News for 5/2018

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Date Title Author Context
05/02/2018 Regent Release: Celebration Store Returns Adept Evant Taelyan Regent (Dark Council)
05/02/2018 [GM] Farewell to Jac, A New Justicar Nominated, and May the 4th... Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor Grand Master (Dark Council)
05/01/2018 [COU] High Councillor Report #4 - I Guess It's the May Report Now Lieutenant Colonel Alethia Archenksova Consul (Odan-Urr)
05/01/2018 Vindictae Immortalis Report #3 Battlelord Jorm (The Jester) Na'trej Battleteam Leader (Vindictae Immortalis)
05/01/2018 House Imperium Aedile Report Master Darth Aeternus Aedile (Imperium)
05/01/2018 Resignation from Justicar Grand Master Jac Cotelin Justicar (Chamber of Justice)
05/01/2018 Luna Okami's LoR Removed Grand Master Jac Cotelin Justicar (Chamber of Justice)
05/01/2018 Hoth Battle Team: Wildcards Report #2 Raider Tybalt Softpaw Battleteam Leader (Wildcards)
05/01/2018 Social Media Tribune Report #1: Into The Fold Vanguard Maximus Alvinius Social Media Tribune (Tribunes)
05/01/2018 Wiki Tribune Report #1.5: Ours Is A Living History Warlord Bentre Kairn'tel Sadow Wiki Tribune (Tribunes)