TYR QUA Report #1


TYR QUA Report #1


Hey Everyone! Super excited to be writing this report as it will be my first report using markdown and not html. Seems to be a TON easier, but I do kind of miss being able to build the entire report from scratch. Although, I do enjoy have my hours of the day back.



With the probowl being good and done with, I want to give a big congratulations to TuQ as he finished 100% over the probowl. Another congrats to Khryso, Furios, Andrelious and Liandry for completing over 90% of the events! Those are huge numbers! And last but not least, a huge THANK YOU to Sang, Justinios and Arden for putting it together for us.


Expanding Horizons

Today is the last day to sneak in submissions for week 1 and more importantly your votes to which faction you want to see expanded upon first! Week two is in full swing and the events are a ton of fun as well as being super easy to complete in less than a half hour. Easy participation to impact where the fictional development of our clan goes! Personally, I'm pulling for my landmark location on Aliso. Its a retreat/hunting compound used by the Saraask'ar elite on a pretty decent sized, and rare, island on Aliso. Think "The Most Dangerous Game". Check it out the competition here!


DB News

As always, I'll provide you with your one stop shop for keeping up to date on all things DB.


PLA and TYR News

QUA Projects

It's been about a month since I've taken office and so far I'm absolutely loving my new role and everyone has been so welcoming and eager to help out. When I applied for this roll, I shared with Ronovi my vision for overhauling fiction, and when I say overhaul, I mean to build upon the already fantastic foundation that was laid by Liandry, Tuq, Arden and Aleister. With that said, I have a ton of projects that I want to accomplish fiction wise and would love to have anyone's help that wants to earn some brownie points for their next recc! Activities will largely revolve around brainstorming and wiki writing. Slide into my DM's on tele or email me for more details!

Current Competitions

Member Run Competions

We continue to strongly encourage all of you to run your own competitions for Plagueis or even DB-wide! You don't have to make a huge event, either - you can run one or two comps! Your summit is happy to help coorganize as needed. Pm me if you need anything at all! I love helping people put their comps together!


We have some pretty cool stuff planned for 2021 - including, but not limited to, mayhaps a little something-something with Odan-Urr...?

Yep, the light and dark must clash again!



Ronovi askes:

What is something from Naga Sadow you'd love to bring to Plagueis?

Two things really, OOC, it would have to be the telegram presence. I loved how people constantly just shot the breeze with eachother. IC, it would be Naga Sadow's affinity for the ancient. There's just something inherently awesome when you tie Dark Jedi/Sith to what they use to be.

IC, boxers or briefs?

Boxerbriefs! Can't be having the thighs rub together on a mission.

Does Shim prefer sweet or savory breakfast?

Definitely sweet. Vagnerian canapes for breakfast are his jam.

Paper or plastic?

Paper saves the trees. Plastic hides the bodies.

Which hand would you say is the most dreadful of your hands? The left, or the right?

Right hand! Gotta keep it strong!

Liandry askes:

What does Shim think about his predecessor?

Shim is uneasy that a non Force User was able to make it so high in rank and command amongst a clan of Sith/Dark Jedi. He's definitely wary.

What does shim hope to achieve by being in Plagueis?

Like any Sith, Shim wants to consolidate his own power as well as build a resume to propel him higher into power. If he can achieve that and a fleet/army to meet his....personal goals, all the better.

What's Shim's vice?

I've honestly never gave that much thought to it. When Shim was developed I was 13 years old, didn't smoke or drink, now at 31 I both drink and smoke. I think he'll stay more or less a deacon with the vice's and occasionally partake in some alcohol.

Got any juicy gossip?

Atra would murder me. And then resurrect me. And murder me again. My lips are sealed. (pssst. Look for cool stuff soon.)

How Expanded are your Horizons?

SO EXPANDED! Went 5/5 for the first week and currently 1/5 on the second week. I really dug my landmark entry and hope that the Summit thinks its as cool as I do.

Zuser askes:

Seen any weird trains around Aliso?

Not yet! Currently enlisting people to help out with issue of mass transportation. Any takers?

Tahiri askes:

Does Shim have any pets?

No pets, he stays relatively unattached.

What would Shim's reaction be when he meets all of Tahiris's companions/pets (she has a huge male Akul, a male Vornskr, and a female Varactyl)?

Shim would naturally be put off, especially with the vornskr and it's abilities, but he'd attempt to hide his discomfort.

What would his initial reaction be to Tahiri's niceness, even though she's a Sith?

He's smart enough to know that he had risen through the ranks and is apart of the summit, although she may appear as a sweet, gentle little durni, deep down he knows she has to be a wolf to survive the Plaguies pack.

Would he be slightly scared if he saw her ire being brought to the surface?

He's expecting it and hoping it'll happen sooner rather than later so he can gauge her strengths and weaknesses. A Sith can never be too informed.

Marcus asks:

Who's your favorite Beatle?


Arden asks:

What's your favorite seal?

Seal of Approval. Nothing quite says "Project Finished" like that cute little bugger.



I'm super stoked to be in Plagueis and to be able to help push the clan and house narrative forward as well as bringing the members of both Tyranus and Plagueis some cool and (hopefully) fun competitions. My door is always open, if you're looking for more on your plate, look no further! I have an entire kitchen to pass out for all the hungry mouths. Thank you for welcoming me with such open arms, I can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us!

Shim, awesome first report! So good to have you on the team!

Awesome report Shim!!! Happy to have you on the team!

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