Taldryan Consul Report #3 – Back in the Saddle Again


Taldryan Consul Report #3 – Back in the Saddle Again


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Taldryan News

  • With a heavy heart, I announce that Battlemaster Omega Kira, Dinaari’s Quaestor, has decided to step down from his position. Omega has served his house for 14 months, and he leaves with all my hopes that he can find some time to revitalize himself, and come back stronger in the future. Both as a member of Taldryan and the Brotherhood – and one of its leaders! Thank you, Omega. Best and easiest apprentice to have ever!

  • Stepping in to fill Omega’s shoes is current Aedile, Mystic Aiden Lee Deshra! Congratulations Best Aiden! I know that you will all join me in offering your congratulations to him!

  • Zoron and I have been discussing some new things for Taldryan’s fictional backstory (and…front story?) – things are not yet finalized – but what I can tell you, is that we’re trying to square where Taldryan fits in the Brotherhood – given the Grand Master’s purge of all the undesirables a few months ago. It seems like a good direction to take the clan!

  • House Ektrosis’ Bobecc will be releasing his second round of Flashpoint competitions…very soon. I hope everyone gets a chance to participate in these, as you don’t want to see your consul coming anywhere close to victory. That means you have to beat team Angry Green Panda! For the current standings, check out Bobecc’s Report.

Brotherhood News

  • The Voice of the Brotherhood posted a sign up form to beta test the Brotherhood’s Possessions system! This has been a long, long time coming – and from the things I’ve seen, it looks to be a lot of fun! I encourage everyone to sign up (and I know I already did)!

  • Evant also posted some important updates to how Clusters of Ice are awarded across the Brotherhood – check it out here

  • Farrin is running a fiction competition, the Paladin Massacre until August 5th for Journeymen across the Brotherhood. So those of you ranked Knight or below, please take a look and enter!

Competition Roundup

Taldryan Hosted Competitions

Brotherhood Wide Competitions

As always, my proverbial office (or maybe a cave or fort) is always open if you have questions or comments or you think I’m doing a terrible job. Please don’t feel the need to keep things from me!

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