Quaestor Report #11: The secret ingredient is basil. And love. But mostly basil.


Quaestor Report #11: The secret ingredient is basil. And love. But mostly basil.



Howdy, boys and girls! We've got a lot going on, with an upcoming war, Clan and House projects, and the next evolution of our recruitment drive. So without further ado, let's dive right in!

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Projects
  3. News
  4. Competitions
  5. Awards
  6. Promotions
  7. Transfers
  8. Aedile Alley
  9. Crescent Leaderboard
  10. Closing Words



The recruitment drive has been our main focus the last month. While the going is still slow, we are gradually catching the attention of people who aren't members. As a refresher for those who aren't familiar with the project, we are utilizing social media to hook new and active members for our House. Currently, we have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel. I'll link them below and I highly encourage everyone to follow and share the content around.

So far we mostly share all things Star Wars as well as some topics about the House and DJB. New to the drive is an interview series where we sit down for 5 minutes with a Qel-Droman and ask them some questions. This gives visitors to our pages an inside look from people who are already actively enjoying the club. We are always looking for new content to share, and we encourage you to send us any fictions, art, etc. that you wish to publish there. We also call out for any content ideas, video series, themed talks for Facebook and Twitter, and so on. If you have an idea shoot Zujenia an email (and copy Terran) with the subject "HQD Recruitment Drive". We are working on a few competitions focused on building some Recruitment Drive content. So keep an eye out for those.

Lastly, we welcome any volunteers to help keep posts flowing daily and maintaining the platforms. A 24 hour turnaround on messages, daily posting, and a fun, friendly, and open-minded attitude is what we strive for on the team. If interested, let Zuj know.

Blow Up



  • War is coming!
    • Yes, you heard us correctly. War is officially starting on October the 13th as stated by our Grand Master. So sharpen those blades, clean those barrels, and shine them knuckles! We got a war to win! Lasty, check out the updater Vendetta wiki page linked in the report.
  • [The New Order] Chapter 4 - Order
    • A brand new, shiny with that fresh smell, Brotherhood fiction update! Find out the closure to the Undesirables’ arc, interesting and scandalous relations between some members of different clans, a look into how the Howlander panda runs his office, and more. Go, go, read!
  • Help Wanted! ACC Judge
    • The Combat Master is looking to fill one of his judge slots. If you are interested in the ACC center and want to learn from the other side, or add a helping hand in discussions on the system, go apply! Closes Saturday Sept. 23rd.
  • Proconsul_
    • PCON application time has closed and the Summit are pressing their heads together on who next will take the helm of second in command. Keep an eye, ear, and foot out for an announcement in the near future.



  • Selen Development Project
    • Arcona’s base planet, Selen, has been barren in its wiki presence. Thus, Atty and Kord have called out for new material! Help us develop this important planet to us, and flush out the fact it not only hosts our mysterious clan but a whole other society! Don't hesitate to give them material for any closed comps either!
  • Secret Sibling
    • Organized by the Ryn next door, this comp focuses on family. Interesting what one may develop when it comes to backstories. Have fun!
  • Pictures In The Sound-5
    • The token art plug. This series has been a big favorite in the art community with folks of all skill levels. Listen to a selected piece of music and draw what it makes you feel.
  • Jedi Academy Guns Server Test
    • We recall way back some hopeful comments for a gun only server on JA. Well it looks like the Drac pool has heard you! Go and help out with the testing! Make JA a better game again.

Good Is Not Nice

Additional competitions can be found in the Competition Center.



Leeadra Halcyon


Rrogon Skar

Lucine Vasano



  • Lucine has been promoted to Equite I! Well earned and deserved. Thank you Lucine for all you do!
  • Kelviin has been promoted to Equite I! This Wookiee who is always giving with his puns and joy deserved some giving right back!

Congratulations to the both of you!



  • Constantine has joined us and has been an active member of Voidbreaker. Glad to have you!




Aedile Alley

Hey all you wonderful folks!

We have over three weeks till the countdown to war ends. Our wits are sharp and we’re prepared to dig deeper. With the days to come, I intend to go undercover and harass interview the old ones on the best practices, tips, and tricks they have gathered through their war-torn years. I'll release these tales onto the undercona market within the Arcona War room. Bring paint and let's redecorate that chat with teal, the color of Qel-Droma. If you aren't in that chat yet, kick down my door and politely holler for me to add you! Because by goblins, everyone should embrace the soft but creepy light of burning corpses pouring out of that room! Well, that and the abundance of good advice and easy access to proofers. Like, how the underworld do we do a battleplan!

I would like to give a shout out to Constantine. He has been a huge help with the recruitment drive, taking over our Twitter page and flinging out exciting news at our Facebook page. Thank you, Const, for all you do. Mentioning the Recruitment drive, keep your eyes peeled in the near future for a recruitment drive-related event that will have you dishing out creative content series ideas in a quick and light competition. Participants will have an chance for their entries to become official on our social platforms and be given the opportunity to help run them. So bring your thinking caps, the ones splashed in rainbows and glitter, and get those ideas cracking!

Remember, my door is always open. Don't hesitate to hit me up with any questions, concerns, ambitions, or just to talk. Got a competition idea? Let me be your soundboard. And most importantly, follow your dreams!

We're the Crew

May the Force be with you,



Crescent Leaderboard

Below you will find the numbers used to determine the scoring and the leaderboard itself.

  • Diamond: 7
  • Ruby: 6
  • Amethyst: 5
  • Sapphire: 4
  • Emerald: 3
  • Topaz: 2
  • Quartz: 1
Member   Points
Kelviin 16
Tali 15
Lucine 14
Zujenia 14
Edema 10
Luka 2


Closing Words

There you have it, Qel-Dromans! We're looking at a War in less than a month. The recruitment drive is live and ramping up, with lots of work from both Zuji and Constantine (great job, guys!), and both Kordath and Atyiru are working on expanding Selen and the Dajorra system. There's a ton of opportunities for you all to help out, and a ton of opportunities coming up for you all to prove exactly how badass Arcona is and why we continue to be the First Clan of the Brotherhood. So get out there and show everyone else in the Brotherhood just how awesome you are!

Smash and Grab

But I believe in every one of you. Let's do it!

Augur Terran Koul
Quaestor, House Qel-Droma

Excellent job, everyone! Congrats once again, Lucine and Kelviin, on hiring the Equites!


Great report! Woohoo, war and recruitment! Recruitment and war! Let's do this!

Keep it up, HQD!

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