Aedile Report #3 - A Storm On The Horizon [30 Aug]


Aedile Report #3 - A Storm On The Horizon [30 Aug]

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"Here's that report you asked for."

The quiet voice of Rhiann Baenre broke the reverie of the Aedile, whose eyes bespoke a man a million miles away. A datapad handed to the Dathomiri was glanced over and read; it was a report on the methods and actions of the younglings and their progress. It was, in short, a glowing report when coupled with his own evaluation of the progress of the Praxeum; the new students, to which the far kinder woman was assigned as overseer, were doing well in their new home.

"Thank you, Rhi," Mirus said quietly, staring out over the world from the balcony view of his office. It didn't take a genius to see that the weather was miserable here. The sky painted arcs of gray, the same hue that his soul felt these days. The war on this planet had taken much from all of them, of course, but this was just the beginning. Bleak and dreary, indeed.

Before either of them could say another word, there was a third added to the pile, a familiar one, wearing a grin even in the cadence and rhythm of his voice. "Oh, Miiiiruuuuus..."


The door slid open and the trickster himself made his way through, a datapad in his hands, too. It seemed that now was a good time for review - and, in some cases, some problems solved. "In short, you've got what you asked for. Tanduran is making war-tech as fast as it can pump out to rearm and refit our forces. Some of Thuron's old factories, the ones you didn't blow up, are doing the same too." Turel handed the Aedile the second datapad, which the unholy blue eyes scanned as quickly as possible, trying to glean what information he could from a first skim read. There would be time to properly peruse it all later.

There was a long moment of silence as the Titan walked out to his balcony, gripping the rail tightly; both Knights behind him could see his knuckles turn white as he did so. A shared, momentary glance betwixt the two became a look to the back of their leader, a man so fraught with the horrors of warfare in two separate lifetimes that all he could ever possibly know was its truth.

"There's more than one reason I am Aedile and we all know it," Mirus explained to the both of them. "As A'lora stepped out, Liam needed a general. Someone to run his war for him. I am here because I love to fight. I am not here because I am an administrator."

"But that doesn't explain why you've asked for every factory to make new armour and new guns," Rhiann said, pointedly, to her Master. It was her duty to question his every action, by his own dictum; she was both angel and devil upon his shoulder.

"Liam and I both agree. There's something not right in the Galaxy right now and it's not just because of the Dark Crusade's final days. It does not take a genius to know that the Lion intends Korriban to be a grave. But it's not just the One Sith. There's more on the horizon out there right now - and it's going to come for us."

He turned, slowly, to the Battleteam Leader and to the Rollmaster, that same war-furor blazing in his eyes as they knew from the opening moment of Operation Daybreak. They knew, from that look, that there was going to be war. Thunder rolled in the distance, somewhere across the skies, the herald of truth.

"A storm is coming, a long one - and if we're not prepared, it will sweep us away."


The First Month On The Job

And it was an incredible month, too. Settling in to top-level leadership is never an easy task. Taking up a unit of a size that I've never worked with, and with a lot higher activity levels (and thus demands on my time) isn't easy, but you guys have really smoothed the transition and helped me out. Not to mention you guys have done some incredible work this month - we'll cover that in a sec.

And, yes, this is my dedicated slot on the report cycle - the 30th. Heaven forbid we get to February and the 30th doesn't exist...


As you may know, we have some feuds on the horizon. We'll be launching one of these very soon. We'll put this one out as soon as we have some solid details on times and things. But we're going to go strike at the heart of one of the most twisted and wicked Clans. You heard me - we're taking an entire Clan on. Who, I hear you ask?

Clan Plagueis.

We're working on it now - stay tuned. Get hype.

War is coming.

In other news, Turel's put out the call for some interest based on a 'training' project. Hit up the mailer and we can make this a reality. With feuds and the GJW coming up, this is a great chance to hone your skills and sharpen the edge in preparation for the rest of the DB. Check your email and get in on the discussion.

As you may have gathered from some news reports around the DB, it's been club Internal Report time. We've finished ours and had some feedback. Now, I'll admit, I haven't seen the exact document of feedback, but we've been working with some of the feedback that we received from the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master. Have we been doing you guys justice? Do you feel that Summit's doing a good job with the things we're putting forward, the comps we're making, the content we're delivering? Let us know. This feedback is just as important as the stuff we get from the Iron Throne - in fact, more important. You guys are not only the beating heart but the lifeblood of this House. Talk to us, let us know, and we'll do our best to help make HOU a better place.

DB News!

Let's do some quick club-wide updates since Revak's last report:

Competition Central!

We have a few comps wrapping up today - our CF comp will be ending when this report goes out, but more importantly we have Leadership Rewards ending soon. Get this exam done in the SA, dudes and dudettes! Glory to HOU for us winning. We have a good chunk of people who have done this, and some more still doing it (<3 Jason), so our chances are looking fairly good!

Another couple HOUer comps we have wrapping up this month, so get your entries in:

As usual, for the rest of your competition needs, be sure to visit the Competitions Page.

Awards, Exams, Promotions!

So I'm going to cover all of August. This is a long section, don't get me wrong. However, I'll give you the stats: 29 members posted site-based recorded activity this month. That means you've done an exam, gotten a promotion, earned a crescent/CF/CI/whatever - point is, that's over half the House. That's amazing. Here's the numbers:

  • A'lora Kituri: 5 CFs, 1 Anteian Cross
  • Edgar Drachen: 55 CFs, 1 Cluster of Ice
  • Izanami Kurai: 1 Sapphire Crescent
  • Jahus: Promotion to Novice, 24 CF, 8 exams, SA rank 1
  • Jason Hunter: 1 Cluster of Ice, 1 exam, SA rank 4
  • Ji: 3 CFs
  • JScumm: 38 CFs
  • Justin Wayne: Promotion to Defender, 5 CFs, 12 exams, Dark Pundit Essentials, Dark Pundit Vendetta, 1 Emerald Crescent, 1 Sapphire Crescent, 7 Clusters of Ice, 1 Quartz Crescent, 1 Amethyst Crescent
  • Kaayn Salis: 17 CFs, 1 Quartz Crescent
  • Kagerou Sunnyside: Promotion to Protector, 14 CFs, 16 exams, Dark Pundit Essentials, Dark Pundit Vendetta, SA rank 1
  • Kah Manet: 15 CFs, 1 exam, 1 Grand Cross
  • Kaira Rohana: 71 CFs, 1 Grand Cross
  • Kairus: 19 CFs, 1 Amethyst Crescent, 3 Emerald Crescents
  • Liam Torun: 1 Amethyst Crescent
  • Lu'aisha Gresee: Promotion to Jedi Knight, 315 CFs, 2 PoBs, 1 Scroll of Indoctrination, 2 Quartz Crescents, 1 Topaz Crescent, 1 Emerald Crescent
  • Mirus Hi'ija: 109 CFs, 6 exams, 1 Legion of the Scholar, 1 Quartz Crescent
  • Nathan Deciarius: 1 exam, 1 Topaz Crescent
  • Revak Kur: 13 CFs, 1 PoB, 1 Emerald Crescent
  • Rhiann Baenre: 134 CFs, 1 PoB, 1 exam, 1 Steel Cross
  • Sa Ool: 215 CFs, 11 exams, Dark Maven - History, Dark Maven: Lore, Dark Savant History & Lore, SA Rank 5, 1 Anteian Cross
  • Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar: 1 Topaz Crescent
  • Seraphol Ceartas: 208 CFs, 1 Cluster of Ice, 1 Ruby Crescent
  • Seridan Brehevik: 5 CFs, 5 Topaz Crescents, 2 Quartz Crescents, 2 Emerald Crescents
  • Shorurra: Promotion to Padawan, 78 CFs, 2 PoBs, SA Rank 3, 1 exam, 1 Topaz Crescent, 1 Dark Cross, 2 Clusters of Ice
  • Solari: Dark Maven - Lore
  • Sol Charade: Promotion to Disciple, 23 CFs, 1 exam
  • Turel Sorenn: 550 CFs, 1 PoB, Dark Sage of Gaming, 2 exams, 1 Steel Cross, 4 Topaz Crescents, 17 Clusters of Ice, 1 Amethyst Crescent
  • V'yr Vorsa: 1 Grand Cross
  • Xaezhul: 1 Scroll of the Master

So, yes, this wasn't easy to assemble, but it was done! This, again, is impressive. I'm proud of you, HOU. I know we've had some people who say that 'activity on the mailer is all you really need' - but, honestly, this is a club that thrives on activity. Doing things is not only beneficial to the House and your fellow members (people put in the effort to make competitions; doing them is a way to thank them for their effort) but they're also honestly fun. You can see tons of CFs - HOU is playing a lot of Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 these days. Jump in, join your House-mates, and let's just have some damn fun doing it.

I will say this: thank you, House, for getting out there and kicking ass all across the DB. Even if it's just an exam or two, or a couple games, you guys have done us proud. Let's keep up this kind of momentum. I'd love to see over 30 people on this list next month!

The Comments Section

Just like last month I'd like to use this section as some feedback. A lot of people want some projects to work on, and I had an idea for a couple. However, we want to know what you guys want to work on - so, how do you feel about coming up with some project ideas/proposals and presenting them to the Summit? Do you already have some project ideas you'd like to try? Is there anything specific you like working on?

Odan-Urr At A Glance

In Closing

August has been a stunning success. HOU has gone up - in fact, it's skyrocketed up. September is looking strong - it looks unlikely that we'll have Fading Light Round 3, so we're going to use the time ourselves. Hopefully we can use this time to roll out some great new stuff for you all. Thank you guys for a great first month - here's to a ton more.


I will love report fiction forever.

Sweet report! Dat fiction and much shinies, wow!

And let me add KoA Gaming DOMINATION! ;)

What? I don't even.

How dare you accuse Plagueis of such dastardly acts! We are a completely respectable unit. That's slander! We'd never take an entire planet hostage! How dare you accuse us of such a thing. Wait... you never said anything about a planet taken hostage. Never mind...

There there, Viv, we still love you. Even if you are tainted.

Nice report, Kiwi.

Dat header, though.


Dat Pikachu.

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