Quaestor Report #3 | A Look at GJW XII


Quaestor Report #3 | A Look at GJW XII


My Beloved Crazies,

This month seems to have flown right by! So many things have been taking place in the DJB: Lemniscate is up and running, Tacitus Athanasius has great graphics and great competitions going on, many of you have been receiving awards or working hard towards them, Abstract Arts Elements competitions have been running for the DJB, and the GJW is finally on its way. We have a little over 2 weeks left until it begins. End Game introduced some substantial fiction updates for the Brotherhood, including some damage to our very own ISNTarkin.


What is a GJW?

Seeing that a lot of you are actually rather new to the Clan and have not participated in a GJW before, I’d like to go over what this would look like for each of our Excidiacs and what it means to participate in this.

A GJW, or Great Jedi War, is a club-wide campaign comprised usually of several smaller events that tie together into an overall storyline. This usually spans over a matter of weeks for the entire Brotherhood and provides excellent opportunity to receive shinies, awards, prizes, and recognition.

I myself have never actually participated in a GJW before, so I thought it would be best to receive some quick summaries from other more-experienced members of Clan Scholae Palatinae:

GJWs don't come along very often. They're the biggest event the club has to offer, the DB's equivalent of the Olympics or the World Cup, the biggest metric we have for determining the best clan. The Dark Council put in a huge amount of effort to make it an enjoyable event for the club, so it's usually an amazing experience. - CSP Consul Elincia Rei

Do...all of...the things… --faints-- : Voice of the Brotherhood Wally (Marick Tyris)

It's the freaking Hunger Games. Go and clobber the other clans over the head! - Jorm Na’trej

Great Jedi Wars are large Dark Jedi Brotherhood wide events that include multiple competitions. Tied with each other, these competitions create a solid storyline that has significant influence on the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and its members. Clans compete with each other for unique awards that are specified by the Dark Council. Even members, whose activity is usually limited to logging to the website once in a while, tend to emerge for the Great Jedi Wars to support their Clan. It is so, because every single submission influences the final score of a unit and increases a chance to win. Great Jedi Wars are moments, when cooperation between Clan members is particularly visible, especially in matter of proofreading entries (if only possible according to rules) and brainstorming. From my personal point of view, Great Jedi Wars, just like all other large scales events like this, is a period of heavily increased activity. I do my best to participate in as many events as I can, including ones from outside of my area of interest and expertise. I really enjoy participating in GJW events, even if I have a small chance to place, as I like developing background of my character and GJWs are probably the best opportunity to do so. Finally, do not be afraid to participate in GJW events. Even if you do not place in a competition, your participation is extremely important. Also, bear in mind that the best writers, artists and gamers of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood make their best to win. If you do not place in competitions, it does not mean that your entries are bad. It is hard to win, when you compete with experienced and skilled people. However, there is a chance that you will beat them anyway. So, do not get discouraged and put your heart and soul into creating as good entries as you are only able to. For the sake of participation and for the sake of your own satisfaction, because having fun is what every DJB activity, especially GJWs, is about. - Xantros

You can also find more details on what a GJW looks like by visiting the DJBWiki page here.

Our last GJW caused the Dark Brotherhood to be fractured into hostilities after Lord Marshal Damon Nix uncovered that Muz Ashen -- a previous Grand Master of the DJB -- planned to recreate the Rite of Obscuration. Usually GJW’s result in clans receiving points for overall efforts, participation, and wins. The Eleventh Great Jedi War featured Scholae Palatinae at third place with 379.65 points. Let’s all work together to show DJB which clan is #dabomb ! The Twelfth Great Jedi War is scheduled to run from October 13th to November 19th.



Project Updates

  1. To revise the wiki: HALFWAY COMPLETE. Thanks to fantastic volunteering from Jorm, Shadow, Brandon, Levi, and James, we are halfway complete the Excidiac Wiki. Once all complete, Excidium will own four pages: The main Excidiac page, an Excidiac flotilla page, Tacitus Athanasius, and Battle Team ______.

  2. Battle Team Lemniscate: Competitions are being hosted to rename this ever-growing community! Details below.

  3. *Impact on the House Fiction and House system by you, the members | Operation Sleeping Dragon: The Devil’s Gift has begun and will end on September 30th!

Projects to Begin Before GJW XII

  1. “Permanent” Habitats for Excidiacs: competitions come after Operation Sleeping Dragon has been graded and fiction has been released.

Projects to Start after GJW XII

  1. Social Nights: It has been decided that social nights will begin AFTER GJW .

  2. Training: Xantros, Rasilvenaira, and myself have been working diligently on this, but it will wait until GJW XII is over (GJW XII expected to land Oct 13th).

  3. Run Ons of Excidium: Currently looking for volunteers on this. Let me know if this is a field of interest for you!


Current Competitions


  1. The Great Heirloom Dagger of my Ancestors by Calindra
  2. (For DJB as a whole) Abstract Arts: The Elements
  3. Give Up by Levi Zetta
  4. Let’s Porg this Together! By Angel Snow
  5. CSP Spot the Difference Star Wars Edition
  6. Spot the Difference Harry Potter Edition by Angel Snow
  7. Imperial Heritage by Xantros
  8. Stronghold Siege by James
  9. CDW Autumn/Winter by Mune

For Excidiacs

  1. Operation Sleeping Dragon
  2. Lucy, I’m Home!
  3. Communication Error
  4. Between the Lines
  5. Me!...ow? By Rasilvenaira

For my Stabby-Stabbers

  1. TA Member Puzzles
  2. The Realm of Possibility

For Leminiscate Members

  1. You Don’t Know My Name, but You Will
  2. ...With a White Picket Fence…

Upcoming Competitions

  1. Inverted Perspective for TA members
  2. TA Eyes of the Predator: V for TA members
  3. The Gizka Mystery by Rasilvenaira
  4. Abstract Arts: Ice Ice Baby (to be released this week)
  5. Abstract Arts: It’s Getting Steamy… (to be released after GJW XII)


Ask Alara Time

Shadow Nighthunter asks... Will Exidium ever have a girl's night out fictionally, and if so, what would you have in mind?

Yeah, okay. This needs to happen. Girls night out for rum. And then we all blow stuff up while kicking butt at the cantina.

Derek Cinn asks… And if this proposed "girl's night out" occurred would you be angry if Derek snuck along in drag and he was discovered?

Oh my goodness. Can we make this a run on please? That sounds hilarious!

Angel Snow asks... What is your favorite powerpuff girl?

Definitely Buttercup. When my friends and I would pretend to fight crime (aka the boys at school) in elementary, I was always Buttercup since I was the blatant one. It’s also my “Tipi Name” … AKA the name children would call me while I worked as a staff member at the camp Tipi Village. I’m also referred to as Princess Buttercup quite often.



If Excidium was a country, which country would it be?

Ooo. Tough. I’ma go with Australia because living here is hot, we are a bunch of crime lord descendants just chillin in our ancestors’ prison, and we drink. A lot. Also our world is completely backwards to that of Imperium’s.

Katyusha Neige asks… Are you Ready?

Was born ready, love.

In Summary

  • Excidium Wiki is halfway done
  • Competitions are going on for Battle Team Lemniscate to rename it and make its home
  • The Devil’s Gift has been released and will end September 30th.
  • Homes for Excidiacs will be created via competition before the GJW
  • Social nights, run ons, and training to come after GJW

Until next time!


Really really nice to have more information on the GJW! Wonderful report!! Thanks!

great update, thanks alara!

That was very insightful thank you Senpai.

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