Plagueis Consul Report: 9/7/19


Plagueis Consul Report: 9/7/19


Greetings, everyone, and welcome to another Dread Lord report. Today, we will be reviewing the preliminary results of the war, bringing attention to upcoming competitions being run by your fellow members, presenting a rough draft of the clan event timeline for the rest of 2019, and releasing a proposal for the structure of Plagueis for both your perusal and approval.

Strap in, folks, and read the whole thing. You're in for a ride.



Earlier this week, Mav released the preliminary participation results for the Thirteenth Great Jedi War. In case you missed it, here are the highlights of the results thus far:

Out of 35 members during the war, 11 of us participated in every single bin.

This means we are tied with Arcona for most bin completers and up one against Vizsla, which has been a powerhouse clan thus far. Congratulations to TuQ'uan, Andrelious, Abadeer, Scudi, Julius, Ranarr, Arden, Brimstone, Khryso, and Muse for working alongside me to do all of the bins.

Out of all the clans, Plagueis had the second highest ratio of active war participants to clan members, with 72% of our roster participating in at least one comp during the war.

We were only beaten by Clan Vizsla, who had a whopping 85% of their roster participate.

In raw participation, we sit at 4th place, with 705 points.

This puts us 40 points below Vizsla, 93 points below Naga Sadow, and 151 points below Arcona.

But there is still a lot left to come.

Our participation alone is only 25% of the result calculations. It'll take us placing in several events to really get us to at least the top three. I am looking forward to seeing more results roll out in the oncoming days and weeks, and I hope you are, too.

If you'd like to see the official post about the preliminary war results, click here.

If you'd like to see the timeline for war results, click here.


Comps Ahoy

While we are cooling down from the stress and craziness of the war, we do have a slew of both DB-wide and clan-wide comps for you to enjoy. Some are already underway, while others are waiting in the wings, as it were.

First, I would like to bring your attention to a six-comp minor clan event being run by our very own Ranarr, called, "Plaguiean Playground." This will be a very quick and fun one week event (which I've casually titled a "sprint" event) for the clan, with simple yet engaging competitions. Click here to see the container comp, and keep your eyes peeled, since it'll be starting on Saturday, September 14th.

Other Plagueian-Run Events

  • TED Talks: DB Edition - Run by Arden Karn di Plagia. Ends Sunday, September 15th.
  • Great Jedi War 13: The Movie - Run by Arden Karn di Plagia. Ends Monday, September 16th.
  • Blackmailed! - Run by Furios Morega di Plagia. Begins Saturday, September 15th; ends Monday, September 30th.
  • Archery - Run by Muse Nashesir. Begins Sunday, September 16th; ends Monday, September 23rd.
  • Angry Birds 2 ABY - Run by Brimstone. Begins Friday, September 20th; ends Sunday, October 20th.
  • Scandal on Aliso! - Run by Scudi Ferria. Begins Sunday, September 22nd; ends Sunday, September 29th.

Other DB-Wide Competitions


DB News

And now for the headlines.

The Herald released a sweet report.

If you're interested in becoming a Magistrate to the Herald, or if you just want to learn more about the goodie release schedule, then look no further than this report. Click here for details on how to get a great job (seriously, ask Wrathus about it) and what's to come in terms of pixelated prettiness.

Slags ain't the only one hiring, though.

Archenksov is looking for a new ACC judge! Click here to apply if you think you have what it takes to judge pure combat writing. I'm sure Scudi would be more than happy to spill the tea for ya.

Atra put out his first Regent report!

Our Regent talks about current and future projects, staff rotation, change logs for possessions, and much more.

Or maybe you want to be a Magistrate to the Fist?

Alaris is looking for one! He also talks cluster value changes, provides an update to the Rites of Combat, and gives us some policy reminders.


Plagueis Timeline: September to December 2019

While we're recovering from war, and while members are running smaller, individual competitions, it is time to look at the future of Plagueis activity. As I stated in my prior reports, I would like to see a major event per quarter, with minor events interspersed throughout. This will give y'all plenty to do in the clan, as well as invest further in the clan's storyline.

The rest of 2019 will, admittedly, be fairly packed. Once 2020 rolls around, we will have more opportunities to get members' insights on certain minor competition ideas, while we work on major feuds and other major clan stories. Your summit is doing a lot of brainstorming and outlining right now, so here is a rudimentary draft of what's to come; you'll even see some of my notes and how my mind works when I'm putting stuff together with the rest of my team:

Plagueian Playground

  • Run dates: September 14th - 21st
  • Organizer(s): Ranarr Kul-Tarentae
  • Premise: Over the period of a week, this competition hosts a few fun and easy competitions. What's there to find in a playground? Games, puzzles, riddles... All easily accessible fun stuff.

At the end of the week, the top three individuals with the most points will be deemed the winner and will be awarded Second-Level Crescents!

Untitled Plagueis Clan Event

  • Run Dates: September 30th - October 21st (proposed)
  • Organizer(s): Ronovi Tavisaen, TuQ’uan Varick
  • Premise: It is time to actually strike the Collective head-on (and/or Principate?). The Dread Lord orders the clan to crack down on Collective influences in Aliso and attack Collective and Principate(?) remnants around the Unknown Regions.

Randomized Teams? Names From A Hat? Team Hat Vs. Team Half-Cyborg?

Plagueis’ Halloween Haunting

  • Run Dates: October 31st - November 10th
  • Organizer(s): TuQ’uan Varick
  • Premise: a series of quick and fun spooky-themed competitions (probably 6)

The Nightmare Before Sithmas Returns

  • Run Dates: December 9th - December 23rd
  • Organizer(s): Ronovi Tavisaen
  • Premise: This December, we invite all Plagueians to partake in two weeks of festive events centered around Christmas, Hanukkah, and the holiday season in general. Enjoy the light, easy-going competitions, and get into the Sithmas spirit!

You have probably noticed a fairly big gap in November, between the Halloween event and the Sithmas event. Our intitial idea is to have it be a month for regular members to get experience running events, with assistance from and co-organization with your summits. Of course, we are continuing to work through the schedule, and if we get hit with some wicked awesome event ideas, we'll certainly let you know.

Now. Let's get to the serious part.


A Modest Proposal

Clan Plagueis, as of now, is a moderately active and thriving community, though we have hit many bumps in the road in the past couple of years. We have seen a leadership shortage, low participation in certain events, and an eagerness to see the clan evolve and develop according to members' needs and desires. While TuQ'uan and I are certainly not the first to suggest these particular ideas, we are pushing them forward to the clan for feedback and, hopefully, approval.

A few nights ago, your summit and I met on hang-outs to discuss the future of Plagueis. TuQ and I provided a typed proposal for the leaders to peruse and discuss. We made edits, we considered tough questions, and we ultimately took a vote. All six leaders unanimously approved this proposal. Now it is in your hands.

This is the official Clan Plagueis proposal, for your viewing.

The reason I am not copying a lot of what the proposal says here is because I want to ensure that you all have a chance to read it in detail and get the nuances out of it. The next step, after everyone reads it, is to have a discussion and a clan-wide vote. You will have two weeks to leave comments on the proposal itself and to vote on our official proposal poll, which Tahiri has drawn up.

If the proposal is approved, the next step is to send it to the Dark Council for final discussion and approval. Please note that change will be gradual. It will take time for Mav and Evant to review our proposal, and they're going to want to see it done smoothly and without conflict or frustration from either side. I ask that you take your time understanding what we have written, come to us with any questions and concerns, and give your honest opinion as we move to improve Plagueis as a unit, community, and home.

When you are ready to vote, please click here. The votes will officially be tallied on Saturday, September 21st.


And that concludes my third Plagueis Consul report. It's a lot to read, but please comment directly on this post or start a chat in Telegram so we can further comprehend and develop what I've covered here. Enjoy your weekend, and happy September!

The Dread hath spoken

Excellent report! Can't wait to see if I placed in anything this time around. Also, participate in my comp. Nothing stopping anyone from starting early.

*informative *promising *motivating

Excellent report

A few months back, COU's leadership went down a similar path in building out a proposal to address the clan's issues head on. Before that, Vizsla's leadership put together a very well thought out proposal. I think this is an important and useful task for clan summits to take on, and I applaud Plagueis' summit for the work they've put into the proposal.

With the leaders you have in place now, and the energy and activity you brought to the War, I think Plag has a bright future ahead of it.

Hell of a report! Look forward to Plag’s future.

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