CNS Rollmaster Report #14: Summer is Arriving


CNS Rollmaster Report #14: Summer is Arriving



Heya all, It is I, Tasha’Vel your crazy sapphire blue Twi’lek here! Spring is almost through and Summer is arriving. Today was so warm I thought for a minute I was on Ryloth. As with summer things tend to cool off and the DJB gets a bit quiet, but there are always activities here. There are competitions to participate in, fiction to write, and there is always the wiki to revise. If you need any assistance with something to do, please feel free to message me. I am sure I can help find an activity you might like. As for news, I am hearing rumors of things, but as with you all I am patiently waiting on our glorious Consul Bentre Stahoes for details. Till then, relax a bit and enjoy summer.

Member Highlights

I want to take some time and highlight a few of our members here.

  • Merit Awards:

First off, I would like to congratulate Hilgrif on earning his first merit award a Steel Cross! Congratulations, you have shown great progress and potential. I look forward to seeing more from you.

Secondly, Kojiro on a grand cross for all the hard work on the creatures that are now implemented into the DJB Possession system. You have done a lot of behind-the scenes work that a lot of times is not shown. I want to give a shout-out to you for that hard work. Awesome!

Last, but certainly not least, Muz Ashen with a Steel Cross for also contributing to the creatures now available in possessions. Thank you for your ideas and implementation.

  • Member Highlights

There are quite a few members here in Clan Naga Sadow that certainly have been delightful to see around and chat with . Here are a few I have picked for you all.

  • Ciara, you have been an awesome member and have such a positive attitude, determined in activity, and just plain fun. I really loved your poem in HMR’s Aedile competition event. If you haven’t had a chance to view it check out Xolarin’s Report.

  • Jannala, you have been a real gem and are a sweet artist. I love seeing you interact in Art chat and working diligently as you move up the ranks. Keep up that awesome work.

  • Hades, what can I say? You make me laugh and hungry at the same time whenever I see your food gifs.

  • Andur Wyth, welcome to Clan Naga Sadow, you are one of our newest members and I am delighted to have you here!

  • And Xuner, congratulations on become the new Aedile to House Shar Dahkan. You are one crazy dude at times, but I have really enjoyed chatting with you.


There are a few competitions out there. If you would like to compete further, here is a list of some the competitions so far.

You can find the whole list here.


Bentre Asks: Do Twi'leks like ice cream (or the SW equivilant? If so, what flavor would Tasha prefer?

On a particular hot day, yes I would love ice cream. As for flavor, does it come in the meat variety? (Twi’leks are carnivores)

Xolarin Asks: What is your favorite thing about CNS thus far? And what are you looking forward to most as we move to kick the Collective back in the pants?

My favorite thing about CNS is seeing members progressing further and helping them out.

I look forward to crushing them like the nasty bugs they are and taking back our rightful place in the the galaxy.

Muz asks:

“When the ancient texts state that they require the blood of a true nemesis, do you think it means the true nemesis of the person performing the rite or would a nemesis of the one harvesting the blood suffice, based on the sanguinic line of intent?

That is quite a question oh wise one, I think it means that I will have to kill Bentre someday as he is my true nemesis.

I would say the nemesis of the one harvesting the blood.

Bentre asks: Better yet, would Tasha have the strength of gut to complete such a ritual, really and truly?

Yes I would Bentre and without question.

Wally Asks: ”What Pokemon would Tasha be (the character)?

That is easy, a shiny Umbreon.

Closing Thoughts

As always if you need any assistance, someone to chat with, have any ideas, comments, questions or concerns. Please feel free to email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or pm me on telegram @Tashavel. Till then, have fun and enjoy the ride!


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