Wardens Report - "I Don't Know What Number We're At Anymore"


Wardens Report - "I Don't Know What Number We're At Anymore"

Howdy Wardens-folk!

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Welcome to my first kick at the can again. I haven’t written a report in ages, so I’m shaking off the rust and trying to remember what I’m supposed to do!

In case it hasn’t clicked for you yet, I’m Kenath Zoron, your Battleteam Sergeant and Dru’s 2IC. Dru and I will be sharing report-writing duties as he did with Sid previously, though not on as formal a schedule (because of my RL job not having set schedules!).

Anyways, last report was on the 16th, so there’s a couple of things to cover here:



  • GM Report 2014/06/23 – Muz needs some GFX for various projects and handles a few Ask-The-GM qs
  • Voice Report 2014/06/17 – Pravus goes into detail about ACC grading and gives a host of tips. A new competition is announced about writing your character’s motivations – very cool chance to talk about your fictional family, debts, loves … whatever!
    • Pravus also wanted attention brought to the DeviantArt page for the DJB, where some of the fiction is now being posted as well.
  • Herald Report 2014/06/19 – Socs posted a large update on the work that the Herald’s office and staff are up to. They are also still looking for more artists, especially those with hand-drawn skills.

Clan and House News

  • Taldryan Proconsul Report 2014/06/25 – Yacks brings us up-to-date on the ongoing ACC matches and adds some background flavour for the incipient Gathering Darkness competition. On that note, we have a few days remaining in the first event of the competition, a design/fiction contest to give the background and character sheet for one of the NPCs. Jump in and get ‘er done!
  • Ektrosis Quaestor Report 2014/06/17 – Halc lists all the ongoing competitions and does a round up of the news as well.
  • Ektrosis got a new member – Esok Neth has just come onboard, feel free to welcome him in the standard method.


KAP Raistline Majere: 6 Clusters of Fire

DJK Kenath Zoron: Crescent w Amethyst Star

There’s also a chance I’ve lost some emails because I was sure I saw more than this pop up, but I can’t find anything now when I check. Let me and Dru know and we’ll make sure your work is acknowledged on the next report!





In Closing

One thing that hasn’t been hit on too much yet is that we have a new Discourse message board. Check it out and get registered. The fiction for the background of Gathering Darkness will be posted up there as well, so it’s worth getting familiar with it soon. Header Banner DJK Kenath Zoron (Sith) / BTS / Battle Team Wardens of House Ektrosis of Clan Taldryan

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