BT Krennic Report #1: And so it begins...


BT Krennic Report #1: And so it begins...



Good morning everyone! It's finally time for me to get my first official report out regarding BT Krennic! Thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to read this and catch up! I'll keep this fairly brief and concise, but wanted to get a report out to the group detailing a few things:

Where did we come from?

Why are we here?

Where are we going?

And lastly, who the heck is Wagglehorn?!

Where did we come from? Krennic was born out of the ashes of CruSig (Crusignatis Imperialis), which was born from the ashes of Shadow Guard. We've had a volatile recent history with a lot of changes. THANK YOU FOR BEING PATIENT. I know things may have seemed a little uncertain for a while (and still might, for that matter). I'm 100% confident that all of the recent changes have (and will) contribute to us being a stronger team here as we move forward. Consider it a crucible, of sorts. I've already seen numerous individuals very enthusiastic about the opportunity to take the things we enjoyed about the previous two battleteams, and implement them into Project Krennic.

Why are we here? THIS IS PROJECT KRENNIC. I think it's important here to say that this is just a temporary name! We've already begun a dialogue on TG (and we'll get an email one going shortly) regarding thoughts and ideas moving forward. Raiju, Dek, Calindra and I have all been doing a lot of discussion at the Imperium Summit, and have also decided that we'll have two BTs moving forward. Calindra will be the other BTL, with a team focused more on the espionage aspect of Imperium (whereas we're focused more militarily).

See her first report here

Where are we going? The goal here is to use the next month or two to "settle" into the new BT, and use the events of the DJB (GJW) to help shape who we want to be moving forward. There are quite a few things we'll be looking to hammer out:

  • Battleteam Name:
  • Motto:
  • Theme:
  • Patron/Canon Example:
  • How do we fit into Imperium:
  • How we were formed:
  • What role do members have:
  • Description:
  • Where will we be located:

This is a great time to be in this BT! We've all got the opportunity to help shape and influence this group to be exactly what we want it to be. Are you a Dark or Grey Jedi who wants to lead strike teams against our enemy? Come on down, plenty of action to be had here. Are you a loyalist who is ready to take orders and carry the fight to those who oppose CSP? I think we can accommodate! Are you a merc just looking to get paid? Sure! Imperium's coffers are limitless (Right, Eli and Raiju?...right?)

Who the heck is Wagglehorn?! Just want to take a minute and introduce myself. I joined the DJB March 15, 2015. I spent some time prior to that in the Emperor's Hammer (yes, it does still exist), although am not active in that group anymore. But all in all, am still pretty new to the club. My first character (Captain Sparky von Wagglehorn III) perished bravely in combat under Emperor Xen, and Wagglehorn is the Privateer/Smuggler type character I've been rolling with since! Not sure where I intend to take him, but I'm sure we'll figure it out. Maybe it's time for him to enlist!

Also - props to anyone who can tell me how the name "Wagglehorn" is connected to the Star Wars universe without checking Wookiepedia. Hint - it's from a Star Wars video game...

Personally - my name is Cam. I'm 30 years old, married, with kids. I spent some time in the US military, but am now pursuing a career in logistics. Hobbies include: Star Wars (of course), jeeping, and I'm always in the middle of too many books (I really just need to pick one, get through it, and start the next!). My philosophy on BT leadership is pretty much identical to the one that Raiju detailed in his early BTL reports. I want to make sure I'm always available to the team, and embrace the fact that this is OUR team. We own this and work together to make this what WE want!


Moving forward, I'll have a more structured approach to my reports. There will always be a comp section, though.

Calindra rolled out a series of comps (with some input from me - mostly her, though!) based around picking a BT! You can find the parent comp here: Down the Rabbit Hole

Other comps to be aware of (from the house and clan levels)

Give Up

Let's Porg this Together!

Imperial Heritage

CSP Spot the Difference Star Wars Edition

CSP Spot the Difference 2 Harry Potter Edition

Imperium Build a Bad Guy 2

Imperium Brother from Another Mother

The Gizka Mystery


TL;DR: This is OUR team. I'm excited about where we're going from here, and the sky is the limit when it comes to ideas for how we form this BT moving forward. If you've got ideas you want to see implemented, let's talk about it! There really aren't any limits when it comes to creativity on what we do with this BT.

Lots of comps to go check out at the BT, House, and Clan levels. Contact me on TG (@sparky13, or Wagglehorn) or email ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]).

Thanks all!


Nicely done! First!!

Great report!! I'm so excited to see the further development in the BT :) and very happy to have you in leadership, Waggy!

Nice report Sparky!

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