Vizsla VII: The Great Hunt


Vizsla VII: The Great Hunt


Like you said: only the strongest...shall rule..


Greetings everyone,

This 7th Clan Vizsla report will highlight news and notes, announce the launch of the Great Hunt II, and provide a few final notes on additional competitions of interest.

News and Notes

The Summit has just completed a review of our entire roster for awards and promotions. We treat DJB achievements very seriously and believe they are a two-way street between the member and Clan leadership. If a member has a target goal (promotion, higher merit, SAC), then we all work together on a path to achieve that target. No one in Vizsla is going to wing a DC at your just for the hell of it. We only award what you want (and earn).


  1. Eminent Val Cole was awarded a Ruby Scepter.

  2. Augur Farrin Xies Tarentae was awarded an Amethyst Kukri.

  3. Warlord Rajhin was awarded a Sapphire Blade.

  4. Augur Amira Lux was awarded a Grand Cross.

  5. Reaver Mauro Wynter was awarded a Steel Cross.

  6. Corsair Kanal O'neill was awarded an Anteian Cross.

  7. Battlemaster Ra'gnar was awarded a Grand Cross.

  8. Eminent Kalan Amak was awarded his first ever Dark Cross.

Congratulations to everyone on their awards!

The Great Hunt II

You are one of the first to wear the Vizsla colors, but being a member of the team is only the first step in creating your legend. Clan Vizsla has acquired multiple contracts to hunt down individuals across the galaxy. It is your turn to prove you are the best. Can you knock off Rulvak as the Clan Champion?

The Great Hunt II is a series of eight user friendly, easy to compete, and time friendly competitions.

  1. The Great Hunt: Container
  2. Database Hunt: Database Hunt for a Target
  3. Hunters Mark: Graphics
  4. Trials of Ullr: Fiction
  5. Target Marked: Graphics
  6. Mando Puzzles: Puzzles
  7. It's on the Wiki: Find the target
  8. Intercept the Transmission: Puzzle
  9. Cluster Race: Gaming

*The Great Hunt is live now!
**These very easy competitions also earn you credits that go towards the Clan. This is the only way to earn the Clan Name!

I'm in it for the Credits

The Clan Vizsla Name can only be earned by contributing credits to the Clans coffers. This can be done through repeatable awards and participation in events indicated below. The target goal is two million credits and our very own Zoron is almost there!

• Seal (Vendetta)
• Seal (War)
• Legion of the Scholar
• Clusters
• Crescents
• Novas
• Competition Participation
• Organizing a competition
• Complete ACC battle



Run by Us

  1. Graphics Event from Waar Duum Needle to Flesh
  2. Turel doing that Combat Master thing: Stop Hitting Yourself

Run by Others

  1. Atra with the Multiprompt: ACE Boring Conversation
  2. Atra is our favorite almost Vizsla and has some graphics too: {Design a storefront logo](

Clan Resources

  1. Zsoldos (Our Clan Planet):
  2. House Wren:
  3. Vizsla Fleet:

Closing Out

Great work by everyone. We appreciate the chat on Telegram, the hard work on the wikis, and the dedication to our club. Stay COVID safe!


Woohoo! Grats on the awards. Ready for the next hunt and ALL THE CREDITS!

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