matches Played.


Gaming Information

  • Supported Games - List and information on games supported by the brotherhood.

  • Rites of Combat - Rules to follow when gaming.

  • Fist-O-Matic - Report PvP matches against other DJB members.

  • Pendant of Blood - How to obtain six medals within the different gaming platforms.

  • Cluster Values - List of the gaming platforms to view cluster values and modifiers.

  • Discord - DJB voice server for gaming.

  • Telegram - Chat program that is used within the DJB. Click Here to join the Gaming channel or one of your liking. Make sure you follow the rules at all times.



Contact the FIST Staff

Any questions\concerns or ideas please reach out to us. We are here to help.


That concludes my report for this month! Appreciate everyone within the staff and all you gamers out there! Any questions or concerns please reach out. Everyone stay great and GAME ON!


Great report Juna.

Thanks to Alaris and Justinios for their exceptional efforts as M:Fist.

Congrats to Aldaric and Rhylance on their selection.

To all: this was a tough application cycle. There were more apps this time than the last two cycles combined. I am looking forward to seeing even more when the next staff rotation comes up (April!).

Excellent report Juna! Congrats to Rhylance and Aldaric and thank you to Alaris and Justinios!

good report

Congrats blue people on Magistrate!

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