[Brotherhood Rising] Chapter 2: Shifting Gears


[Brotherhood Rising] Chapter 2: Shifting Gears




Central Command . Palace of the Triumvirs, Sirmium
Kastolar Sector — Principate Territory

In a distant sector of the Mid Rim, the oceanic world of Sirmium was calm and serene compared to the air of tension that seemed to perpetually permeate from the Dark Ascent on Arx. Gentle currents rippled across the clean, dark blue waters with no major landmasses or obstructions distributing their course. Within those tranquil waters, however, sprouted a flat platform sporting a white and gray plating design with concave crescents carved into the base for docking. In the center, a circular garden of cultivated flowers guarded a turbolift that sunk down into the subterranean mansion once created to house Imperial Governors of the Galactic Empire.

The Central Command meeting room was furnished comfortably but with Imperial minimalism and efficiency in mind. The trio of high-backed command chairs were arrayed in a semi-circle that faced the singular entrance on the far side of the room. In front of the three chairs was an advanced holoprojection table with three-dimensional models that could morph to adapt to disparate data displays. Above the hushed beeps and tones of the monitoring equipment in the room, the Triumvirate of the Severian Principate talked among one another while they awaited their guests.

The center speaker appeared to be the oldest of the group, and was reminiscing about the early years of the Principate where she had lobbied for what had now become the core competencies of the Principate. Adlez Freewoman—Triumvir of Words—was a teal-skinned Twi’lek with weathered skin riddled with sunspots and wrinkles. A former slave who worked her way through the ranks of social administration within the Principate, she had always taken credit for the progression the Princiapte had accomplished in regards to the notion of Imperial slavery. Her posture was slouched, but her bright blue eyes were sharp and attentive as her smooth voice left little question to her showing any signs of slowing down in her encroaching age.

To her right, a younger Human woman with tanned skin and long, braided brown hair nodded along with a warm smile on her full, bowed lips. Her dark almond shaped eyes showed only the slightly hints of maturity at the corners, her skin smooth and unblemished and lacking any need for cosmetics. Vairya Muktiba—Triumvir of Oaths—looked up to Adlez despite recognizing that her title granted her an equal say among the Triumvirate.

The third member listened politely, but added nothing of her own. The jade skinned Mirialan, had other things on her mind. Kamlin Xarel—Triumvir of Steel—had also once been a slave. She just did not feel like there was a need to rehash the topic. Xarel had done everything from being a raider, spy, rebel, and now a leader in charge of the Principate's industrial operations. She tapped her fingers against her chair, waiting.

The door to the meeting room slid open, and three figures entered.

“Ah, right on time. Please, come in,” Vairya greeted.


As the Brotherhood Rises, so too does it leadership. The Grand Master is making moves as the Brotherhood readies to enter diplomatic discussions with the Severian Principate. Click here to read the full fiction.




  • Dacien (Bubba), Howlader, Selika, join Seraphol for a drink on the Shadow Academy platform orbiting Arx, discussing the addition of Clan Vizsla to the Brotherhood’s ranks.

  • Dacien is optimistic, Selika has her doubts, and Howie is annoyed he has to learn new names and do more paperwork.

  • Meanwhile, Evant has been called to the Throne Room to meet with the Grand Master...in private.

  • Grand Master Telaris tells Evant that Morgan is being sent away on a top secret mission of importance to the Brotherhood. This leaves him with needing a right-hand man.

  • Evant is offered Deputy Grand Master. At first he is shocked, having been content with Regent, but then agrees on the spot.

  • When someone asks if you’re a god, you say yes?

  • Evant is told that he leaves right away with a group of representatives from each of the Clans to go on a diplomatic meeting with the Severian Principate.

  • Evant sasses the GM and throws shade at Morgan running off. Telaris is not amused and dismissed Evant to go get to work.

  • In the Mid Rim sector of Kastolar, we get our first look at the Severin Principates headquarters on the planet Sirmium.

  • It’s an oceanic world with a flat landing platform that lowers into a secret underwater Imperial mansion. (Somehow, this is the first time Wally gets to write about secret underwater bases. #hype)

  • We are introduced to the Triumvirate of the Severian Principate.

  • The Triumvir of SteelKamlin Xarel (created by Tarvitz) — oversees Industry

  • The Triumvir of OathsVairya Muktiba (created by Ciara) — oversees Social Administration

  • The Triumvir of WordsAdlez Freewoman (created by Atty) — oversees Galactic Diplomacy

  • They talk amongst each other, and we get an idea of how the three think of/respect one another. Adlez, Twi’lek, is the older, wisened one. Vairya, Human, is younger and more cheerfully optimistic. Kamlin, Mirilan, is more reserved and pragmatic.

  • All three women have earned their place atop this organization and should not be trifled with.

  • Aemilius Crassus, Pwimtar Takrid, Harvey Daley are the three emissaries chosen to represent the Severian Principate in meeting with the Brotherhood.

  • See this graphic for an organization chart on the Severian Principate NPCs and their respective departments.

  • Aemilius is a Munn, Pwimtar a Quarren, and Harvey a human. #diversity

  • The Triumvirate gives a briefing on what they know of the Brotherhood. Keep in mind, this is their perspective of what they know of us. They do not know the finer details of the DC’s relation with each unit or the drama’s therein.

  • Yes, that means they don’t know that Mav is the worst yet.

  • The Principate assumes that Morgan Sorrenn is going to be the Deputy Grand Master that they are meeting.

  • Little do they know that instead of a Pirate Queen, they are getting Darth Logistics. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Meanwhile, back on Arx, Atra is voluntold by Telaris that he is now in charge of all the clubs finances, trade, and commerce as the new Regent. gl hf

  • Telaris reveals that Dracryis has also stepped down as Fist. That said, one does not simply walk away from that kind of role/responsibility. Telaris makes him a Praetor to keep an eye on him.

  • The new Fist is revealed to Alaris Jinn.

  • Alaris is met by Voice Marick Tyris. The two exchange polite nods (as is tradition).

  • Outside the Dark Ascent, Wally sneaks in a Pride flag. #dealwithit #starwarsisforeveryone.

  • Alaris is to report to Lena Rhell (head of the Navy) and Damon Nix (head of the ground forces and personnel) to get caught up to speed on being Fist.

  • Marick apparently does not seem to appreciate Turbolift shafts.

  • Alaris is ready to play the game of thrones. (Hopefully with better writing than Season 8).


A report will follow shortly with more information. For now, enjoy the fiction and please support the official release.

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"Marick apparently does not seem to appreciate Turbolift shafts."

Why do you do this to me.

But great fic, happy to see all our creations in action.

Turbolifts are evil. All that sleepy-time music.

The shafts are just as evil... especially if blind people don't have their canes. nods :P

good summary

Drac never left. He's now that crappy roomate that never showers, drinks all your beer, and sits on the couch all day watching his "stories".

Woah that was a lovely read, got a great visual of Arx and of the Principate! Awesome work.

I regret so many of my life choices...reading this isn't one of them.

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