Tarentum Aedile Report - Second Wind


Tarentum Aedile Report - Second Wind


June 9th 2014 -

Holy Sith,

Two Tarentum summit reports inside a week? Well if you had read Scion’s report you would have seen that the summit is working on refocusing its workload and more importantly getting things out in a timely manner again. Additionally, things aren’t going to be kept behind closed doors, what we are working on (and the opportunities that go along with them) is going to be clearly presented to the public, and promises (like this report being out today) are going to be held accountable so that the opportunities for fun, excitement and community are going to become plentiful in Tarentum again.

Like myself at 4am after a night of drinking, we've hit our second wind and coming back with a fury. We don't get white chick wasted here.

In Darkness We Trust

Dark Brotherhood Wide

Fading Light: ACC Tournament

If you have been following my emails, or the IRC channel, we have 3 Tarenti competing in the tournament. At the moment, we have 2 completed battles and one hanging in the balance awaiting the opponent to post. Farrin will be moving on to the next round at this point, congrats to him and we will be sure to watch the next round closely. A good attempt was made by Hades though a lightning storm got the best of his modem and he’s currently off the internet (oh the horrors!), and the win defaulted to Yacks. And, as was mentioned, I myself am waiting on my opponent to make their deathpost to see if I will be able to avenge Hades next round. The summit will continue to monitor this event for as long as Tarenti are in it so please feel free to cheer us on.

Capitalization Matters

Mav released a link to guidelines of capitalization on all things Star Wars-y. Not only is this a great tool for everyone in the DB, it was pointed out the ACC will grade by it.

Quick Bits

House News

Battleteams no longer mandatory

For awhile now Scion and I have been discussing the structure of the house and how things are working, and more importantly what you guys have been saying. As Scion announced on the mailing list the other day, we are going to lighten the BT policy and take a different approach to new members coming in. This may have further changes on the summit, we are still hammering out details about possibly hiring a Rollmaster to manage new members, Master-Student pairings, as well as recruit directly for the house but for the moment the current changes have been listed in Scion’s email which I have copied here:

  1. If you'd prefer not to be in one, just ask Raiju or me and we'll remove you from your team. Members are no longer required to be in a Battle Team, but are still strongly encouraged to do so.

  2. If a team drops to 3 or fewer members it is put on "probation" and may be closed down after 6 months if it cannot rise to 4 or more members. The House Summit will work closely with the BTL to strengthen the team and prevent closure; we specifically do not want to create a situation where teams are opening and closing often.

  3. Any group of 4 or more people, with at least one DJK+ to serve as BTL, may submit an application to form a new team. The final decision to create the new team still ultimately rests with the House Summit.

  4. BTLs are still considered part of the House Summit and will take part in much of the planning and decision making for the House.

Summit Project List

For awhile now I have been trying to promote opportunities in and outside the House to help you guys getting closer to that next rank. Recently we have had more and more people offer their help, and the Summit frankly has tons of work that could use an extra hand or two (or twelve). So today I present to you, the newly create and now official Summit Project List

This list has been started as “ticket system” for what projects the summit is working on. Each summit member has access to edit the document, and they will fill in the “Project Name”, “Type of Project”, and “Notes” sections while attaching their name as the “Summit Lead”. Any Tarenti can now go take a look at the document at any time (and it will continue to be added to as time goes on), find something they are interested in, and immediately contact that summit member to offer help. Go ahead and take a look at that document, and feel free to check back every couple of days. There’s some big stuff happening, or about to happen that is on there or will be making it on there within the next 24 hours. I just wanted to make sure you guys had access to this resource beforehand.

Shadow Academy

NOV Shujiru

  • Dark Brotherhood Basics

GRD Garloaf

  • IRC Basics

DJK Farrin Xies

  • Dark Pundit - Vendetta
  • Dark Maven - Combat
  • Dark Maven - Philosophy
  • Dark Maven - General History
  • Dark Maven - Flight
  • Dark Savant - Writing and Philosophy
  • DBWiki
  • Vendetta 1
  • Vendetta 2
  • Vendetta 3
  • Essentials 1
  • Essentials 2
  • Essentials 3
  • Essentials 4
  • Essentials 5
  • Essentials 6
  • Advanced Lightsaber Studies
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Old Republic History
  • History of the Sith Empire I
  • History of the Sith Empire II
  • History of the Sith Empire III
  • Lightsaber Studies
  • Combat Tactics
  • Sith Core
  • Debate II
  • Debate I
  • HTML Primer
  • SA Rank promoted to Senior
  • Writing Studies
  • Markdown 101
  • Philosophy I
  • Philosophy II
  • ACC Fundamentals
  • IRC Operator Studies
  • Planet and Stars
  • Chamber of Justice II
  • ACC Qualification
  • Astronomy Studies
  • Capital Ships
  • Freighters/Transports *Starfighter
  • GMRG History
  • General Warfare
  • TOR Basics *Alchemy
  • Brotherhood History
  • Consular Core
  • Cryptography
  • Guardian Core
  • Galactic Languages
  • Basically the whole SA

GRD Garloaf

  • Dark Cross

DJK Farrin Xies

  • Dark Cross x4
  • Cr-E x2
  • 22 CFs
  • CI x2
  • Cr-D
  • Cr-T x3
  • Cr-S

DJK Orion Aries Rial

  • 68 CFs

KP Altheseus Levathan

  • Cr-T

SW Ayden Dane

  • 120 CFs

SBM Archean Tarentae

  • Cr-R

SBM Raiju Kang

  • 9 CFs
  • SoL
  • Dark Cross

SBM Hades

  • SoL
  • 1 CF

SBL Scion Altera

  • 3 CIs
  • SoL

DJM Anshar Kahn Tarentae

  • 3 CIs
  • Cr-R
  • SoL

  • Zion promoted to Novice
  • Shujiru promoted to Novice
  • Tavarrius Garvonn promoted to Novice
  • Farrin promoted to Dark jedi Knight


After the prologue the results were announced, but the fiction that followed really wasn't promoted (but has been on the website for several weeks now). As you may remember, part of this series will give you the chance to write directly into the canon as we will upload part of your winning entry as part of the official story. Anshar was the one who won the fiction event in the Prologue and therefore got his submission included as the second update of the prologue.

After this, the Prologue concluded with our top scorer (Levathan) and the winner of the Heroic Event (Rax) making it into the final update for the Prologue.

With these updates out, Ravaged is closing in on us fast. Keep a lookout for email updates this week.

  • Summit refocusing, re-energized, and increasing its organization to serve you better
  • ACC Tournament; One Tarenti moves on, One knocked out, One still waiting on judging
  • Lots of DB News
  • Battleteams no longer mandatory, New BT rules
  • Summit Project List released for your viewing, assistance requested
  • Raiju didn't do a report for awhile and a load of SA exams, medals, and promotions didn't get reported till now
  • Ravaged is coming back!


Terrific report man, great work!

I have a special death post waiting for ya Raiju ;)

You possibly missed one or two SA courses I took, I can't be sure :P

Awwwww yeah! Tarentum Momentum!

Yacks.. you got lucky. We both know it. But my brother decided to lightning bolt my modem. (waits for someone to get the reference.) :(

Great report Raiju! :D (whoops)

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