News for 12/2015

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Date Title Author Context
12/07/2015 HAP December QUA Report: The One With Gif(t)s. Eminent Kalan Amak Quaestor (Ajunta Pall)
12/06/2015 Voice of the Brotherhood: Report 10 Grand Master Evant Taelyan Voice of the Brotherhood (Dark Council)
12/06/2015 StO Monthly Briefing Savant Aaleeshah Battleteam Leader (Strike-Team Ooroo)
12/06/2015 Grand Master's Invitational Tournament -- Round II, FIGHT! Master Marick Tyris Arconae Combat Master (Society Leaders)
12/06/2015 Fiction and December Run On! Grand Master Darth Pravus Grand Master (Dark Council)
12/06/2015 COU Rollmaster report #1 Augur Xantros Rollmaster (Odan-Urr)
12/06/2015 December Gaming Event Updated Eminent Val Cole Fist of the Brotherhood (Dark Council)
12/06/2015 House Excidium Quaestor Report #3 Battlelord Lucyeth Quaestor (Excidium)
12/06/2015 House Mortis Aedile Report #1 Battlelord Zekk Aedile (Mortis)
12/05/2015 Knight Commander Report #1- A New Era Battlelord Tisto Kingang Battleteam Leader (Knights Of Allusis)
12/05/2015 Battlefront Pendants of Blood Warlord Ernordeth Puer-Irae Praetor to the Fist (Assistants)
12/04/2015 Arcona Rollmaster Roundup 4, Oh so many fresh faces General Stres'tron'garmis Rollmaster (Arcona)
12/03/2015 Wiki Tribune Report #6: The Wiki Wants You! Adept Selika Roh Wiki Tribune (Tribunes)
12/03/2015 Scholae Palatinae Consul Report #10 Eminent Idris Adenn Consul (Scholae Palatinae)
12/02/2015 Gaming Update #46 Warlord Ernordeth Puer-Irae Praetor to the Fist (Assistants)
12/02/2015 Seneschal Report Prophet James Lucius Entar Seneschal (Dark Council)
12/02/2015 Herald report #9: Gotta raise a little hell Master V'yr Vorsa Herald (Dark Council)
12/02/2015 Night Raptors Report #5 Battlemaster Armad Battleteam Sergeant (Night Raptors)
12/02/2015 Shadow's Bane Battleteam Leader's Report #1 Battlelord Evelynn Wyrm Battleteam Leader (Shadow's Bane)
12/02/2015 Battle of Jakku Warlord Ernordeth Puer-Irae Praetor to the Fist (Assistants)