April, Come We Will: A Clan Arcona Monthly Report


April, Come We Will: A Clan Arcona Monthly Report



A Message from the Proconsul

Hello, my fellow Arconans. As our Consul takes a well-deserved break, I will be your reporter this evening. I must say, you have all made me extremely proud this past month with the Pre-war event — our numbers are stellar! We had a total of 19 Arconans participate, with a total of 66 submissions!!! That, if you break it down, is averaged out to 3.5 submissions per member!!!

Since this is a pre-war event, you can be sure there is a Great Jedi War on the horizon and with numbers like these I am certain that this Clan of amazing people can keep our First Clan title! My advice to all of you: do some competitions now, as there are HQD and Gal ones currently running, but think about taking a rest after that to save yourself from club fatigue. We are going to need all hands on deck for this War, and I know Lucine and I can count on all of you. Now on to the rest of this report.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Clan Fiction Update
  3. News
  4. Competitions
  5. Ask The Pcon
  6. In Closing...


Clan Fiction Update

In the earliest hours of the morning, Lucine Vasano reclined back in her office chair with what, by courtier standards, could nearly be called a sigh. From her, it was but a delicate exhale and a long blink of emerald eyes that, in the privacy of her own space, actually appeared tired. Her manicured fingers paused in their marathon of typing at her datapad as she sipped her drink, contemplating.

It had already been quite a long night, but there was still more to be done, and so she would see to it. The Consul of the First Clan could not simply dally.

She set aside her teacup, and Tabriss, because he was one hell of a Butler and ever dutiful, stepped forward to refill it immediately. The waft of steam filled her lungs with a brief sensation of bliss and slightly abated her headache with the promise of more caffeine. Lucine awarded him a soft word of thanks, and the Chiss bowed primly before stepping back without a sound. He would see to her every need in silence, and the aides would not disturb her unless it was emergent, at her order. She simply had too much to attend to.

This was the problem with managing fringe elements before they grew to be more than just that; finding a path forward that would benefit the whole and accomplish what needed be accomplished without extremists too badly persuading the outcomes.

I wanted to thank Atty and Sera for their work on this fiction. I hope you enjoy it guys! You can read the rest of it here.



Arcona News and Announcements

  • I want to give both Alaisy and Julie(Silvana Khai) a huge thank you for all of their hard work and dedication to their Houses and Clans in their roles of Aedile of House Qel-Droma and Battleteam Leader of Specter Cell. They both have stepped down, but they can be assured that we all thank them for their service to our Clan. A round of applause for these two amazing Arconans!

  • In that same breath, I would like to say, everyone please give a big welcome to Qel-Droma’s new Aedile, Aru Law, and Specter Cell’s new Battleteam Leader, Sera Kaern. You both have already begun to prove your worth and I look forward to all that you both accomplish in your roles.

  • House Qel-Droma has a new event running that is all about building new places and NPCs within the Shadowport! Make sure you Qel-Dromans show your support and enter some submissions! You can find the Competitions here

  • House Galares is also running a competition series dealing with some House expansion as Gal develops the planet Eldar for Arconan use! Show your support to this great Summit by following this link and competing!

  • Can’t get enough of all that sweet, sweet Arcona-related news? Well then, we’ve got you covered! Here are the Qel-Droma and Galeres Summit reports, for your reading pleasure! Battleteam reports are due out next Sunday, so keep a lookout for those!

DB Wide Updates

  • The pre-war event, The Tenixir Prison Break, is over!!!!! I cannot wait to see the results. How about you guys?

  • The Tenixir Prison Break event had a RO! All four teams that we created met the mark for qualification! I am incredibly proud of the 15 members who participated in this. To all Run On teams, good luck and congratulations on qualifying!!!!

  • The Shadow Academy has 4 new courses for you to sink your teeth into. Make sure you read the Praetor’s Report.

  • The latest Pulse Feed has been posted by our wonderful Regent. Go read it here!

  • A new Combat Master has arisen! Go see who it is right [here][link17].


No jobs of note at this time.


Activity and the Discretionary Funds

Ya’ll have been working hard at the competitions, and it really shows! Galeres netted a total of 101,500 credits for their House. Meanwhile, Qel-Droma brought in a sweet 31,500 credits. Don’t spend it all in one place!




In this time of Quarantine, it is nice to know that we have these competitions to do!

  • Do you like Star Wars Collectables? What about Trivia? You do?! Well, this here comp is for you!
  • The Consul of Clan Plagueis and one of her members are running this great series of ten competitions, many of which are quite easy and not time-consuming! You can find them here.
  • Atra is currently running his 12th Pictures in the Sound comp right here.
  • The Fist team is hosting not only April’s GMRG comps, but are also hosting a series called Shelter In Place 2020. Good luck and do the things you guys!!!
  • Our very own Kashiro is running these gaming comps. Don’t let him down!!!!
  • Atra is also running two comps for the ACE, one graphic and one fiction.
  • Our new Combat Master is running a new Combat Writing comp where your characters fight each other. You can find it here.
  • And finally Ronovi is running a fun new cocktail creation comp. It is a lot of fun, and easy to do, so get to it all!
  • Our Rollmaster has a graphics comp starting tonight. Lets see some Spring Break Wear
  • If you ever thought about what Sabacc is, Aru Law has a comp starting tonight.
  • Another graphics comp starts tonight run by a member named Gui Sol. If you wanna check it out click here.


Ask the Pcon

  • Tali has several questions:

    • Did you break out Violet?
      • Aiden: In my fiction, Rhylance tortured a Collective agent for the information to save Violet and the DGM, so yes. I did save her.
    • Any interesting attempts on your life as of late?
      • Aiden: Nothing for Aiden yet, but as always Rhylance got them first.
    • Why do bad things happen to good people?
      • Aiden: Because destiny is a cruel….word.
    • Why do the children of the world weep black tears of despair?
      • Aiden: Food coloring helps.
    • How's the Atty Cult doing? Stealing condiment shipments and napkins for their rituals?
      • Aiden: Last I heard, the cult was doing fine. Thefts are kept to a minimum. Only when it’s absolutely necessary.
    • How are we planning on winning the next WAHR!?
      • Aiden: By doing all the things!!! It is a phrase used a lot, but that’s because it is completely true. We need to support each other. And absolutely no cheating, not that I think anyone we have would do so.
  • Aru asks a few questions:

    • Can we get a loan of a large amount of credits which I may or may not take a part to buy my ship and then we most likely won't return?
      • Aiden: Unfortunately that is not something we are able to do.
    • Are we doing an egg hunt on Selen?
      • Aiden: What else would Sammy do for fun?
    • There seems to be an unusually high number of Chiss working in Arcona's high command. Should I be worried or paint myself blue?
      • Aiden: You shouldn’t be worried, and are perfect just the way you are.
    • How much is rent in the underwater city?
      • Aiden: I’ll get a salesman to call you on it.
  • Xenna has a few questions:

    • Why does the citadel include hallways that go in circles?
      • Aiden: To confuse our allies and enemies alike!
    • Can we get a monthly allowance for banthas?
      • Aiden: Unfortunately I can’t help you with that request.
    • How do you feel about Atyiru being back?
      • Aiden: Aiden is thrilled. She and Zujenia saved him from near death before he joined Arcona, so having this trusted friend back is a blessing of the Balance.
    • Do you like pecans?
      • Aiden: I actually do like pecans. I like most nut varieties and many legumes as well!
  • Zujenia has two questions:

    • Why has Rhylance allowed Aiden to take his spot? Did he? Or did Lucine pick the fella herself?
      • Aiden: Rhylance gets to spend his time experimenting to his heart's content and formally running SIMASS. He wins in this scenario. Lucine had to stop all the negativity focused on her. Lucine did in fact pick Aiden.
    • *Is Aiden taking pcon or shall Rhylance operate the position remotely from SIMASS?
      • Aiden: Aiden is the new Pcon. Rhylance will continue to help Lucine as needed, but otherwise he’s looking for students for his school at SIMASS.
  • Alaisy asks.

    • Pcon pie or roasted Quailstor?
      • Aiden:Oh, definitely Pcon pie. I’m magically delicious.
    • Any evil plans Rhylance is going to leave me out of again? *pouts*
      • Aiden: Rhylance always has plans. He just lost a big resource, so he will definitely see your aid more.
    • What does Balance really mean to you?
      • Aiden: The Balance is the very essence of the Force. It is both good and evil, light and dark, unmoving and yielding. We are all connected by this Balancing energy, but we Force users have the option to bend to whatever part of the Balance we choose. Sometimes we make the wrong choice and it must be corrected.
  • Atty inquires.

    • How do you think Atty and Eleceos are doing now? Have you imagined their reunion or anything else they're up to?
      • Aiden: Now, they are probably better than at first. I imagine their first interaction was a happy one to begin, followed by an argument as to why he is even in Arcona. He would be confused about how she’s even alive. He felt her spirit rejoin the Force. Confusion breeds chaos.
    • What's Satsi teaching El, and how's he finding her "mentorship?"
      • Aiden: Satsi has been toughening him up for the galaxy. She’s given life lessons and hard truths. She’s also teaching him to be less passive. Her training is brutal but very necessary.
  • Strong asks a couple questions.

    • Does Aiden know what Rhylance did? Does he approve?
      • Aiden: He knows of some, suspects others, has no clue on most. What he does know, he mostly approves. What he doesn’t know he wouldn’t approve.
    • Any thoughts on the Ryn being in charge of the intelligence agency now?
      • Aiden: It’s a good place for him. Good way to keep an eye on the Ryn as well.
    • Did Rhylance 'discover' anything while assisting his team on Tenixir(however it was spelled)?
      • Aiden: Aside from his collection of random tissues and blood, his team discovered a new Arconan!
    • Can Lucine come out to play now that Aiden is on the clock?
      • Aiden: Up to her, though Aiden will be a killjoy.
  • Sera asks some questions.

    • Has Aiden discovered anything horrible in Rhylance’s desk? Photos of medical experiments, zombies, Strong in a schoolgirl outfit...
      • Aiden: No, luckily the Chiss was very thorough in cleaning out the office..
    • Has he started hitting on Lucine yet?
      • Aiden: As he doesn’t have a death wish, no.
    • What does an honorable person think about the clan under his command?
      • Aiden: Aiden is loyal to the Clan that took him in and saved him.
    • Is Aiden excited for the warrr?
      • Aiden: Not excited, but ready.


In Closing…

That’s it for this month! Once again, we are majorly proud of how the Prison Break event turned out for our members. Even without the judgments, I don’t care. You all crushed it, and therefore Arcona crushed it!

As always, if you have concerns, ideas, recommendations or a general need to chat, we are always here for you. Whether on TG (@Lucinevasano and @Rhylance) or email, feel free to reach out. We generally only bite if asked.


Fantastic report!

Yas! ^^

And a well-deserved moment's respite for our plucky Consul too. :)

Arcona Invicta!

Mmmmm fiction, intrigue, hope for the future for our characters....

When do we crush it.

Haha jk arcona invicta :P

Lovely fiction, hope you're all doing well

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