Plagueis Consul Report: 11/7/19


Plagueis Consul Report: 11/7/19


Evening, everyone, and welcome to another Dread Lord report. Let's just cut to the chase and get to the good stuff.


A Very Spooky Karn Birthday (And How Other Events Like This May Happen)

The results are in, and eight Plagueians participated in the Halloween/birthday event I ran this week. Congratulations to TuQ'uan Varick for getting first place overall with 71 points, Furios Morega di Plagia for getting second place overall with 44 points, and Khryso Mallus for getting third place overall with 35 points.

Because I feel like I did a decent job explaining it on Telegram last week, I'll just c/p what I said here in response to the concept of a shorter, more indivualized clan-wide event:

"I want to be candid here that if people like this sort of character targeted event, I can open it up to even more members. Picture it: a week long event putting up with Zuser's shenanigans. Or Lokast's road to knighthood, providing words of wisdom or passing "trials" or reminiscing on your own journeyman days. Or getting Vaeril acquainted with all things Plagueis. I don't even have to be the organizer - I just think it's a great idea to have our Main/Alts interacting and intermingling."

I feel like this event was moderately successful, so I will be keeping the option open for small events focused on specific members of our clan. That specific member can lead it; their Quaestor can lead it; I can lead it. I just like the idea of every Plagueian feeling like they can be involved in the overarching story and activities of the unit.

Speaking of which.


Proposal Status

Following the overwhelming yes vote on our clan proposal to close Karness Muur and Ajunta Pall, open House Tyranus, and begin battle team applications, we are currently in talks with the powers that be to make all the magic happen.

As I said earlier, this will be a long and gradual process, and I do have some story ideas bobbing along in my brain about how this will be handled IC. I appreciate everyone's patience as we discuss things with the DC and await their final approval.

Meanwhile, suggestions for battle teams are wide open, and you are absolutely welcome to write a proposal for the clan summit's perusal. Once the proposal is tentatively approved, you will have to recruit at least six members to be a part of that team. We would also like to see specifics on whether or not your battle team would be transient or if you'd like to see it become somewhat more long-lasting.

Thanks again, and we'll keep you posted.


Competitions Galore!

Even following the Halloween event, there are plenty of clan-wide events to participate in! You can find them, as well as their starting and/or ending dates, below:

  • Shaken, Not Stirred - Run by yours truly: What's Plagueis's staple cocktail? ENDS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18TH.
  • Power Is In The Name - Run by Scudi Ferria: Come up with a fitting nickname/moniker for your Main, Alt, or slotted NPC! ENDS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18TH.
  • Hearthstone Reemergence - Run by Ahsik Warren: Participate in a Hearthstone cluster race and make it to the top! ENDS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH.
  • Let's Get Medieval! - Run by Muse Nashesir: Enjoy some medieval-themed flash games and an archery bracket. Sign up for the bracket before the starting date to qualify for it! STARTS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18TH; ENDS MONDAY, DECEMBER 16TH.


DB News

Dacien, aka Bubba, aka Chris Hanson, advises you all that there will be one-week spoiler ban for each episode of The Mandalorian as they air. Click here for more info.

Justinios is our new Fist! Let's give him a warm welcome. More to read here.

Idris is also our new Voice! He also picked a new Magistrate recently. Read on.

Want to see what all the clans are up to fictionally? Read the latest installment of PulseFeed News!


Next on the Docket

November is sort of a freelance month for us in Plagueis - everyone is welcome to run competitions, but we are taking a brief break from major clan events in order to prepare for what's to come. This is what we've got.

  1. Since I took on the Halloween event, TuQ'uan will be running the second Nightmare Before Sithmas, or NBS, in December. Get ready for some fun and festive holiday events.
  2. Sarin/Pravus/Declan and I are still in talks regarding a Vizsla/Plagueis feud in mid to late January. The latter has been very busy lately, so again, I'm grateful for everyone's patience. I have been brainstorming quite a bit in the meantime.
  3. TuQ'uan and I hope to run another round of the Pro Bowl in March or April, and we may have company. Stay tuned!
  4. In terms of later spring and summer, we are waiting to hear from the DC whether or not there will be another vendetta in the wings.

Please remember that TuQ'uan and I do not have to be the only ones organizing major clan events or always coming up with the ideas. If you have a storyline you think will work for Plagueis, please contact us or submit a proposal. We are more than happy to read it.


Ask the Dread Lord

This evening, I ran an #askthedreadlord session, and I got a few good questions. Here they are.

Scudi asks: Is there anything you've learned from this event?

Individual-targeted week long events work, and don't let the few naysayers get you down. ;)

Tasha asks:

What crazy schemes does Ronovi have in store for her Clan?

A reformation, more NFUs in power, and more war. Huzzah.

Will there be more sushi adventures?

Of course! And for those of you who didn't read Tasha and Ronnie's first sushi adventure, click here to the read the co-op fiction we wrote.

Will Kris be allowed to change the seal of Hype to the Porg of hype?


What are some ways that you can better engage your members?

More consistent presence on Telegram, more one-on-one outreach, and more clarity on what members can do to contribute to the clan. I'm working on it!

Kris asks:

What is your process in getting new members involved with the clan story, world building, and generally more involved? Fiction groups? Mentorships? Etc. ACC groups? Art groups? What all is the push to get people involved outside of just comps?

See, now this is something I want to make more tangible. We're trying to finesse the Master-Student program, and with the reintroduction of a Rollmaster, we can streamline the process of getting new members up to speed with Plagueis's history and set-up, as those can be massive roadblocks. I have tried to run hang-outs focused on storyline, and some have been successful while others haven't shown much of a draw.

As for art groups? I'd like to work on more of that, see if we can get more outside graphics interest. ACC is not my forte, but I can certainly work with the ACC staff to make some cool outlets for members. I can tell you right now that we definitely have the skeleton of what we wanna do - we just gotta add the meat.

...Okay, that sounds gross. I need to come up with better metaphors, y'all.


And that about wraps it up for this month's Consul report. Thanks for reading, and hit me up if you've got any questions or concerns.

Catch y'all on Telegram!

From now on, I'm going to imagine "Add the Meat" as something Ronovi says during an advertisement. For what, I don't know yet.

read and approved


Great report!!

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