Spectre Cell October Report: Of Summer's Fall and a Return to Business


Spectre Cell October Report: Of Summer's Fall and a Return to Business

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Back to work!

Well. That vacation was, uh, great! So restful, so relaxing, so bloodcurdlingly traumatizing...yeah. It was freakin’ awesome to see the our Battleteam’s participation in the clan event, and the House in general kicked some serious butt on all of our pina colada sipping and spoopy monster slaying. If the results of the first half of the event are anything to go by, we’ve got even more shinies coming our way. Loot from the tomb, mayhaps?

In other news, we’ve survived all the way to fall! Summer has passed us fully by. Cold breezes, golden leaves, and clear autumn skies are coming our way, time for cozy blankets, scary movies, and a vast array of pumpkin-flavored beverages, sweet treats, and various other nibbles.

There’s fictional developments incoming (soon), house comps (soonish), and battleteam events as well (also soonish), so stay tuned! In the meantime...well, for all of us stateside, I would take some time to get out and vote. For those not stateside, sit back and watch the leaves turn.

And, for everyone; get some rest. Enjoy the autumn. Find beauty in the changing of the season, while it is upon us...and before winter comes. As Frost said,

Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold, Her only leaf’s a flower, But only so an hour…

House Fiction!

The house fiction is almost fully brewed, folks! Just waiting on a few extraneous factors to settle, then you’ll have your hubbub. :D. Thank you for your patience.


Good little bit of news this month, and some great job openings for those so inclined! :D

  • The clan event has drawn to a close! Massive congratulations and thanks to all those who participated and placed, love to everyone who brought all of their creativity to bear on such a wonderful endeavor. You can find out more in our House Report and Clan Report!
  • Catch up on the fictional goings-on within the Brotherhood at the PulseFeed News Aggregator!
  • Holy job-openings, batman. We’ve got a position open for House Marka Ragnos’ Aedile and the whole retinue of ACC Judges. Now, that last one is a opportunity that I would jump on in an instant, so get those applications in!
  • Star Wars Squadrons is out, so the next biggest thing in DJB gaming is currently live! I’ve personally found it an enormous amount of fun, and recommend that anyone who is interested pick it up.

And, unless I’ve missed anything...that should be it! Catch you guys in the shoutouts.

Spectre Cell Shoutouts!

So, to remind everyone since the last report, every month Spectre Cell gives out an award to a stand-out member, someone who stands out for their creativity, contributions, activity, and gumption. The Spectre Dagger is the highest reward (with no credit value) that we can bestow. The member receiving it this month certainly deserves it. You could say that they’ve been on…fire...with their recent activity?

To Malfrost Xeon! A new member, who’s earned a full 250 clusters of fire since coming to our House and Battle Team less than a week ago! He’s certainly an ace, and an academic, to look out for

Spectre Dagger

Now, everyone else’s shinies!

  • Atty! Two Ruby Crescents, three sapphire crescents, and an emerald crescent! Woo-hoot!
  • Zuji! Three emerald crescents!
  • Grot, with an emerald crescent!
  • Malfrost! With intake of breath 266 clusters of fire and 2 pendants of blood!
  • Tyga, with a sapphire star!

You go guys! I love to see it. :D


Holy heck, lots of competitions this cycle. Let’s check out the highlights!

  • Oooooooooooooooooo...check out all these spooky scary puzzles. Great for some quick creds, or if you’re bored!
  • And, if you’re looking to get your Halloween costume ready in our time of quarantine, here’s a costume comp!
  • Some great launch events for all you aces looking to get into Squadrons, and a sweet long-running Ace Event where you can even earn yourself a great title!
  • You like weapons? You like prototype weapons? You like illegal prototype weapons? Then we’ve got a whole Armoury Expo for you, with a whole slew of puzzles to go along with it!
  • FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!! Fighty art! You know the kicky captain is gonna love this
  • You ever wanna play out the final hour of revenge of the sith, except it’s you that’s killing or being killed by your closest friends? Well, check it out here!

And now, onto my favorite part of the report!


Xenna has some...uh...questions:

  1. If you give a blaster to an armless man, is he armed or unarmed?

Depends on how strong his tongue is :D.

  1. Would you rather fight 10,000 giraffe sized raccoons or 1,000,000 honey badger sized Rhinos?

Rhinos. Rhinos are herbivores. Raccoons are omnivores. Nuh-uh, not doing that. No way, jose.

Techie has a few quandaries:

  1. I don't have a question. Eilen and Sully just wanna say hi.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii. jumping up and down, waving, grinning, biggest damn tackle-hug, just ‘cuz 2. Will I get in trouble for invading your report?

Never. All are welcome in the safe, sacred halls of my report. We’ve got kicky dances, and scanty clothing; much to offer for all!

  1. Sully's practicing a new wombo-combo fastball special, but it requires a second person with far less mass. Sera's kinda short, care to volunteer? (Participants get complimentary floof everywhere)

Oh HELL yeah, you know it. I’ve actually been thinking a little bit about this one; could TK be an effective driver for a fastball special? Sera’s short, compact, very kicky, pointy, kinetic. But, there could be an even more effective wombo-combo, a womboest-combo. Sully throws Sera, Sera impacts with horn and boot to the balls and spinny daggers, and knocks the target back. Sera then uses TK to throw Sully at the target, who is well over 250 pounds of pure muscle, floof, and hammer-shield. Call it the...curveball express? (Or the floofball, also acceptable).

  1. Eilen, uh... Actually, can't think of any questions. Just wants to say hi to Sera, if she's not too busy. Hope that's alright. Okay bye!

Not even gonna wait for a kiss goodbye?

The Consul is quizzical:

  1. What plans do you have for the future?

I’m going to take this as two separate questions. Personally, I’m continuing to pound away at my college classes; keeping my GPA up for this first year is absolutely essential, and I’m rather proud of myself for not losing my academic edge in the gap years I’ve taken. It’s also rather important for me to keep things up considering my re-application to West Point. A strong college GPA is an essential prerequisite, especially considering I’m older than most of the applicants who will be making it in for this cycle.

Brotherhood-wise; werk werk werk! I’ve got a few events starting to brew up, comps for the Battle Team in particular, and a continuation of some of the movie-genre themed competitions that I started to run over the summer. Maybe some buddy-cop stuff? Or a murder mystery…’tis the spooky season, after-all. Also, work on my writing, and fight my superior officers in ACC matches. Normal stuff. (I’m comin’ for yo butts, Aiden and Kord)

  1. What was Sera's favorite part of the vacation? Least favorite?

Her favourite part was, well, just about everything before...y’know. She loved getting an extended little break, following her trip to Iridonia with Karran, loved having time just to goof around with her friends, her crew, and her team. Leisure time isn’t exactly her MO, but you can be sure that she took advantage of it. Working on her tan, finally learning how to swim, catching up on her volleyball game. No drinking, though; she’s going sober for the time being, to help keep Karran on track. As for her least favorite part...you take a guess. Probably the part that was utterly traumatizing?

  1. Coruscanti Fashion Week?

...hahahahah. Yeaaaah. Sera’s gonna need to call Leda for help on this one, get some fashion advice. Skirts and dresses and high-heels are certainly not her thing, but, with a little convincing, and a good outfit, she might come around. Something simple. Light colors, close cut, that she can wear her boots with...like an uncultured savage…

Zuji has a few inquiries:

  1. And for Karran, trip to Iridonia when? Any good lines to express hate of sand?

Sera and Karran actually took a little trip to Iridonia prior to the vacation, ostensibly to fully seal his honorary bond to Tribe Lod, and to repair (and fully finish) the tattoos that he lost onboard the Nesolat. The trip was supposed to be a day or two, but went...a little longer...and a little longer...and a little longer. Then, as soon as they got back...another vacation! Sera’s tan is looking great. She would definitely be down to take another trip with the team, of course. Get everyone a Zabraki training regimen? I’d bet the tribe would love Diy...though they’ve only got meat to eat.

  1. What do you canon from the temple rp?...the shot?

I was thinking about keeping the majority of her experience in the temple canon...shot included. I can think of any number of angsty scenes that could be pulled out of all that. Character development!

  1. What would the Kaedeans' opinion be of us if they heard of the monsters we totally didn’t let loose?

I doubt that they would want anything to do with it. It was Eldar’s connection to Arcona, and the Brotherhood at large, that brought the plague to their planet, a pestilence which carried away the entirety of the Keadean empire and left the vast majority of their population dead. Arcona opening up shadowy, ancient temples all over Selen? Nuh-uh, that’s bad hoo-doo that they want to stay far away from.

  1. Zuj and Sera training when? Her control self sharing and Sera the battle med?

Oh, she would be so down, whenever Zuji wants. Control self is one of Sera’s favorite powers too, so it works out doubly. A lesson in mattle meditation would come with a lesson in Zabraki dances, vocal work. Sera has always found that music serves as an excellent focus for meditation, a pattern of thought that can serve to bind one to their friends and allies. Maaaaaybe Zuj could even get Sera in on some White Lotus business?

Atty prepares a short interrogation:

  1. So how's Sera feeling after her relaxing vacation?

Oh, y’know. She’s gonna have to spend a few weeks re-evaluating...everything. How she sees herself as a person, what her place is, questioning why the Galaxy is so consistently screwed up. All good things, all good things. As is often found, the least healthy place for one to spend time on introspection is a hospital’s waiting room. But, with all of the friends that were brought to death’s door, it’s not like she has much of a choice.

  1. Morra and family thoughts on things? to include a) said vacation and b) master kinda sorta hospitalized and also saying find a better teacher?

Morra and Morgan had very similar thoughts on the first half of the vacation...namely that it all felt way, way, way to good to be true. Neither of them was all that comfortable with it, Morra in particular given her experiences. So...Morgan spent most of the trip just trying to make her smile. Relax a little bit, feel like everything was alright, and there;s plenty of fun that she could get up to while still keeping to baggy clothes. If that was how he and Emere could spend the entire vacation, they would be happy. But, that;s evidently not how things turned out. Morgan had almosted expected the monsters, the other shoe falling on his vacation. He would *certainly have taken his weapons along. Morra, on the other hand, had just started to grow used to being able to relax, to unwind, to fully trust in the moment and enjoy herself, if even for a little bit. To her, the creatures weren’t as terrifying as they might have been. Rather, they were a fulfillment of her worst expectations; that bad things happen to good people, that helping people can get you killed, and that sometimes the only way forward is through killing.

  1. What's she plan to do next for the team after all that?

After everything? Recuperate for a hot second, then we’re headed back to Eldar. We have outposts that we need to secure, a capitol that we need to reclaim, and people that we need to start training if they’re going to climb back to their feet.

  1. Any rp you particularly wanna see?

Honestly? I miss getting to do simple, little sparring sessions. They were short, quick, snappy, and plain fun. Maybe we could do a little halloween party sparring session? Get everyone fighting in their fancy costumes.

And a Monthly Bun-Pic to round us off

Bun Pic 4

Great report there, Sera!





Also, if you want Sera to fight with Ruka in a hot pink Rocky Horror... I'll make it happen.

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