Shadow Gate Report - Second Edition


Shadow Gate Report - Second Edition


So you might be wondering, heeeeey where’s the header? Where’s those pretty graphics, Praetor to the Herald? Well. I was going to ask V’yr to help me out on that, but I haven’t really been able to catch him! Timezones suck. Despite being Praetor, I have a lot to learn when it comes to using Photoshop and what not. I’ll see if I can catch him to help me soon!

I swear you guys will see graphics some day. But for now, you will just have to look at the darkness that is the Brotherhood website. All those blacks and grays and blueish-teals.



The office air smelled of nothing. Oppressive florescent lights distressed emerald eyes as they scanned a datapad. A chair sat unused behind the desk. Well, unless being used as a footstool counted. Purple feet wrapped in strapped stilletos were pressed against the leather surface as their heels punctured its tough material.

K’tana lay dangled upside down over the desk, her feet kicking the chair occasionally and stabbing at it with her shoes. Her head hovered a few inches off the ground and her lekku brushed against the coarse red carpet. She could have sat in the chair, however the Twi’lek hated the material and the chair hated her short dresses and skirts. It stuck to her skin every time she sat.

The new Gate Stewardess, as she insisted her title be, prefered her way of doing things and it mattered very little to her who was about to enter the room and see her upside-down on the desk. K’tana truly believed that the way she acted mattered very little so long as she did her job and did it well. To the abyss with what her Masters tried to instill about rules and respect.

K’tana felt she showed her deference in other ways. Today she had spent the day reading about these two prestigious Human males - if beings such as these could be considered Human - and their family name. Very few knew about the Twi’lek’s love of reading, which was exactly how she prefered it. K’tana liked the fact that people believed her to be base and stupid as it worked to her advantage to have people underestimate her. The violet woman was also prone to being very intrigued in stories of dark Gods and tales of horror. She had just finished reading these exact things about the Entars as two of them quietly slipped through her door.

Both of these men looked utterly ridiculous to K’tana from her angle. They wore awkward upside-down smiles and the Priestess stifled a giggle as she noticed her new Master and his Entar-Brother had their cold masks on. Timeros expected to be shown respect and was not impressed at the sight he walked in on. Strategos raised an eyebrow and shook his head as he smirked at the other Elder.

K’tana smiled at Timeros as she tossed the datapad along the carpet and watched it skitter towards his feet.

“Oh hey there, Mastimeros!! Gimmy a sec before ya get all chuddy with me.” she giggled as she rolled onto her stomach and pressed her palms into the carpet. In the next moment, the agile Twi’lek slowly kicked her legs up and over, one-at-a-time, as she did an impressive backbend kickover before coming up to stand facing the two Elders.

“K’tana.” Timeros was the only being K’tana knew that could chill your soul with a one-word whisper. He did so along with a cool look as his only warning. He glanced down at the datapad next to his feet, as he noted what the Twi’lek had been reading.

The other man stroked his chin pensively as he stared at the momentarily cowed Twi' lek. "So, Tim...what brothel did say you picked her up? Do they give refunds?"

K’tana locked her green glare on his face as she studied the man for a moment. Her face suddenly broke into a wide grin when she noticed the drink in his hand and she gave him a suggestive wink.

“She was a gift from our Consul and happens to be the Gate Steward.” his cold eyes locked back onto K’tana in a way that gave her excited chills. “Although she has yet to act like it.”

"Well," the Consul said, whiskey-smooth voice perhaps just slightly more amused than usual, "I'm sure we could agree that I will do anything she asks, provided she doesn't ask anything of me."

“Strategos, I expect no one to follow her. Not until she learns something.”

“Oh stop talkin’ like you don’t totally love me, Tim.” K’tana smiled wide, but spoke her Master's name like a challenge and the slight twitch of his brow told her that she was walking on thin ice.

Suddenly, the Twi’lek’s face went blank. Her beryl eyes went flat and her smile disappeared from her lips. She brought her feet together, pushed back her shoulders as she lifted her chin and brought her fist up to her chest.

“Master Entar’s. Esteemed Elders. Prestigious Arconae.” she recited the titles with no inflection of flippancy, but with a rare sincerity, “Let me be the first to welcome you to Shadow Gate. I look forward to learning from you and gaining your help in removing Arcona’s enemies. We are grateful and honored to have you in our ranks.”

Timeros’ brow lifted slightly as Strategos gave him a sidelong glance. The blond man almost smirked in approval, but K’tana ruined it quickly before the muscles could react.

“Now! Lets go get fill your Well with booze and blood!” she giggled manically as she skipped past the men, anxious to get away from her Mentor before she saw his reaction.


Shadow Gate News

So! There’s still a Run-on in the works for you guys. I think I said this last month… but we’re trying to work out just what could keep you guys entertained and enjoying the RO. We’ll hopefully have that out for you soon and get a queue of competitions ready for when you guys are done with that! There’s nothing worse than overloading a person with competitions.

Roster Changes:

  • Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae joins us from the House
  • Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae joins us from the House

Which means… all our spaces are full! It’s nice to see a full team!


Katicorn’s Korner

Well! Didn’t this month fly by like a crazy chick on too much caffeine? Maybe that was just for me. I am totes over how quickly summer is beginning to slip away from me and I feel the same about these karkin’ reports. One minute “I gat dis!” the next “Uuugh! HALP! I’M SO BORED THAT I CAN’T EVEN!”. Hey Rhi! Can we add sparkles to this? For realz, if I can’t hypnotize people with boobs, I want glitter.

Anyways, One of the things I noticed while looking through (and doing) fictions was there were several that mentioned vacations and non-mission related relaxation IC things. This got me thinking, I think everyone sometimes feels like they need some R&R.

Whether it’s RL or DB related, everyone deals with stress and manages/handles it in different ways and I just wanted to take a minute to talk about this with my beloved Gatekeepers.(That’d be you peeps).

It’s about to get super cereal.

I’ve done a rancor-butt load of things since I moved to Vancouver in May. Like, a stupid amount and for once they’re not all DB related! However, because of the fact that I like to keep the DB at 45-50% of my week (why else do you people think I don’t sleep?) and I have a very chaotic life, I would just like ya’ll to take a moment and remember something that I easily forgot as a member:

From Pravus, to Terren, to Atyiru to Rhi and I- we are all humans behind these screens that we babble over. We all have other aspects of our lives that need attention. For me, that’s drinking more energy drinks and wreaking havoc. Other people, who aren’t theorized strippers, have far more involved outside-DB lives. You know who you are.

So, just remember for your sanity and the rest of the House-Clan-Group’s sanity, that we all get crazy busy and you may need to have a little patience...I have to work on this too, so I am right with ya’ ;p

Blabla, adulting rant-y thing over. SOMEONE MAKE ME A GLITTER CANNON TO FIRE OFF RIGHT HERE!

(kicks over soapbox)

Now go look at the stickers and comps and stuff!


Upcoming Projects/Things to Do

There’s always something for you guys to do! We’ll make sure of that, even if it’s not on this list! So let us know if there’s something you find that interests you, because we’ll gladly support you and award you for it if you do a smashing job.

Wiki Updating

I’ve taken a look at the Shadow Gate wiki page and it could probably use some fluff and some updating. While this isn’t terribly important and probably won't be until we do some stuff fictionally, it’s still going to be shoved onto here as a reminder.


Competitions! Don’t forget about the one going right now and the RO coming to you soon! We’re always open to you guys submitting ideas and we’d love for you to also be able to do your own competitions if you’d like, so throw those ideas at us.




Marick Arconae

  • 3 Pendants of Blood
  • 2 Scrolls of Foundation
  • 4 Clusters of Earth
  • 1 Crescent with Emerald Star
  • 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star

Mirus Hi’ija

  • 5 Clusters of Ice
  • 1 Crescent with Emerald Star


  • 1 Steel Cross
  • 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 1 Crescent with Ruby Star
  • 3 Clusters of Ice My first Scroll of Indoctrination!

Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae

  • 1 Steel Cross
  • 3 Crescents with Ruby Star
  • 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • 20 Clusters of Earth
  • 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • 100 Clusters of Fire
  • 1 Crescent with Quartz Star

Timeros Casus Entar Arconae

  • 1 Crescents with Amethyst Star
  • 2 Scrolls of Foundation (Darling, Tim. If you don’t do more things (aside from proof me) I will nag you until Death do us part)

Rrogon Skar

  • 1 Cluster of Ice
  • 1 Dark Cross
  • 1 Crescent with Topaz Star

Rhiann Baenre

  • 4 Clusters of Fire

Kanis Da’uul

  • 1 Anteian Cross

As a little incentive and taking a cue from HQD’s own report, the most active person will be featured in next month’s fiction! It won’t be just award related though, it’ll be a general activity thing. Awards certainly count, though!


The Happenings

Shadow Gate Battleteam/House Qel-Droma/Arcona Competitions

(Tigercorn Blood and whatnot)

Don’t forget to check out our Consul’s takeover of the Sentence Run-On II and III.

Brotherhood Wide Competitions

(Things for the whole group!)

In addition to these, the GM - Big Daddy Pravus - has two interesting competitions going on for those who write reports. Kinda cool and I thought I’d give them a nod.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the competitions in the link below.


You know I usually blab something about you guys reading the news. It’s still as important as it always is every month; especially with all these changes coming over the rest of the year. So it’s very important that you keep up with the news!

Make sure to keep an eye on the front page and read the news as it comes! If you’re ever in need of older news, want to look up something or are just curious in general, check out the archives!


In Closing

I know it seems the Battleteam is a bit slow right now, but we’re ramping stuff up for you guys! I know I dont really talk much on Telegram, but I do have it. You’re free to contact me through that any time you want. So don’t be shy!


Great report, and dat fiction!

(also, yay Wally for getting PoBs and CEs)

You will choke on my vengence, Turel.

(Choke on it)

Awesome report, ladies.

Beautiful, ladywardens.

Awesome job, ladies! Keep up the good work.

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