Taldryan Consul Report - Two roads diverged in a wood


Taldryan Consul Report - Two roads diverged in a wood


Today's report art was created by Livio Ramonde

Greetings All,

I come to you once again, well past my self-designated and oft-ignored bed time to bring you the week's news and happenings, as well as updates from around the Brotherhood. It's been a relatively quiet news week DB wise, so this report shouldn't take too too long, but in it I'll be addressing

Headlines that you need to know!

  • Masters of our Fate has kicked off.
  • Mav sheds some light on the Path proposals
  • Jac updates us on the Chamber of Justice
  • Star Wars News happened this week too.


Masters of our Fate

Well folks, we've been up and running in Masters of our Fate since the weekend, and you can all now see the first few competitions that are being made available to you guys. I'm going to grab Howie and start working on the second phase of the event, as well as work toward getting a lengthier plot update out for it sometime next week. This week's time has been consumed by a rather important proposal that I'll talk about in a little bit, as well as lots of debate on the Dark Summit. However, for right now we're spending our focus in Masters looking inwards. The danger comes later.

You can view the current competitions in Masters here:


The Paths Less Travelled

So, ickle mavviekins (he's going to hate me for that when he gets back) tossed up a report before he headed off into the wilds for a camping and canoeing trip. Personally I find the idea of canoeing anywhere not in Canada offensive, but there's no accounting for taste. His report touched on a few things I alluded to earlier, especially in regards to the upcoming addition of two non-Force weilding orders, the dissolution of the icky Krath and Obelisk orders, and a general shake up of all things DB.

To start off, I guess I should introduce the 5 "new" orders that will be appearing in a galaxy near you at some point in the near future. Along with the orders we'll have 3 paths available to us, and each Order has path connotations attached to it.

The five "new" Orders will be... Sith, Mercenary, Gray Jedi, Loyalist and Jedi. Sith is literally the only Order that us currently staying. Obelisk/Krath are going the way of the dodo, and the current light sided orders are all being merged under a "Jedi" tag. The advent of Gray Jedi, Mercenaries and Loyalists are all brand new options making use of non-Force using characters, and Gray aligned Force users. You can get a good idea of the alignment and orders in this handy chart Mav included:


Now, as interesting as all that may be, you may be wondering what it means for Taldryan itself. The summit has been spending most of its time polishing our alignment proposal, and I'm not going to give anything away quite yet, but I think it's a pretty safe bet given our association with the Gray Paladins that part of our proposal is going to include the Gray Path. As soon as we hear back from the GM/Mavlick as to our final makeup, you guys will know. Until then, keep patient.


Updates from the Chamber of Justice

In the other major report from the Dark Council this week Jac caught us up on the current happenings of the Chamber of Justice. Thankfully this time around it didn't involve a massive cheating cscandal or any other naughty thing, and it was largely just informative. Make sure you head over and read the old man's report, I know it'll make him happy. He does love being loved.

Also, a bit later in the week Jac announced the appointment of the three newest members of the Brotherhood's Appeals Panel. While the Appeals Panel was only implemented after I retired from Justicar, I recognize just how important it is to ensure excellent representatives of the membership are on there. So congratulations go out to:

I'm sure the three of you will serve the Brotherhood well. Except maybe that Zoron guy. I'm not sure about him.


Star Wars News from around the web

  • There's been some rumblings for awhile about a few Live Action Star Wars TV Shows. It sounds like the current prevailing rumour is that these shows will appear on Netflix.
  • The first collected edition of the new Marvel Star Wars Comics will be getting released soon, and Marvel expects to ship over 200,000 units to supplement the 5 million individual comics the various new series have sold. If you're not reading the comics yet, I would definitely recommend them (I think Darth Vader and Kanan are my favourites at the moment.)
  • If you're planning on attending Star Wars Celebration London next year, I hope you already have your three day pass because they're already sold out. Individual day passes are still available, but if you're looking at going, you'd best snatch them up while you still can.


Competition Roundup

As always, there are a great number of competitions available for you guys to participate in on top of our Masters competitions, so have a look and see if anything tickles your fancy.

Taldryan Hosted Competitions
DB Wide Competitions


This weekend marks the civic holiday in Ontario, which is to say the "excuse to give us a long weekend in August" holiday, and that means I'll be wandering off on any variety of poorly planned out ideas. I won't be around a whole hell of a lot especially not on irc, but I think Howie should be here to put out any major fires if they pop up.

Oh, also, Telegram isn't completely awful, and thanks to Mark's suggestion, I've been able to get the desktop version installed on my home pc, so I'm available on Telegram now just as much as I am on IRC. Anyways, take it easy folks!

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Excellent. Give in to the Telegram. It will consume you!

Telegram's fine to a point, but is overdone by people posting annoying meme's and RL pics that are kinda creepy. Thankfully the Tal chat has been pretty good avoiding this sorta thing.

Well... to be fair Halc, nothing in this world is immune to being ruined by idiocy.

Yep, I guess the difference is most people can't or don't know how to post pics on IRC, but I have definitely seen my share of weird, crazy, obscene, and annoying chats on IRC as well. People will be people regardless of the communication system. What one person likes another might hate. That's the great thing about random personalities lol

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