Slipping into the night


Slipping into the night


Slipping into the night

The Proxia Mustirion
Hangar Bay

Mako stood at the foot of the landing ramp of the Henymory’s Promise. At the Quaestor’s side in a hover chair sat V’yr, Turel dutifully standing at her side. The three watched as the inner hatch opened, the glint of metal announcing Gwen’s presence. Turel visibly stiffened as he saw the female Jedi for the first time. The Proconsul had heard about her incursion onto the Proxia the just a few days prior.

“You know you don’t have to go with her. We could send our own shuttle down,” Sorenn spoke quietly as he positioned himself between the Neti and the cyborg.

“Your constant fretting over my safety is endearing but unnecessary,” V’yr responded.

“It’s too bad you are so wrapped around her branches,” Gwen purred at the Proconsul as the red of her cybernetic eye dimmed for a second and she licked her lips. The Neti’s eyes narrowed at the woman for but a second.

“It is better this way. Gwen can contain me should something happen, and I don’t think I should be seeing the House as a whole yet at this point. Besides this will allow me to let go of my darker parts, keep the house safe from any unforeseen consequences and allow for the construction of Satele’s new home,” the Quaestor said with a shrug.

“If you think this is what is best I won’t stop you. Just remember your duties,” Turel spoke slowly as a loud scoff came from behind them.

“Ah, mistress Aleitha I see your mantourage is with you as always.” Gwen said as she stepped to the end of the boarding ramp and let a foot hover a few mere inches above the Proxia’s deck. The younger Henymory’s lips twisted into a grin as the Aedile's twisted into a sneer.

“I wasn't expecting to see you here, Ms. Henymory.” As Alethia spoke Mar steeped around in front her his lightsaber already in hand.

“Alethia,” Mako’s voice was quiet yet the mantel of authority apparent in his tone cut through the tension in the hanger and claimed the attention of those present.

“I appreciate you looking out for the well being of the House, the Clan, and myself. However Gwen is not our enemy. Yes she snuck aboard and restrained you and me. But the show of power she displayed along with the mercy following it was the only way to reach me through the haze of despair and darkness I had descended into. It is only because of her dealings that we have gained the ground on Daleem we required. Only because of her have our negotiations with the guilds gone smoothly and construction of our facilities already begun. She was preparing a place for us before we even conceived a design. You do not have to trust her, but it would be wise of you not to be hostile with her. Part of being a leader is putting the needs and means to fulfill them ahead of petty personal squabbles. You need to keep them safe and busy before they come to our new home.”

As his words subsided Len, Korroth, and Aleeshah walked up to the gathering.

“Len, Korroth, are you ready to go planet side?” The two noded in response and boarded the shuttle.

“Aleeshah,” the quaestor said with a nod before looking to Mar. “I know you are in pain, and most likely wish to purge me on the spot. However you need to be more conscious of your emotions the righteous anger you hold inside is dangerous to not only you but those around you. Having emotions is perfectly fine, however you need to control how you act on your emotions lest one traumatic event turns you to something like myself.” As Mako finished his eyes darted in a knowing way between Alethia and Mar. Bowing to V’yr and clasping Turel on the shoulder for a moment he ascended up the ramp behind Gwen.


Governor's residence

Previt Golvrim nearly choked on his drink as Gwen introduced the guests she had brought into his home.

“You brought a war criminal into my home?!” the Governor demanded his eyes glaring daggers at Gwen.

“Well, love, he is my older brother,” the younger Henymory retorted her voice taking on a sickeningly sweet tone and she place a hand upon her hip.

“Wait you mean the same brother that,” the Sephi’s voice trailed off as Mako, Len, and Korroth stepped into the room.

“Yes, that brother. It is good to know what the Sephi think of me. War criminal, it has a certain ring to it, don’t you think Len?” the Human said as he placed a fake smile upon his face.

“It does have a certain ring, sir,” the Battleteam leader’s sarcasm couldn’t have been more obvious.

“However, I will not deny I have made transgressions and crossed lines that should not have been crossed in my past. Extenuating circumstances aside, I have business with you Governor which is why Gwen brought us here.”

“Then speak, I am not a patent man for those that don’t pave the way before them if you know what I mean.” A corrupt smile crossed Previt’s face and he sipped from an expensive goblet covered in gems.

“We are well aware of your acceptance of substantial bribes from the guilds as they pine for your favor. However we are not a guild and we will not play your corrupt game, Previt. What we bring to the table with our mere presence on Daleem is security and peace of mind.” The Quaestor's words sparked anger in the Sephi and a chuckle from Gwen. Len begrudgingly smiled as Mako prepared the governor for the coming negotiation.

“Strong words from a savage who rips men in half,” Golvrim said as he began to regain his posture.

“Not in half, from stem to stern. It’s much different you see, much more excruciating. And I did that in retort to them killing the love of my life in cold blood. She ment everything to me. All I have left now is my House. I look upon her members as if they were my children. Previt, you have several little ones and a loving wife. What would you do if someone hurt them?”

“Well I would,” the Governor's voice trailed off as he realized the way Henymory was leading the conversation.

“Then we understand each other. House Satele Shan offers a partnership, we are not a guild and we will not pamper you. However we will treat you and yours as one of our own. We expect to be treated as an equal in return. Gwen, Korroth, and myself have pressing business at the construction site. Len will stay here and mull over the details with you. I trust you will treat my favorite son well and you two can come to an understanding on the terms to our inhabitants upon this planet.” The corrupt politician swallowed on a dry throat and simply nodded as Mako spoke.

“Of course, I think we can manage that.”

“Well until we meet again Governor. If nothing else you will have interesting stories to tell at those boring political events.”


The Short Report

Long overdue greetings fellow Satele Shan members. I know this report is super late, life got busy and that is how it goes sometimes.

So as many of you know The Clan event Homecoming is going on and you should go participate in it. Let's get some Satele pride and wipe out the competition. If you have not read Arch’s report do so. Also possessions is going into beta if you want to be a beta tester sign up.

Looking to the future in August, Esca, Arch, Edgar, and myself are putting together a joint house event! Time to hype up for that, more details to follow soon(™).


Arch’s corner

Hey kids! I don't have too much to add, but while we're waiting for all the Crescents from Homecoming Phase 1 to arrive I should mention that there is now a House channel on Telegram. All Satelite should be in there already, but if I missed anyone with a tg account please hit me up (@Archenksov). Otherwise, keep up the good work, get those Homecoming submissions in, and brace yourselves for Shan/Hoth event next month.

Alethia Archenksova

Aedile, Satele Shan


A seat at the table

As many of you know I have been preaching activity since I took over as Quaestor. Over the last month or so I have been severely lacking in that department myself. I have had some rather serious real life issues pop up unexpected. All the same I apologize for not being around as much as I should have been. Moving forward we have some amazing opportunities to get some activity in now and in the near future. Go be amazing like I know you all are!

Mako Henymory

Quaestor, Satele Shan

Great report and 1st

Yaaay, interesting fiction. Good report.

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