Proconsul Report - Aug 15, 2021


Proconsul Report - Aug 15, 2021


Greetings Plagueis,

Coming In From The Cold

Welcome Back

I was looking for a gif of a Dragoon from Starcraft, but this one seemed more fitting. I haven’t written a Proconsul report since, oh, before you were born and after many years circling the Brotherhood and slingshotting between a few Clans, I have returned home to where it all started for me. I mean, I’ve been here for a while but let’s not get caught up in the semantics.


  • RoS Survey
  • Shinies
  • Clan News
  • Brotherhood News
  • Competitions
  • Another Moment With Alaris


RoS Survey

Need to touch on this before we move forward. Every Vendetta is improved upon only by listening to what YOU think made it good or bad. The Dark Council does its best to make sure that the GJW, RoS, or whatever Horizons was is as user friendly, accessible, and interesting as possible and the only way that they can improve these things is by listening to what we, the competitors have to say. Please take the time to participate in the survey and be as honest with them as you can.

Click on THIS LINK to fill it out!




There’s just one piece of bioluminescent algae that I want to touch on today. Bossman Selika hath been given a Sapphire Blade. The Clan doesn’t see a lot of the work that Selika does behind the scenes so it’s often difficult to qualify or quantify the kinds of effect they do. It’s easy enough to say, “They’re the Consul. Amazing job!” but the level of reorganization that’s been done at the hands of our glorious leader is hard to measure, even in the six months they’ve been there. That, plus the insane work they’ve also been doing in the Regent's office, which I can’t even speak to, makes this well earned.

Congrats Selika!


News from the Clan

If you haven’t please read the last few reports from the Clan and the Houses.


News from the Brotherhood

Only two big announcements since the last report went out.


Competition Land

The Aliso Summer Festival is ongoing! Three comps per week that are all focused on getting you credits and shinies! Get up, get involved, and go do these easy peasy comps!

Speaking of easy comps. Check out a few of these from around the DB that you can fire out in a matter of minutes!

And of course, I’d be a bad Magistrate if I didn’t point out the usual Fist Competitions! If anyone wants some help and some fun pounding out some Heroic+ Missions in TOR, hit up me or Slags (who has it down to a science).

August 2021 GMRG Competitions


Another Moment With Alaris

Those familiar with my reports will remember that I am sure to include some real life stuff here, to remind everyone that we’re all humans and that real life is always more important than the Brotherhood. I will be including these in my reports again.

What have I even been doing?!

Y’all will definitely remember that one time I totally didn’t screw up a Great Jedi War, right? RIGHT?! Well, I took some obvious time off after totally not being embarrassed and started to find some other things to do. I found them!

I’ve been streaming lately. Yes, yes, we all remember how my stream of the GJW HotS Final was a complete botch. I have since made purchase of several parts and built my own computer and stream on the regular! What else do I like? Football? Well boooooy, I’ve used my computer peripheral investments to start a football podcast and I will tell you all of my bad opinions. I have so many ways that I’ve been keeping busy throughout the panzerotti and I’ve found many new joys as a result.

It also means that there MAY in fact be a return of an old certain favourite Plagueis based Podcast. A Plagcast, if you will. Maybe. If you ask nicely. Or don’t ask at all. Or beg for it not to happen.


I have the honour to be your obedient servant,

A (dot) Jinn


Oooo...podcasts. Will you have guests from around the brotherhood or only plague us with plaguei?

Alaris taught us all a valuable lesson about triple checking results :p glad you're back!

I might be willing to do Plagcast again :)

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