Plagueis Proconsul Report #1 - December, 2017


Plagueis Proconsul Report #1 - December, 2017



Well, you've made it to my first report as Proconsul of Clan Plagueis! Excellent. Thanks for being here. It's an honor to fill such an esteemed place in the Brotherhood. But: don't quit reading now. Feel free to skim the report if that's your method, but try to peruse each section. We don't just write these reports for fun - we try to make sure the quality of our reporting is top notch (or Howie will sick Teylas on us) and filled with useful information, pointing you in the right direction.

Before I go any further, I just want to take the time to say thank you to Slagar for the vote of confidence in choosing me to fill this position. My predecessor, Abadeer, was a well known member of the Ascendant Clan, and the current boss himself was an amazing Proconsul in his own right. I hope I do right by them, by all past Proconsuls, and most importantly by all of you in this role. I will do my best to make you proud, and I will do my best to remind you to be proud to be a member of this fantastic Clan.

So, here we go: considering it's Christmas, today's report will not be as robust as some in the future may be. Following this introduction, I'm going to touch briefly on:

  • Some recent news and events within the Brotherhood and the greater Star Wars world
  • An upcoming Clan Plagueis event run by some familiar faces in January
  • Words of self-proclaimed wisdom
  • Re-Recognition of Plagueis members
  • Fini

So without further adieu, folks, let's get on with the report!


Brotherhood News and Competitions


  • Grand Master Address - A report such as this is something all members of the Brotherhood should read. So please, if you haven’t, start here.
  • Fist Report #15 - Some gaming updates for your reading pleasure.
  • Combat Master Report #12 - The Combat Master of the Brotherhood discusses plans for the future of the Antei Combat Centre, and of the New Year.
  • House Ajunta Pall Aedile Report - The regular monthly report from our second in command of House Ajunta Pall. Filled with some fun tidbits and important information, as usual.
  • House Karness Muur Quaestor Report #10 - You’re going to see some details from this particular report later on in my own. Long story short, it has the regular goodies and highlights, as well as some preliminary information about an upcoming thing for Clan Plagueis.

As well, as of writing this report, the Brotherhood leadership is currently seeking a qualified candidate to fill an open Consul position. Our good friend Rhylance led Taldryan for a fantastic 14 months. We had the honor and privilege of working alongside the entire Clan during our last Pro Bowl, and it was a very enjoyable experience. That being said, if you think you have what it takes to fill his shoes, look for more information about the application process right here. It never hurts to apply, and applying is always good practice. You really never know until you do, and you try.

Competition Highlight

There is always lots going on across the Brotherhood. Just because the Great Jedi War has ended, doesn’t mean there isn’t stuff to do! Below will be a short list of some competitions I wanted to highlight (including a shameless plug of a fiction competition by yours truly). However, as always, take a look at the Competition Page. Lots of competitions require little to moderate effort, and for the miniscule amount of time you take to participate, you get to have fun and enjoy yourself in the process. So please, for me, go and do the things! For valid gaming submissions, you can earn Clusters of Fire or Earth. For valid Fiction submissions, you can earn Clusters of Ice. For valid graphics submissions, you can earn Clusters of Graphite! And for all competitions, from flash games to gaming to puzzles and beyond, with a little effort, there is always the chance you can earn Crescents for a Top Three finish. But as I said, you’ll never know until you do it. :)

Type: Fiction

A little fiction competition created by myself, write a story of a minimum 500 words detailing how you stole a holocron from under the nose of the Shadow Academy. For more information and competition details, visit the page.

Type: Other

In this competition, you’re tasked to create a personality aspect for an animal from the Star Wars Universe! It’s no surprise this competition is run by our very own Regent, so do your best to write an aspect Evant will be proud of.

Type: Container, Gaming

A container comprising six total competitions ranging from standard Brotherhood gaming platforms to holiday-themed flash games, there’s a little bit here for everyone. Be sure to read the rules before submitting to any gaming competition, and before playing, make sure your submissions will be valid. I’m not the most adept at that, so don’t be like me. Read the rules, and read them carefully.

Type: Graphics/Multimedia

The aim here is simple: create an image showing off your Sithmas decorations! I think the organizer, Qyreia, can explain better than I when you click the link above and read the details.

Type: Container, Flash Gaming/Puzzles

A five week long competition, with an easy and hard puzzle each week for you to complete! If you’re confident enough to take the challenge, look no further than here for a fun experience.

Like I said before, the five competitions listed above are just a small tidbit of all the great content that Brotherhood members are producing for us, all with the intention of having a good time. While the official Plagueis motto may be, “Adapt, Ascend, Avail,” the unofficial motto is, “Do all the things”.


Event Inbound

Okay, first of all if you haven’t read it yet, either scroll above or click here. What details we have so far can be found here. However, because I love you all, I’m also going to give you a brief summary.

On January 7th, 2018, Furios, Azmodius, and Teylas are going to be running what he termed a ‘mini event’. It will be Plagueis wide, with all current members of the Clan eligible to participate. Since I’m not one of the organizers, the details of the event are as secret and unknown to me as they are to you. However, sources say the event will have something to do with going on a vacation of some sort.

That’s all I have for now on that front, folks. Keep your eyes peeled on the Clan chat, your inbox, and for incoming reports from the members above for more. There is one thing I know this event will be, though, and that’s fun. So stay tuned!


Words of “Wisdom”

See what I did, there? For as the great philosopher Socrates said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Though come to think of it, if I know that I know nothing, do I not then know something? I suppose, then, if I want to avoid a discussion on the meaning and content of wisdom, words of wisdom are not exactly what I am about to impart. Rather, these will be words from past and ideal future experiences. Yes, I know, on with it.

I have two points, today, and they’re interconnected and brief. First: always look at the finer details. Whether participating in a competition, writing a piece of fiction or an ACC match, or doing some other awesome thing, put a little time and effort (and have fun with) making sure you add some detail. Detail is the difference between a valid competition submission (sorry, Drac) or not; it is the difference in a mere few points in an ACC match that will add depth to your writing and bring you ahead of your opponent. In sum, recognizing and utilizing detail in every aspect of membership or life simply adds to everything you decide to do, and it shows that you are an individual who cares not only about the quantity, but also the quality of what you do and how you present yourself. We here in Plagueis, of course, like a good balance of quantity and quality, when possible!

Second: embrace what you’re good at, and then tackle what you’re not. If you think your strength lies in something, that’s awesome! You have the ability to create detail within your area of strength, whether that’s crushing a quest on Destiny 2 or solving a puzzle in world record time. But if you find yourself without something familiar to do, please do not be afraid to embrace the unfamiliar. The Brotherhood is a place of judgement free growth and participation, with loads of competitions to do on the daily. If you’re not a writer, give it a shot and get some feedback. If you’re not a gamer, Pazaak is always a good place to start, or link up with someone in DB Gaming and try an available game on an available platform, if you have the hance. Just take the time you might have had contemplating what there isn’t to do, and do something new. You won’t regret it, and all valid submissions go toward future potential recognitions.



In the past month or so, a multitude of members from our Clan have been recognized for their contributions for work across the Brotherhood, as well as in past events and competitions. Below is a list of these members (in advance: if I missed anyone, please message me and I’ll amend the list below):

Congrats again, everyone. I hope to see you recognized again soon, and I hope that you can help encourage and transfer your experience to help other members have fun, earn some shinies, and help make this list grow.



Before I finish this report, I wanted to take the time and highlight a unique project a recently returned member is working on. Whether you know him or not, Vivackus is a key part of Clan Plagueis and a member of the esteemed Di Plagia. He is currently heading up a project called PlagCast. Keep your eyes peeled for an incoming second episode, and give it a listen. Feedback is also appreciated.

Until next time, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.

As always, folks: Adapt, Ascend, Avail.


PS No Episode VIII spoilers. Please dear Merlin's beard cut by a lightsaber, none. There's a Spoiler Chat for that.

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Great report! I didn't know about one of those gaming containers, so good info!

Happy holidays, all!

Great first report! So much excite! Yes stay tuned early next year, tons of awesomeness coming at y’all and definetly benefits for those who do all the things ;). Also:

oh captain

5/7, not enough gifs...but seriously, I'm looking forward to your tenure as PCon!

looking forward to seeing what the future brings

Gratz on awards and promotions

This podcast is very important. Make sure you all listen to it (assuming you've seen TLJ already).

Not a bad first PCON report, if I do say so myself.

Stay tuned for Episode II of the Podcast, folks; we had a lot of fun being giant nerds.

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