[Arcona] April Consul Report


[Arcona] April Consul Report



A Message from the Consul

Hello, darlings and welcome to another report! I appreciate all of you being so patient with us as we tallied the final scores for the Deep Waters Rising event. Congratulations to Qyreia for taking first place, Kord for taking second place, and Zuza for her third-place finish! Well done, all of you!

You’ll find below the lovingly crafted fiction update to conclude the event! This time around, we are trying something different. The top three winners of the event were each given a choice, which will in turn influence the overall storyline. What were they asked, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to read on to find out!

So, without any further ado, on with the report!

A Message from the Proconsul

Hey you guys, hope this month has gone well for you. As a clan, we’ve seen some new faces popping up, and some familiar ones stepping up to run some fun competitions. To me, it looks like Arcona is still running strong!

The houses have been running some excellent events, and the RP’s have been fun to read. I’m very impressed by the work you have all been doing and hope you can keep it up!.

We’ve got big things coming up in the next few months, so we all need to prepare as best we can. I believe in all of you, and I know that together our clan can continue to stand strong against the rest!

Rollmaster Corner

Hey kids, your friendly neighborhood Ryn here! Uncle Kordath has a topic to go on about, but first…

Congrats to Kaled and Zuza, the newest JM4s! So proud!

Now onto why I’m here!

Arcona runs on its people, you all are the lifeblood of the Clan. We have shown amazing resilience and determination the entire eight years I’ve been here because we are not just a Clan, but a community. But, communities need injections of tasty new blood….that metaphor fell apart.

We need more people! Good people! People you like!

Like your friends! Or those who share similar hobbies that could become friends.

As such, I’d like to discuss a powerful tool in all of our arsenals, the oft-overlooked ‘Recruitment Link’ option.

Imgur <-

It looks like that. You can find it under your Administration options, amongst many other things.

What it does: It allows you to generate a link that you can share with people (or put up on Social Media hint hint) that will lead potential new members to a ‘breakdown’ of club activities. Mind you, I’ve found that talking about these things with people with shared interests leads to a higher chance of joining (Hi, Grot, Tali, Zuza :P), and sharing examples of your works of fiction and art can go a long way to intrigue people!

Imgur <-

What it also does: It automatically sorts your recruit to the Clan, so as to avoid any issues in the joining process, which also gets you credit for their recruitment when they hit a certain rank (tasty scrolls)!

This is a valuable resource for building Arcona, and we always love new faces, don’t we? Now is a great time to bring a friend into the fold!

Now back to your regularly scheduled report (all eyes on the redhead, if you were even able to look away in the first place…)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Clan Fiction Update
  3. News
  4. House Discretionary Funds
  5. Competitions
  6. In Closing...


Fiction Update

“We will not yield.”

Eulauti’s marron eyes narrowed. He slowly raised his clenched hand as tongues of blue energy danced between his fingers. “Then you insolent worms will die screaming.”

It was as if Eulauti’s words had flipped a switch. At the same moment, both the cultists and the DDF soldiers raised their weapons and began to fire. Lightsabers flared to life as both Force Users and false gods moved to enter the fray.

You can read the rest of the fiction here.

And for those who were wondering what the comp winners were asked:

  • Q was given some options as to what happened to Eulauti’s Trident. He went with ‘lost’. What does that mean? Well, you’ll have to stick around to find out!
  • Kord was asked if any of the cultists were taken prisoner, and he answered yes. This will give us more access to information about this new threat.
  • Zuza was asked to pick a number between 1 and 5. She picked 4, which means 4 of the Alla’su’s Alpha caxquette’s survived the battle. Hey, 4 is better than 5!



Arcona News

  • The numbers for the first quarter are out and Arcona is doing pretty well! From January 1 to March 31, Arconans organized a total of 46 competitions, and participated in a whopping 517 competitions! As a Clan, we have won a total of 54 Clusters (17 Ice, 10 Fire, 9 Earth, 18 Graphite). We also had 2 knightings (Congrats again, Kaled and Zuza!). Great job, everyone!

  • A few recent issues have caused the Summit to take a hard look at our rules for Arcona chat. Remember, the first rule of clan chat is Lucine is a goddess and should be treated as such ‘Don’t be a dick’. The full list of rules and potential punishments can be found here.

  • With the Deep Waters Rising competition completed, Aiden has made a lovely infographic about participation. Gaze upon it in wonder!


DB Wide Updates

  • Curious about the GM’s nefarious schemes? Well, you can learn more about them in the most recent GM Report
  • There’s been another Covenant amendment! You can read about it here.
  • The Panda speaks! Be sure to mark this momentous occasion by checking out the new Promotion Guidelines.
  • Anubis is now the Regent! And he has done a report! Go forth and read the thing!
  • In the most recent Fist Report, you can find a RoC update as well as the TOR Guild numbers for the first month. But wait! There’s more! There’s als a Fist Supplemental, which involves changes to the gaming chat!
  • Are you curious about what’s going on in the other clans? If so, then be sure to check out the PulseFeed News Aggregator!


House Discretionary Funds




  • Sulith and Doon are running a competition series called What’s My Fandom, check it out!
  • Aru, Kaled, and Zuza have some fun Podracing competitions ending soon, hit them up if you can!
  • Members of Galeres, don’t forget that an Eldar series is running!
  • If you like puzzles, here are some good ones to try out!


In Closing…

That’s it for this month! As always, if you have concerns, ideas, recommendations or a general need to chat, we are always here for you. Whether on TG (@Lucinevasano and @AidenLD) or email, feel free to reach out. We generally only bite if asked.


Four is better than Five I suppose...I await the Bub Bub lead interrogation scene!

Gooo Zuza! ^^ Awesome work, our newest Knight! <3

Also yes, recruit the things! I mean, people... yes... definitely people.

Great report.

Strong carrying people out he wasn't ordered to, -1 realism

But great wrap up and report!

Thank you :DD

The fiction is amazing!!!

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