Plagueis Consul Report: 12/8/19


Plagueis Consul Report: 12/8/19


Hello, everyone, and welcome to another Dread Lord report. I first wanted to apologize for the delay in releasing this; my work and my sleep deficit have finally started to catch up with me, so yesterday just sort of slipped by. But I'm here, writing this report, and we have a lot of things to cover. So sit tight.


Enter Tyranus

As most of you have probably already noticed, our proposal to close houses Karness Muur and Ajunta Pall and open our new house, Tyranus, was approved by the Dark Council earlier this week. We worked quickly to establish Tyranus as a unit, transfer everyone to the new house, and create and update our wiki pages. A little while later, Wrathus's new battle team, Opress, was established.

I would like to confirm a few details of the proposal to ward off any remaining confusion or concern.

All members of Plagueis shall be transferred into House Tyranus by default. From there, members may join battle teams, be they within or outside Tyranus.

Scudi Ferria and Julius Caesar are the Quaestor and Aedile of Tyranus. Tahiri is now our Rollmaster, as we have reintroduced the position.

The battle team proposal process is open, and TuQ'uan and I are eager to see other members introduce battle teams. If you are interested, please submit an official proposal to TuQ'uan and myself if the team would reside outside Tyranus, and CC Scudi and Julius if the team would reside within Tyranus. We have decided on a maximum of three battle teams at a time.

As requested by the Dark Council, several elements of our proposals were tweaked and clarified. If you would like to see the absolute final proposal, please click here.

On behalf of the clan summit and the rest of our membership, thank you for your patience and understanding as we have navigated the approval process.



With changes to the clan come competitions, both new and old. Your fellow Plagueians have done a marvelous job of running events, and I'd like to remind you of them now. For some of these comps, the opportunity to place and snag some crescents is definitely there.


  • Tyranus: Grand Opening - The house's first official event! Scudi and Julius have put together a fine event for y'all to participate in; besides the usual fun stuff, you can help come up with the house's motto, headquarters, and NPCs. Going until the 21st!
  • The First Plagueian-Valneikian Festival - LAST DAY TO PARTICIPATE! Brought to you by Khryso.
  • Let's Get Medieval - Another week to participate! Brought to you by Taranae.

With Sithmas coming as well, y'all might be wondering what the status of Nightmare Before Sithmas is. I'll give you a hint: The festivities aren't just limited to Plagueis and Aliso. Stay tuned!


  • Unsteady Ground: Phase I - Clan Taldryan is currently at odds with the Collective as the latter takes over the Caelus system, and it needs other clans' help. There are four comps for you to participate in during the first phase, including a cluster race. One more week to participate!
  • [FIST] Q4 GMRG Competitions - Our Fist, Justinios, has put together a sexy array of gaming competitions for the fourth quarter of the year. You can do a skills challenge in HotS, do a timed solo hunt in Dauntless, try out some flash gaming, and much more. This comp lasts until the end of the month!
  • Shadow Academy Decathlon 2019 - Want to be rewarded for passing SA classes? There's still one more month to do so for this year's decathlon!

There are many more comps to choose from, so click the Competitions tab on the main DB site to find more.


DB News

Here's the monthly round-up of happenings in the Brotherhood.

Idris, our Voice, has informed us that CS feat, "Pulling. It. Off." has been removed. Roger roger!

Dacien/Bubba, our Justicar, has officially put out a written Real World Incentives Policy in regards to how outside rewards should be handled. Read it. Love it.

Atra, our Regent, has opened a brand new store for possessions, called the Mandalorian Forge in honor of Disney+'s latest show. Check it out!


On the Horizon

It is the plan that, next weekend, your summit will be convening to discuss the schedule for Plagueis through 2020. A couple of things have been established that I'd like to drop some not-so-subtle hints about:

  1. The feud is real. The feud is coming. The feud is full of mercs.
  2. Something pro-sy and bowl-y this way comes.

As we approach those two events, you will see pre-event fiction and storyline updates that will hopefully jazz you all up for the upcoming awesomeness. Meanwhile, we may be asking for your feedback and suggestions as well and possibly using them. We'll keep you posted.



Folks, there has been a lot of big stuff to be covered, both in the present and the future. Meanwhile, we are in the midst of the holiday season, and I have a few requests for you:

  1. Eat lots of sweets and good food.
  2. Listen to good music.
  3. Enjoy the company of those who truly care about you.
  4. Watch The Rise of Skywalker.

Even if the holiday itself doesn't ring true to you, Plagueis is here to help you celebrate all the things you love and are grateful for during this cold, light-bedecked time.

Thanks for reading, Plagueis, and Happy Holidays.

If anyone wants help, or needs tips on putting together a BT proposal, feel free to hit me up. I'll be glad to lend a hand.

Nice report.

Let's go Tyrants. Opress the Dread Lord

Great report Ronovi!!! Yay for NBS, can't wait!!

Great report..for new house that our dread lord hv created..Hail house tyranus

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