Clan Naga Sadow - Rollmaster Report - Feb 2016


Clan Naga Sadow - Rollmaster Report - Feb 2016


Greetings and salutations my fellow Sadowans,

Greetings Jedi! I mean, there are no Jedi here. Nope, none at all. Please move to the next report massive Iron Legion. Phew. Okay so for those who have no idea what I’m on about, I highly recommend you read the latest installment of the fiction that Pravus and his cronies have written up. It contains some very important developments that we’ll need to give ourselves a place in the DB universe.

In addition there are some interesting developments mentioned in the latest Grandmaster report, not the least of which is the appointment of Cethgus as FIST. I want to take this opportunity to thank Cethgus for all his work (and continued beatings) as PCON. You’ve been a force of nature my friend, and I hope you’ll be able to be you as part of the (nefarious) Dark Council.

What does this mean? That the position of PCON is now up for grabs. Do me a favor and drive Locke insane by sending in all the applications! ^^ Seriously though, if you think you’d be a good match for Naga Sadow, apply now!

Finally, here are some of the things you should be reading:

Master-Student Program

As always, I can’t stress enough that our Master-Student Program is incredibly important, as it can help you grow and find your place here with us. It is designed to coach the new, and to test the veterans. So sign up, whether you’re an eager Student or a willing Master. The experience will enrich the both of you with new friendships!.

Here is the official form for the Master-Student Program to show your interest as a master, or as a student.

Click me, for I am important and flashy and stuff... Okay, I'm important for setting up pairings!

Notable Accomplishments

Here is the progress of the Journeymen so far this month:


  • Joined the Brotherhood (welcome!)

Terrance JayFarah

  • Promoted to Novice!
  • Joined the Brotherhood (welcome!)
  • Completed 2 exams!


  • Joined the Brotherhood (welcome!)
  • Promoted to Proselyte!
  • Completed 12 exams!
  • Earned degree: Dark Pundit - Essentials

Lilith Stormwind

  • Promoted to Acolyte! (Congrats)
  • Completed 19 exams!
  • Earned degree: Dark Pundit - Vendetta
  • Eerned degree: Dark Maven - Philosophy

Marcus Nye

  • Completed 2 exams!
  • Earned 15 Clusters of Earth

Aul Celcus

  • Joined the Brotherhood (Welcome!)
  • Promoted to Acolyte! (Congrats!)
  • Earned 22 Clusters of Fire
  • Completed 26 exams!
  • Earned degree: Dark Pundit - Essentials
  • Earned degree: Dark Pundit - Vendetta
  • Earned degree: Dark Maven - Web Design

Janos Stormwind

  • Completed 15 exams!
  • Promoted to Acolyte! (Congrats)
  • Awarded 1 Scroll of Indoctrination
  • Awarded 2 Crescents with Diamond Star
  • Awarded 1 Crescent with Topaz Star
  • Earned 1 Cluster of Ice

Kalu Burgoo

  • Earned 3 Clusters of Ice!
  • Awarded 1 Crescent with Diamond Star

Leeadra Halcyon

  • Awarded 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star
  • Awarded 5 Clusters of Fire
  • Awarded 5 Clusters of Earth
  • Completed 1 exam!
  • Promoted to Hunter! (Congrats)


  • Promoted to Knight (Congrats!)

Mactire Chemel

  • Awarded 1 Dark Cross (Congrats!)
  • Awarded title: Avatar of Strife (WOO!)
  • Awarded 1 Cluster of Ice


  • Returned from the Rogues (Welcome back!)

As always: If you’re not listed, it didn’t mean you didn’t do anything, it just means I couldn’t find a record of you doing it. Let me know if this is the case!

Special Recognition

Special recognition time! My favorite part of this wall of text, yay! So we have a newblood in who has earned this section all to himself. Hello Aul Celcus! Aside from knocking out most of his promotion requirements by day, he doubles as an active participant in many discussions by night! And he manages to go above and beyond his requirements, eating those SA courses like they’re Sil’s cookies. Seriously though, excellent work brother. Keep it up, I know quite a few people have noticed you and will be watching your career with great interest. #PalpyThrowback

Keep it up, and be awesome!

Ask da RollMastah

Bring on dem questions man! .

Darkblade asks: Banana's or Oranges?
Banana. Nana. Bana na. Ba nana.

Leeadra asks: Why do you love Sang more than me??
Because he’s made out of sugar, spice, and everything nice. They even added an extra ingredient to the concoction.

Sang asks: Why do you love me more than Leeadra?
Do I now? How do you know?

Sang asks: Why are you so dreamy?
It’s a new fragrance, called the dark side. You should try it ^^

Sebz asks: do i get unlimited free cider?
Are you, A: a journeyman, or B: incredibly important for my career advancement?

Sang asks: After several successful months as RM, what have you taken away from the role and how has it enabled you to improve the experiences of the journeymen of Naga Sadow?
Every position can be improved, and by improving your own position, you can improve the position of others. Furthermore, the more you put others in front of yourself, the more rewarding it is when they in turn achieve greatness.

Scarlet asks: Besides where you live. Where would you like to live elsewhere?
The UK. Many friends, love the language and culture.

Leeadra asks: What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
No ice cream for me. I have a nut allergy and 99% of the ice creams have traces of something in it, and it always turns out bad. So no ice :)

Scarlet asks: If Marcus is killed off. What will you do next?
Loyalist. Oh yeah!

Darkblade asks: How does Marcus feel about Cethgus leaving, and what will he do to deal with the current situation?
Marcus sees a power vacuum, what he’ll do? Who knows.

Sang asks: Does Marcus want Sang to be his new tormentor?

Who is your favourite Entar this month? And why is it not me, you bastard?
Ceth. Because he got appointed to the DC! Hell yeah!

Leeadra asks: What's your favorite thing about being RM?
A sense of accomplishment when you see a student rocket through the ranks. Best feeling ever.


As always my door is open for anyone. If you have questions, whether about applying for a position, about running competitions, a promotion, an award, or anything at all, just come to me and we’ll figure it out.

Keep on being awesome, participate in clan-events and may the Force be with you!


Great report! I'm so honored by the recognition and you can be sure I'll be stepping it up even more.

Kickass report. Way to go, Aul. It's great to see so many of our Journeymen doing well.

Excellent report bro-sir. Thanks for all you do.

Also, I'm not a Jedi >> <<

Thank you for the kind words and I am honored to be a member of this particular clan.

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