Battleteam Wardens Report:


Battleteam Wardens Report:

Wardens News:


It's the last week of classes on my end, which is why I'm happy I won't have to write a report during finals week! Awesome. There's lots of developments coming out of the post-Celebration hangover, and I'm excited to see where everything's going. The trailer alone for season two of Rebels has me bingewatching TCW in order to catch up in time. :p

It's also the end of the month, so we have a lot of competitions coming to an end that you should totally jump aboard while you can!


Star Wars News:

ALL the Competitions:


DJK Bobecc Varga
  • Submitted to three competitions.
JH Seyda Norith
  • Submitted to two competitions.
GRD Kyber
  • Co-Organized the Bogan, Moon of Terror competitions! Awesome!


  • Star Wars games, holy cow!
  • Bogan, Moon of Terror. I won't stop talking about it.
  • Good week, y'all.

Nice report! Good luck on the finals.

Im watching Clone Wars and The Clone wars in order as well atm. It would be confusing without the handy legends timeline

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