CNS Rollmaster Report #5: Racing on the Thunder


CNS Rollmaster Report #5: Racing on the Thunder


Welcome to another installment of the Clan Naga Sadow Rollmaster’s report. Well, there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon- more of which I could etch out but I have to wait for other things to develop- and some nice things happening in our little corner of the galaxy. As you saw in Muz Ashen’s closing report on our recent Sands of Time event, we saw some fictional awesomenss from our members. There is a cooperative event hitting the ground soon™ with Clan Tarentum, and as ever the upcoming Great Jedi War looms just beyond the horizon somewhere.

While I look forward to seeing what waves and awesomeness comes out of Clan Naga Sadow, without any further ado, let’s get on with yet another report.

News and Happenings Across the Brotherhood

News Closer to Home

That isn’t to say that some exciting things haven’t occurred in the Clan, though. I want to take a moment to recognize a little more than just our Journeyman, as wonderful as they are. These are in no particular order, as my email is a bit of a jumble, but here we go!

  • Tasha’Vel Versea recieved a Dark Side Scroll for a Featured Wiki Article
  • Morax Darkblade received a Dark Side Scroll for being March’s Wikipedian of the Month
  • Bentre Kairn’tel Stahoes received a Dark Side Scroll for being February’s Wikipedian of the Month
  • Motan Starblade achieved Rank I in the Inquisitorius
  • Shikyo Keibatsu achieved Rank V in the Inquisitorius
  • Locke won a Crescent with Ruby Star for Best Clan report
  • Scarlet Agna was promoted to Savant
  • Tasha’Vel joins Wiki staff
  • Marcus Kiriyu gains a Maven in Flight, a Savant in Warfare, a Maven in Galactic History, as well as a Savant in History and Lore
  • Marcus Kiriyu ascends to Rank IX in the Shadow Academy
  • Marcus Kiriyu dies, in steps Jax Bendal!
  • Lilith Alema'rha Versea- Stormwind passes Leadership Rewards!
  • Qyreia leaves our midst to become a Quaestor elsewhere (good luck!)

This is just a small screenshot of things to occur on the Naga Sadow scene. If you like this section, see I missed something (it is always possible) or would like to see something else here either instead or in addition, feel free to comment below. One of my goals from here forward is to highlight more than just my sub-Equite members. They may be my primary charge, but you are all an awesome lot to work with!

Master-Student Program

I probably sound like a broken record here, and I don’t figure that will be changing at any point. I can speak from experience that my former Master and my then-Rollmaster and Quaestor all worked to make my early days in Clan Naga Sadow and Shar Dakhan very enjoyable. The master-apprentice system is the lifeblood of our system- older members giving support and feedback to our newer members to help enrich their experience.

New members can be paired with an experienced member who has been right where they are at now. This program also helps us to retain members who might otherwise look and wonder where they can fit into the odd band that is CNS and the Brotherhood. As such, I urge our pre-JM4 members to use their experience, freely given to help find your place and fun. Who knows, you just might make a new friend, as I did in my former master, among others.

If you are interested in taking part as either Master or Student, click this handy link and fill out the form. As openings become available, your friendly, neighborhood Rollmaster will pair members up. It is a tad more detailed than the previous iterations of the form, but this just helps my office to match members together better, so no fear!


There is a decent little bit happening even after the closing of the Sands of Time. So what’s out there, you ask? Well, you have a chance to write about a night on the town, can write about various changes that ‘could’ occur with your character, Jax puts out a competition about what happens when the Consul is gone, Tasha’Vel and Ashia ask you what your character will be like when they are old, Rikou asks Sadowans what they are doing in a post-Sands of Time Clan and the Heroes of the Storm test for viability as a new DB platform is still underway for another few days. No, that is not all. If these are not enough for you? Be sure to check out the main competitions page for yourself. It is changing far more regularly than I put out reports, so I would encourage you to check it regularly, or risk missing a fun opportunity. Seriously. Click here. Do it. Do it now.

Journeyman Activity Report

It's that time of the month (well, last month anyway) again. Join me, and let's take a look at the activities and accomplishments of our Journeyman since February 5th.

Marcus Nye

  • no observed activity

Har' Lei Rinou:

  • no observed activity


  • joined the Brotherhood! (woot)
  • Promoted to Apprentice!


  • changed name to warlock

gujjar ge:

  • no observed activity


  • no observed activity

Genris Vaitor:

  • no observed activity

Keten Maanhath:

  • no observed activity

Katsumi Yeigo:

  • no observed activity (maybe I missed something on the wiki?)

Aiden Kyja:

  • no observed activity

Aristo Tzadkiel:

  • no observed activity

Sanitas Peregrinus:

  • gone Rogue :(

Vexra Darkstone:

  • no observed activity


  • no observed activity

Motan Starblade:

  • no observed activity

Coas Jewell:

  • no observed activity (unless I missed you in Telegram?)

Ingram Thorpe:

  • no observed activity

Gabriel Cruvera:

  • no observed activity

Jon Tin'Kodak:

  • transferred to Rogues :(

Keten Maanhath

  • no observed activity

Sabe Baze:

  • Awarded an Anteian Cross
  • Earned a Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • Earned 14 clusters of ice
  • transferred out to Rogues (hope you come back to us soon)

Jayden Arken:

  • Joined the Brotherhood as a Sadowan
  • Promoted up to Novice

Marcinius Turrelles:

  • no observed activity

Jason Kane:

  • no observed activity

Leeadra Halcyon:

  • Telegram activity

Konar Auryus-Saas:

  • *Earned 6 Clusters of Fire
  • Earned 6 Pendants of Blood (nice!)

Kyrath Amaranthi

  • Earned 2 Pendants of Blood (^_^)


  • no observed activity

Things are a little quieter than I like in Clan Naga Sadow, but as always there are still opportunities to take part. It can be in ways like Darkblade earning the Wikipedian of the Month, writing some fiction on the discourse, gathering with your Sadowans in Heroes of the Storm to game a bit, playing Pazaak or Jedi Academy with others in the Gaming Channel, or taking part in any number of competitions that we all have available. The Brotherhood can be an awesome place to be if you seek out ways to take part. I encourage everyone, from the greatest Elder to the freshest Apprentice to find your own niche and drive that bit home. Some of you are more gifted with Graphics than narratives, or more quick on a game than you are to take part in

TLDR;points of interest

  • titles given to members in Clans deserving

  • updates from various offices of the Brotherhood

  • Sands of Time closed. See results here and read the finale

  • Locke steps down from Consul

  • upcoming inter-Clan TAR-CNS event very soon

Closing remarks

I have said it more times than I can probably recall. The Dark Brotherhood can be an awesome place to be.

What makes it awesome though, are not the graphics, or the gaming, or the fictions we spin up in our heads over hundreds and sometimes thousands of words, the trivias or events that might crop up from any myriad of sources or the Cluster run for guarding a Dark Council member each year.

No, the thing that makes this place is awesome is all of you. I don’t just mean you, my sweet Sadowans. I mean every one of you. From the Grand Master clear down the newest initiate in the club make this a wonderful, spectacular community to be part of. The fond memories and stories that we create together that transcend any character we can fathom, close friends and frenemies alike locked in untold conflicts and cooperative affairs, they are all an important part of our Brotherhood, our fellowship.

There are always things going on, and there is no reason not to take part. Sometimes participation can mean "easy" crescents, but more importanly, taking part in competitions is always better than just taking up a place on the roster.

Lacking an event you want to see? Contact myself and the rest of the Clan Summit, and we can consider adding a new event/competition so that you all have even more stuff you can do.

We have a Great Jedi War coming and plenty in between. Kick it off and rock it as only Clan Naga Sadow can. If you need anything look to myself, to Sang or TBA, your respective Quaestors and Aediles, or even your Battle Team leaders- we are all here for you. If you need help, somebody to talk to, or whatever feel free to contact me as ever on Telegram or via my email- both which can be found on my profile. As ever, I am your Rollmaster and...

Your Servant in Shadows, Your Servant in Sadow,


Great report, Benny. Lots of good material here.

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