This is a TAL RM Report


This is a TAL RM Report



Welp, I’m your new RM and you are all doomed. DOOMED!


Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let’s begin. First, I am Xolarin and I’ve been around for over 4 years and I’ve been a part of several Clans. I’ve done quite a few things over the years, but these days I mostly dig hanging out with all you nerds.

Blah blah, many of you have known me for a while. What I SHOULD be saying is what I have planned for this resurrected position in Taldryan. There are two areas I hope to focus on in my tenure here: member recruitment and retention, and general administrative assistance to the summit. So I hope to help run comps and vendettas and do reports akin to this one. But more importantly, I hope to be trying for some outreach, general “advertising”, and just trying to link up newcomers or members who aren’t sure where to go next.

So, always follow the chain of command or master/student relationships. BUT, I am here for you. And I hope as a team (read: clan) we can continue to grow our little neck of the woods in TAL.

I hope to report out on recruiting efforts in the future, but for now we’ll just point out how awesome TAL people are.

Glory and Honor

I LOVE doing this in my reports, going all the way back to my earliest BTL/AED days. I basically get the numbers for: promotions, awards, competitions, SA work, news, and ACC. Some things (like PvE or Words of Fiction) are built into the awards so I don’t always double up.

Thus, here are some recent goings-on of our Clan Taldryan members. Since I don’t have a prior report to go back to, we’ll cover from September 1st until this report date (which may include some Probowl awards).

Also note that some of this was covered by Appius in his latest QUA report.

  • Novice Newt Valor: Joined and promoted up to Novice (including Trial of Identity)
  • Captain Crysenia Orainn: Promote to Captain JM4, Appointment as SA Professor, 1x Ruby Crescent, 6x Clusters of Fire, 1x Competition, 3x Parent Competitions, 1x SA Course, 1x SA Degree, 25x SA Courses Graded
  • Captain Dasha 'Jala' Talus: 1x Ruby Crescent, 4x Sapphire Crescent, 3x Clusters of Ice, 3x Clusters of Graphite, 2x Competitions, 3x Parent Competitions
  • Mystic Appius "Zappius" Wight: Appointed Ektrosis QUA, 1x Amethyst Crescent, 1x Sapphire Crescent, 24x Clusters of Ice, 12x Clusters of Graphite, 7x Competitions, 4x Parent Competitions, 4x Organized Competitions, 4x ACC Battles, 4x SA Courses, 1x SA Degree, 2x News Posts, 3x News Comments
  • Savant Xolarin: Appointed RM, 1x Diamond Crescent, 1x Ruby Crescent, 1x Topaz Crescent, 6x Clusters of Graphite, 2x Competitions, 3x Parent Competitions, 3x SA Courses, 1x SA Degree, 9x News Comments
  • Commander Wagglehorn: 3x Clusters of Graphite, 2x Parent Competitions
  • Battlemaster Meleu Karthdo: 2x Ruby Crescents, 4x Amethyst Crescents, 1x Sapphire Crescent, 1x Pendant of Blood, 54x Clusters of Earth, 3x Clusters of Graphite, 3x Competitions, 3x Parent Competitions
  • Battlemaster Tracinya Beviin Entar: 1x Ruby Crescent, 1x Amethyst Crescent, 2x Clusters of Ice, 9x Clusters of Graphite, 7x Competitions, 5x Parent Competitions
  • Corsair Aylin Sajark: 2x Ruby Crescent, 2x Amethyst Crescent, 6x Clusters of Graphite, 1x Competition, 2x Parent Competition, 1x Organized Competition
  • Corsair Zxyl Venzos Taldrya: 65x Clusters of Fire, 8x Clusters of Earth, 3x Clusters of Graphite, 3x Competitions, 2x Parent Competitions, 2x News Posts, 5x News Comments
  • Augur Shanree Argentin: 74x Clusters of Fire
  • Warlord Rakhai: 3x Sapphire Crescents, 1x Emerald Crescent, 3x Clusters of Graphite, 2x Competitions, 3x Parent Competitions
  • Augur Raistline Taldrya Majere: 1x Amethyst Crescent, 1x Emerald Crescent, 1x Topaz Crescent, 2x Clusters of Fire, 3x Clusters of Graphite, 4x Competitions 2x Parent Competitions
  • Adept Rian Taldrya: 1x Ruby Crescent, 1x Quartz Crescent, 3x Clusters of Graphite, 12x Competitions, 3x Parent Competitions
  • Adept Seraine "Erinyes" Taldrya Ténama: Named “Daughter of Taldrya” (August, but still w00t!), 1x Ruby Crescent, 1x Scroll of the Master, 2x Parent Competitions, 1x News Post
  • General Zentru’la: Appointed Tavros BTL, 1x Competition
  • Adept Benevolent Taldrya Whiner: 64x Clusters of Fire, 8x Clusters of Earth, 2x Competitions, 2x Parent Competitions, 3x SA Courses

Other TAL Goings-on

There are competitions going on, such as:

And then let’s not forget some reports that have come in the last few weeks or so:

Ask ProfX

So I did a thing with #profx and here’s what you all wanted to know.

What are your most immediate plans for Rollmaster and Tal at large? What are your future plans? -Zxyl

See above. And future plans will involve multiple take-over plots which I cannot divulge yet. Suffice it to say, I’m here for the members and the summit - let’s get some newcomers and keep folks engaged, and let me know if you have ideas!

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses? -Zentru’la

old meme

Do you liek mudkipz? -Zxyl

I spel gud 2. But I always had a thing for Squirtle?

Parting Wisdom

“Never have both donuts and beer within a 4-hour period.” -Me


Awesome report, dude! :D

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