Tarentum CON Report #1


Tarentum CON Report #1


Aloha, friends!

Looking at my old reports, it seems that the last time I was Consul of Tarentum, it was 2007. In my history, I've served as CON of Tarentum three times -- though I've been head of Tarentum now four times, once as Quaestor of House Tarentum. There's been some very impressive times I've had as CON, and I'm certainly excited and humbled to be here again. It's not just anyone who gets picked to do this job as often as I've been privileged to do so.

And being CON is no easy job, I assure you. Frosty Romanae Tarentae is a stellar gentleman. I kid you not, Frosty is like one of my own kids. I watched he and his brother Dox (among others) grow from boys into the fine men they are. Good members, amazing friends, and fine husbands. It was a true privilege and honor to serve with him. He gets a bit of a rest, but not too much. All of us have a lot of fun and (yes) work ahead. But it's leisure activities. It's part of being in this magnificent Club. We have a summer Great Jedi War ahead of us. I am so excited for this, and I hope everyone else is, too. I'm not kidding when I say that I want Tarentum shooting for First Place on this. We have the talent to be top competitors in this Club. We just have to want it.

I'm hungry for a win. Are you? With that being said, let's get ready to rock. But for now, onto business.


There's a new Consul (obviously). That means there's room for a new Proconsul. I intend to have a two-part process. First, applications. I will be asking interested parties to email me the usual apps. For non-Tarenti, you are encouraged to apply. I'd love to get to know and work with you if you're the right fit. The only stipulation is, I will be letting other Clans know who applies. I'd prefer if you have your Clan Summit advanced notice first. Just let them know if you intend to apply. It's a courtesy and a respect.

Second, I will be doing “interviews” over Telegram. I want to get to know you. I also want to ensure you know what you're getting into. Consuls are Dark Council members. Yep, DC membership comes with being CON. As PCON, you are both an assistant, a potential replacement, as well as a “backup DC member” to the CON as needed. Get familiar with the Covenant, you'll see how much can weigh on you. If you're looking for a path to the Dark Council, Clan leadership is it. I expect you to be able to work with every Clan, every member of Tarentum, and have the right to team attitude.

I'm looking forward to finding the best Proconsul for Tarentum. Applications will be open starting May 5th, and will run through the end of the month. I will try and coordinate interviews with you as I receive applications. There is no standard format I will be looking for in applications. Sell yourself. Introduce yourself. And then I'll have questions when we can connect on Telegram. Yes, my PCON will have to be on Telegram. Best of luck!


Our story so far…

Yridia. The system is home to Tarentum, the secretive Clan of Life and Death in the organization known to most as The Brotherhood. Sith, Dark and Grey Jedi call this place home, as do the Mercenary and Loyalist forces that fall under Tarentum's banner. From darkest Master to new Apprentice, each is a valued warrior. Every last crew member of the Clan's armed forces fall under the protection of the dread Necromancers and cunning warriors of this sect.

The system has gone through upheavals. The most recent of which rocked the foundation of Tarentum's control, and returned some of the system governance to its people. The Grey Viata under the banner of House Liath have set up a sanctuary of the moon of Salam, and a large population of humanity has followed them there. While there is a great deal of physical labor involved in gearing up this new settlement, the people have thrown themselves into their work, and are happier than they've been in years.

A new mercenary corporation has taken root across large swathes of territory, but so far, very few have come across any of the faces beneath these helmeted warriors. They call their syndicate the “Q’arn Fylking,” and answer to no one outside of their own chain of command. The only known liaison with the mercenaries is a Quarren behemoth who goes by the name Dek Sabbat. This Quarren has been witnessed in the company of Tarentum’s Consul, Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae. It can be assumed that the mercenaries are at least civil with Tarentum, if not completely allied.

Tarentum was recently actively pursuing ties with Naga Sadow, and rebuilding from a recent attack by the forces of the Iron Throne. Several of Tarentum’s former ships were heavily damaged or destroyed in the assault. Not long after, Bloodfyre left the service of the FIST of the Brotherhood. Perhaps this offensive may have contributed to the two parting ways.

The new generation of Tarentum and the Clan's foundation of tomorrow is training under their mentors, harnessing new powers, and preparing for war on the horizon. Darth Aeternus is calling recruits to his service and is raising up juggernauts and powerful warriors. Frosty and Dox Romanae Tarentae are sharpening their blades and preparing for war in their mountain fortress. Solas and his coven are spreading their brand of cultic darkness throughout Yridia. Are there any receptive to their words? The Clan that began as the infamous “Tau House” under Magnus Kaerner looks ahead to new life and pending victories...

--No new fiction yet. My family has been busy moving to Washington state. I'll release a separate fiction later on. Needless to say, there's monthly story progression and movement. It'll involve regular recaps, as well as movement in the story forward.--


There's definitely changes in the works, projects coming up, and evolution. I'm not going to do a tell-all book yet, but I'm going to try and give some detail so people are on the same page.

1) Project Road Map. My intention is to have things planned out for 6-12 months in advance at any given moment. Right now, we're loosely preparing for the GJW, but by the end of the War, I want to have the rest of the year planned ahead and working into 2018. This means that things I have people working on may not get used right when they're completed. But that's the point.

2) Project Story Fixes. Dek Sabbat comes into play here. So do a few other things. Tarentum's story has plot holes. I'm planning to fix them. Long story short, not only do I want our Clan Wiki pages updated and such, I want our story seamless and fun. I also want it to be able to move forward, and not just recycle stuff.

3) Project Leadership. There's a lot to this one. I'm going to establish guidelines and expectations for all of our leadership. Who has to write reports. What they should entail. When they have to be released. How many comps a month our leadership has to participate in, how many we have to run. What will happen with our Teams. A lot. Some of this will fit into our current situation. Others, I will only introduce with GM permission (meaning, I have to make proposals to Sarin and Mav before I release details). I expect a lot out of our leadership, because we should be doing just that -- leading.

This is probably one of the more exciting times I've seen in Tarentum. We have a lot of enthusiasm that no one wants to lose. I'm not kidding when I say there is so much talent in the Clan right now that we can absolutely make a run at First Place in this coming GJW. We can take a stab at our good friends in Arcona and some of their recent excellence. We can make use of the cooperative comps we've been doing lately and really put our best foot forward. The Dark Brotherhood is the premier organization in the Star Wars fanbase, and we can show ourselves as the cream of the crop. Let's rise to this occasion, Tarentum.

You guys are friends, family, trusted associates, and the closest people I have in this Club. Some of you are close enough that you even talk crap about me with Mrs. Beef (when she's on Telegram). This is a good Club. Tarentum is a great Clan. Let's have a ridiculously awesome summer, shall we?

- Frosty was CON, now it's me, and we're grateful to the Iceman.
- CON is DC, PCON is CON replacement, so come get closer to the dream of Council membership and work for Tarentum.
- Fiction recap.
- Projects and a bit of details.

Have a great weekend, Tarentum. I love you guys!



Wahoo Beef! #tarentummomentum

Woooo! Welcome back to the Consulship, Beef. Fight on, Tarentum!

Hype for you, my friends and allies! Bring it on! #tarentummomentum

Good Report We found the Beef!

Woo! I like where we are headed. Interested to see who we can trick, erm, recruit into the PCON role.

Lure them with Pecan pie

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