Regent Report: 13


Regent Report: 13


The past quarter has seen some final touches to a lot of different ongoing efforts, and fixes to things in possessions as you’ll see in the change log. With that behind me, I will touch on where my focus will be over the next quarter and some opportunities.


I originally hired magistrates (Abadeer and Bubba who did an awesome job establishing some standards for the office out the gate) to help launch possessions, then I got rid of the magistrates, but now I am looking to hire again. I don’t know the quantity, probably two, but depends on strength of the applicants. My goal will be to train these magistrates on possessions, how it works, how its setup, and what the roadmap looks like. The intent being if myself, or Halcyon, or both, are not around to manage everything that there are members who could step up and support things without leaning heavily on James to train them because he set it all up on the site and knows how it works. If you are interested in this, please send an application to Halcyon (Praetor) and I by May 11th and provide in it what you like about possessions, what you don’t like about possessions, some ideas you might have for possessions, and then feel to talk about Star Wars too if you want. It’s awesome after all.

Arx Capital Exchange

I try and spend at least some time working on the fictional backstory of the Regent office. I plan to elaborate over time, and get some stories up on discourse, while running some competitions that try and explore how the organization interacts indirectly with the membership. Like with most organizations around the DJB, there are things that need doing. I am going to start this with a competition, as one example of an interaction your character might have that runs until the end of May.

Competition: ACE - Jervada Asteroid Belt

Dark Council Order of Battle

One of the top projects I’m working on, as a collaborative effort between the GM, DGM and Voice, is the Dark Council Order of Battle. With the intent to document the fleet and ground forces of the Dark Council, and the various societies and sub-groups. There is some great progress already and discussion that goes back at least a year, but I’ve already taken some of this and started to actually get some traction with it. I hope with this in place, it will clarify a lot for people who are trying to scale the Dark Council and understand what they have going on resources wise. My role is primarily in balancing it against the Clans and building it on the site. End of the day, the actual composition and strength are being setup to align with the fictional direction of things. If you have questions you can ask any of us on the project.

Content Expansion

You can see more about the content expansion details in this news post. Specifically adding new content to a wide range of areas and from the latest film and game. I have immediately started to collect proposed items for the next content expansion, but expect it to be sometime late summer and focus on all the new content since. If you have ideas for items, please email them to Halcyon and I.

Society Experience

Part of what slowed down the content expansion was how to go about what I’ve referred to as the society experience. I wanted a store that sold items that required different society ranks to unlock, the ability to buy versions of items granted for free, as well as a similar experience in the level and type of rewards in each society. Of note, because they mostly exist as part of free society experience giveaways, commodity rarity level items are intended as items with no value, which are granted for free. You get the functionality for 1 character, but limited customization and no value. Purchased items equivalent to those free ones have a rarity level, and as such sometimes have a disparate number of aspects as intended and an actual value in credits in the system. Going forward I think this sets up an awesome baseline for future items added across all the societies, and will allow for a more rewarding launch of the graphics society where all the items are primed and ready to go. Members may have noticed new commodity rarity items nobody had been granted, James has since implemented the triggers on the site and everyone should now have those items. It's difficult to coordinate literally everything to happen simultaneously but this is now done.

Credit Supply

For reasons I’ve continually discussed, adding new means to gain credits is always on my radar. Currently Muz Ashen Keibatsu is looking over the trophies for possibility to award credits there, as well as possibly looking for new trophies that might award credits, one of which James Lucius Entar plans to implement soon. There is also a coming new society that will have a payment structure identical to those that already exist. As well as several other thoughts I have I’m discussing again with the GM and DGM currently. If you have any ideas on this front drop me a note.


There is no new progress here. It remains a large undertaking and I have some progress. You’ll hear more from me next time around as I find time to dig into this more now that the society and content are wrapped up.

Celebration Store

The Celebration Store was something created last year to celebrate Star Wars. The intent is to do something similar again this year and you can expect another report out from me to announce its opening. I already have approval to create the items just need to get them finished up and stocked.


I have decided to enlist support to help see this project done. I’ve already gotten great help from Shadow Nighthunter and Muz Ashen Keibatsu and others just to get the conversation rolling, as well as everyone who helped leave comments on discourse to help collect data. I have talked to the GM and decided to enlist the support of Kojiro Keibatsu who will help drive the discussions as we find time and keep some progress on creatures.


I wanted to add a new project to the list since it’s more of an undertaking than just some content. There is a plan to expand the Back Item Type to include a new Item Category called Coats. This actually already was a planned category at some point, but the plan is to bring it back. For simplicity sake, we decided to eliminate the category and have people just use their armor item to cosmetically discuss any sort of coat that accompanied their armor. It was all very non-functional. However, there is an increasing number of people who want Cloak like functionality but modified them to basically be coats. Expect some time in the near future we’ll expand out this entire category and give a means to purchase coats. That said, the reason coats were removed is still valid; people can simply cosmetically add a coat to their armor. So really all you buy with a back slot item that’s a coat is the added functionality.

Change Log

  • Sith Scroll item granted as part of the Shadow Academy society renamed to Sith Order Scroll and description updated to clarify what is contained on the scroll
  • Sith Tome description updated to clarify that the item is as pictured, written and bound text in book format.
  • Expanded Pyramidal Holocron to note that it contains the complete history of the Shadow Academy Society as part of the knowledge and * clarified how it functions as a holocron item.
  • Expanded Cubed Intensity Holocron description to clarify how it functions as a holocron item.
  • Expanded Dodecagon Holocron description to clarify how it functions as a holocron item.
  • Imperial Royal Guard Armor renamed to just Royal Guard armor to meet naming conventions. Since the GMRG is not the Imperial Royal Guard.
  • Updated the Seneschal's Personal Energy Shield Generator to be a small portable shield and not a personal energy shield. A disk on a gauntlet, and not a projection around the wearer.
  • Slight adjustments to various Armor and Back items descriptions so they don’t conflict with planned system definition around Armor in the DJB
  • Added Attire category as a 4th level of armor types below Light Armor at the same cost multiplier. For armor with virtually no protective capabilities. Light Armors have been moved to this category as appropriate Casual Attire, Costume, Formal Attire, Hide Armor, Medical Attire, Natural Armor, Political Attire, Scavenger Armor, Scoundrel Armor, Rebel Officer Uniform, Clone Military Uniform, Imperial Military Uniform, First Order Officer Uniform and Synthweave Bodyarmor.
  • Antares Consolidated Armourers store updated to purchase Attire items.
  • Added 4 passengers to the TIE/sa Bomber starfighter from 0
  • All Item Type Armor in the Item Category Award have been assigned an appropriate category that references its protective capabilities, either Attire, Light, Medium or Heavy.
  • Added a new Item Category = “Special Armor” for different Armor Item Types to cover Novitiate, Journeyman, Equite, Tailored and Elder Tailored Armor items whose functionality is unique to each member.
  • CR70 Corellian Corvette price adjusted down from 2,925,000 to 2,475,000 credits
  • Added new Item Aspect type as an Upgrade, for Special Armor Category, creating 4 options within this new type for selection as Attire, Light Armor, Medium Armor and Heavy Armor
  • Special Armor Upgrade selector added to Novitiate, Journeyman, Equite, Tailored and Elder Tailored Armor items to facilitate selection for ACC and Fiction functionality
  • Elite AT-ST land vehicle walker changed to First Order AT-ST land vehicle walker to better reflect Canon options at Epic level
  • Elite AT-AT land vehicle walker changed to First Order AT-AT land vehicle walker to better reflect Canon options at Epic level
  • Elite AT-ST Platoon armor platoon walker item changed to First Order AT-ST Platoon to better reflect Canon options for Clans at Epic level
  • Elite AT-AT Platoon armor platoon walker item changed to First Order AT-AT Platoon to better reflect Canon options for Clans at Epic level
  • Updated lightsaber cosmetic aspects (3x different for various models) that noted to see dossier, to see snapshot image, since the snapshot is what’s used in various activities.
  • Cubed Intensity Holocron, Dodecagon Holocron, Pyramidal Holocron, Sith Order Scroll and Sith Tome had Item Category updated to Accessory from Award
  • Holocron Center Holodisc rarity level changed to Uncommon
  • Hologram of Death Star I, Hologram of Death Star II and Hologram of Starkiller Base rarity levels updated to Rare
  • Journeyman Tournament Champion Medallion rarity level updated to Epic
  • Journeyman Tournament Gladius Medallion rarity level updated to Rare
  • Advanced Inquisitor Comlink name updated to Brotherhood-issued
  • Advanced Inquisitor Comlink and Item category updated to Technology
  • Chief Inquisitor Armor name updated to Brotherhood-issued Chief Inquisitor Armor
  • Inquisitor Armor name updated to Brotherhood-issued Inquisitor Armor
  • Fellow Robes name updated to Brotherhood-issued Fellow Robes
  • Inquisitorius Scanner name updated to Brotherhood-issued Inquisitorius Scanner and Item Category updated from Award to Electronics
  • Inquisitorius Sith Dagger Item Category updated to Dagger from Award
  • Inquisitorius Stiletto name updated to Brotherhood-issued Inquisitorius Stiletto and Item Category updated from Award to Dagger
  • Lanvarok updated Item Category from Award to Projectile
  • Royal Guard Armor name updated to Brotherhood-issued Royal Guard Armor
  • Shadow Academy Datapad name updated to Brotherhood-issued Shadow Academy Datapad and Item Category updated from Award to Electronics, with expanded description to note society specific functionality
  • Shadow Academy Sith Sword updated Item Category from Award to Sword
  • Grand Master's Ring rarity level updated from Commodity to Rare
  • Champion's Gauntlet and Champion's Bracer rarity level updated from Commodity to Epic
  • Researcher Robes name updated to Brotherhood-issued Researcher Robes
  • Sith Order Scroll name updated to Academy-issued Sith Order Scroll
  • Sith Tome name updated to Academy-issued Sith Tome
  • Changed stock location of Gift of War Datacron, Stamp Set, Sith Helm, Sith Amulet and Reminiscence of the Dead from Ornamental Oddments to The Vault
  • Changed stock location of Geo-Rangefinder,H-series Performance Datapad and Galactic Map Holoprojector from Brotherhood Trading company to The Vault
  • Changed stock location of Inquisitorius Sensor Jammer, DDP-13 Personal Seeker Droid, Seneschal's Personal Energy Shield Generator,Voice's Encrypted Comlink and Hunter Killer Training Remote from Utilis Innovations to The Vault
  • Changed stock location of Fistgaunts, Justicar's Shield, The Lion's Claw, Royal Guard Hidden Blade Bracer and Inquisitorius Dart Shooter from Antei Armaments to The Vault


I feel relieved to have the content expansion and society experience stuff done, but look forward to bringing on some new staff to train and work with and move my ongoing projects forward. It’s been a fun ride with possessions and Star Wars so far this year.

In darkness,


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YAY!!! New items. Extremely excited about the Creatures part :)

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