Plagueis Consul Report #10 - That Belongs In a Museum!


Plagueis Consul Report #10 - That Belongs In a Museum!


#That Belongs in a Museum!

Welcome back to another edition of the Dread Seal Reports. And today we got some rather important stuff to talk about. I’ve been hinting at and hyping this event for awhile now, but now it’s finally time to formally kickoff Operation: Antiquity


In this event we’re going to head over to an unexplored planet with some friends from Naga Sadow and see what kind of mayhem we can get up to together. We talked about what this event is and isn’t in great detail on the latest PlagCast , which you really should give a listen to. I do, however, want to touch on the most important point there though. This is a cooperative event, not a Feud. We’re not competing against CNS, we’re competing with them. Heck, there’s even a cross clan co-op fiction event that should be a bunch of fun. You can check out the official opening fiction over here

While this might not be something as grand as a Great Jedi War or Rite of Supremacy, this type of event is still important. We’ve made the scoring system very participation heavy, so even if you try at all of the events, you’ll place fairly well. Things like Operation Antiquity can be great boons to newer members, providing opportunities to get in a large number of events in a short period of time. This can help knock out a number of journeyman promotion requirements in short order. For everyone, we really look hard at formal events when it comes to awarding promotions and medals. You saw what happened after the RoS, I don’t anticipate the close of this event being any different. Do the things, get the shiny, move up in rank, and have some fun along the way! Hmm, wait, I think something’s missing here. I’m promoting an event and someone hasn’t shown up yet...


There he is!

I should also mention that I have already begun planning our next formal event. The plan is to do this sometime in late April/Early May (i.e. after tax season :) ). While I haven’t quite figured out all the particulars, I can say this much. The overarching theme of the event is going to be cooperation. Thus, you can expect most of the events to be based on small 2 or 3 person teams. A lot more on that later, but for the moment, focus on Operation Antiquity.

Ask the Conseal

Normally, this is where I’d put the “Things to Do” section, but since we’re in event mode, I kind of already did that. Thus, it’s time for another edition of #asktheconseal.

  • Scudi asks: “What would you say is something you could improve on the most as Consul?” And “With March around the corner, how would you assess 2019 so far with regards to the prospective timeline you previously published?”

I’m going to take these together because the answer really is pushing things to keep on schedule. Right now, we’re a bit behind where I’d originally wanted to be. I wanted to have the Song of Discord storyline wrapped up before starting the current event, that didn’t happen. Part of that is circumstance, part of that is my being unbearably busy with real life and not pushing to get things done on a certain timeline. I’m still planning to get all the things I mentioned in, they just got pushed down the road a bit. It happens, but I’m going to try and get things moving a bit more smoothly.

  • Scudi also asks: “What is your favourite Prequel meme?”


Can’t beat Count Morpheus

  • Wrathus asks: “If you had to step down as Consul right now, and had to name a successor immediately, who would you pick? And why?”

Well, I’m not going to say I haven’t given succession planning some thought. I do want to make sure that Plagueis is in good hands when I do leave the position. That said, I don’t really have a good answer for this. There’s a few people I think might be good at the job, but it’s a really tough call.

  • Ronovi asks: “How does Arden personally feel regarding the arrival of Naga Sadow on a planet we decided to explore?”

Guess he’s OK with it? He hasn’t shot any of them yet. If they want to deal with the dark spooky Sith stuff, that’s fine. Arden doesn’t really care much about that. He’s only there for the credits.

  • Tahiri asks: “ What does Arden think of Tahiri? How does he feel with her niceness and yet being dark as well?”

She’s useful, that’s as far as Arden judges people in all honesty. Nice and dark can go together. I mean, look at the Porgs.

  • Silas asks: “What efforts is Arden making to turning Aliso into a seal sanctuary?”

Sadly, seals haven’t been established in the current canon. However, there were actually “seal people “ in Legends. So, we’ll see =).

  • Zuser asks: “Does Arden have a tally for every time Zuser buzzes the tower?”

Yes, and if it gets much higher, Zuser might have to exit the Pinnacle out the next window he breaks....

Around the DB

  • The Social Media Tribune talks about the stats on our various social media pages and discusses some ongoing competitions. He also mentions something about starting a podcast. Hmm, I wonder if we know anything about that sort of thing.

  • The Praetor to the Dracpool (er, Fist) talks about a wide variety of gaming topics in a report. There’s also some more talk about the new leaderboard systems and other things going on in the gaming world.

  • The Headmaster announces new minions and his own roadmap for 2019. There’s some interesting ideas for new courses coming down the pike and a possible rework of the SA society.

Final Thoughts and Moment of Zen

As I hinted at above, I’ve had a really busy month. Between my regular job, my tax job, and other volunteer things I do, I’ve been worked pretty hard. Things are beginning to loosen up now, so I’ll be around here a lot more. One of the ways I got through one particular long spell of consecutive work days was to post pictures of tired animals on facebook. Thus, I thought this video of sleep critters was appropriate for the MoZ this month.I super relate to the doggo at 1:10.

Keep it evil mes amis!


Awesome report Arden!!!

Great report, Arden! Folks, he's absolutely right about the way the event is set up. If you're newer, or even if you're an Equite, definitely show off in this event - it'll be fun, and it'll make you look good in front of your summits. ;)


good report bugsy

Arden, thanks for all you do for us at such a busy time. You rock!!

This is going to be an amazing event!! I can’t wait to see how everyone does!

I'm looking forward to it, I have some friends over there.

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