Conclave April Report of Amazeballs


Conclave April Report of Amazeballs



Hello once again, friendos. I am here to bring you some updates and recognition, so please read on below. The general order of things today is:

  • Runon Ends
  • Ask Xolarin and Elyon
  • Member Recognition

Don’t forget, I have one, two, three Puzzle Comps going right now - they are just simple comps that visually hint at what we’re trying to do with our plot points (see below).


Uncovered: A Conclave Runon Pausing

So our runon has been going on for a bit and I’m ready to end it for now. Runons can be hard to keep going in an indefinite timeline, so we’ll pause this one and switch gears.

What I’d like to do is turn to roleplays using the new Discord/Bot system. We would do diceless, and we would have scheduled RP events with Elyon or myself as “host”. This will allow us to move the Conclave fiction forward more easily and effectively, and hopefully draw a few more of you into the fray.

You can look at the Runon in Discord ( #consular-run-on ) and then stay tuned to future reporting/news and Discord for announcements on these RPs.

We still have to “Uncover” the mysteries of our House and our to-be-planet Solyiat, so I am excited to try out this new method. Thanks for everyone’s feedback on this as well!


Ask Xolarin and Elyon

So Elyon opened up some Q&A in Discord and we had a couple people pose some good questions. I wanted to address a couple of them here, so let’s get to it.


Rhys asks, “What plans do you have for HCC?”

So I have been hesitant in sharing the details of our plans up until now. I’ve alluded to them in past reports and in Discord. So let me explain a few things that have been rolling around in my head, and in Elyon’s as well.

The first major focus of the Conclave was to have some House competitions followed by the setup of the aforementioned runon. The comps went off in February and the RO shortly after that. So that was what I’d call a moderate success, although I would have preferred more participation in both areas.

The second phase of the “launch” is to get us going on our new home. We’ve been traveling around in a couple CR90 corvettes for quite some time and it’s time to lay some roots. The first thing we did was to get some assets into our system, which are now loosely defined on Solyiat. I say “loosely” because we haven’t given things names or fine-tuned all the attachments and such. Which leads me to the second thing - actually finding our new “temple” on Solyiat, in-character, and then bringing in all our “stuff” to live there.

So the culmination of this second phase is to find our new home. The Duros Holocron makes mention of several other locations of hidden or long-lost Jedi resources, such as Coruscant. But our target is going to be Solyiat for the time being. Thus, as I mentioned above, look for further news and updates on these next activities.

I credit Creon with asking, in a way, What does it mean to be a Consular?

Elyon had a really good thought on this one:

”For me personally, I believe that like the Buddha, we should travel through the "landscape" and draw information to gain the greatest knowledge. At the same time, we should learn from the elderly how to better use our potential for a good cause and how to listen better to others. Consular Conclave is a mixture of many opinions and attitudes, but our philosophy is quite similar. To live in peace and in harmony with the Force across the galaxy. But most of all, keep thinking about others who are in need and need our help.”


Hopefully this gives you some insight into the Conclave, and we will try to answer more questions like this in future reports. And as always, we’re happy to have a constructive discussion on Discord if warranted.


Glory and Honor

So a tad slower month, but I am pleased with what we’ve been up to. We also had a slew of awards that are recorded herein. Congrats and thank you, everyone!


Important News and Info


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Nice report, buddy. Can't wait to see what you guys cook up!


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