Plagueis Rollmaster January Report


Plagueis Rollmaster January Report


The Overseer Arrives

Hello Plagueis and welcome to my lovely looking report for the 1st month of 2016. In this report there’s a lot of news as well as promotions sprinkled with some rewards and topped off with a small dose of personal opinion.


BTL Corner

Words from the Apostles

During this last month, AoS had several new members join our ranks. Some new to the DJB, others were returning to us after a hiatus in the rogues. All are a welcome site to see. There was a lot of activity to be had this past month. We had 165 SA exams passed/re-passed, we had Dark Mavens, Dark Savant degrees earned, membership into all four Societies, ranks gained in those Societies, but the best part is the promotions handed out, including two individuals to the rank of Knight. All in all it was a very busy month, which is awesome to see. Until next month, stay awesome HKM & AoS.

Discourse from the Disciples

Hey guys! Despite the Christmas holidays, general activity has been quite high, with a few of you tackling exams in the SA and participating in competitions. We've also had a few new members transfer in and from the looks of things you've all settled in well. General activity is also quite high despite the holidays, with a couple of you tackling exams in the SA and others focusing on other aspects of your promotion requirements. Already we have seen several promotions this month as well as a couple of merit medals being dished out and I'd like to congratulate the relevant Journeymen, let's keep up the good work!

I'd also like to urge you lot to not only participate in competitions, but have a hand in running some of your own. As well as being a promotion requirement, it is a good way to understand how the system works and have fun in the process. If you are unsure or are having other problems with coming up with your own comp then you can always co-organise one with myself and I'll show how it works, step by step.

Well that's all I have for this month. I will be sending out the relevant list of requirements along with suggestions to those that have been promoted, so keep an eye on your inboxes. If you have any questions or concerns, then please come into contact with me via email or on telegram.


Member of the Month

So this month I had no doubt in my mind as to who I was going to mention in this section dedicated to those who catch my eye. This month’s lucky (or is it unlucky?) member is Ithil who has soared to the lofty heights of Neophyte after only a week in the club.


Promotions and Awards

  • Kul’tak Drol to Knight
  • Areticus Altainatus to Knight and GMRG V.
  • Gad Rane to Hunter
  • Felix Fulmen to Courier, also received an Anteian Cross and rose to rank III in the GMRG.
  • Lo-Kain to Acolyte and GMRG IV.
  • Aesher to Novice
  • Ki to Novice
  • Ithil to Neophyte and was inducted into the Shadow Academy Society.
  • Leroy Etnik to Apprentice
  • Varik Molokai to Apprentice
  • Oric Ral to Neophyte, also received a Dark Cross and reached SA society rank 3.
  • Alkanoff Tamarin to Proselyte



The Summit run Clan Plagueis: The Wise is half way through and if somehow you’re unfamiliar with this competition any activity from SA courses and Pazaak to winning competitions and taking part in the ACC will earn you activity points that will be tallied up at the end of the month and crescents given to the top 3. Also I’m running 6 (Yes 5+1) competitions all neatly tied up in this container competition In which you come up with your best alternative definitions for the acronyms used to symbolize each position in Plagueis. Entries and placement in any of these competitions will count toward the standings of the aforementioned clan activity competition.

Go show me all just how amazing you are and how privileged I am not just to be in the position I am but how lucky I am to have a group like you to work with.


Feature Corner

Ok so this month I’ve decided to build on something that was mentioned in the Clan report earlier this month. That is the very meaning of dark. As was wonderfully stated in that report darkness is not kicking puppies without reason (like when it’s just stood in your way and just won’t move). Anakin falls because the Jedi can’t and won’t give him what he wants, also because he’s a whiny ex-slave brat who feels entitled.

For example, my character is more towards the puppy kicking side but that’s been shaped by her experiences in life, both pre-brotherhood and during her time so far. She still wouldn’t kick a puppy though, even if some of her ideals can be found disturbing even by other members of the clan. In contrast you may just be someone who wants to gain personal power but has clearly defined limits as to what you would do to achieve your goals. So to sum up #darkiscomplicated


Other DJB News Stuffs

  • Darkblade puts out his second report as Aedile of Karness Muur read
  • Yacks is running some kind of Flash game tournament, read the thingy and maybe sign up.
  • Herald report! Herald seeks Magistrate.
  • The DGM puts out a report read pls
  • Ernor comes at us with another gaming update
  • One of our di Plagia, Dacien has 2 spots to fill on the HM staff info here
  • Wally updates us on the GMIT go Selika!
  • Spoiler ban lifted
  • Drac gives us a HAP update
  • Eiko and Drac are bridging the House divide to bring us all a run on, might be worth a look and a post.
  • Clan report from Teylas and Slags featuring a nice fiction from one of our members.


Final Words

So that is it for now, I shall retreat into my cave of office for another month while looking forward to beating some lighties. My hope is that a fair few promotion requests will be written between now and my next report.


Good job newbs. Back to work hounds of hell

Thanks and I am honerd to be part of the Clan Plagueis.

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